Posted on May 13, 2009

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Reflections and Warnings: An Interview with Aaron Russo 22:59:13
Freedom Watch 5/13/09 17:38:39
Judicial Watch - Bank Bailout Documents HUGE! 17:38:40
This Saturday!!! CONSTITUTION CLASS with Michael Badnarik, University Club, St. Paul, MN. May 30th!!!! 13:07:53
Popular Mechanics on SWAT Overkill: The Danger of a Paramilitary Police Force 10:27:09
US Congressman Ron Paul talks Libertarianism with Pete Eyre 08:25:46
Remember the Pastor that was tazed and beaten? Watch. 22:59:14
It begins- Forbes Magazine Against HR 1207 08:25:47
Jesse Ventura on Larry King - May 11, 2009 23:38:37
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Political Campaign Contributors - Who give who what? 23:49:12
One of the simplest explanations of Swine Flu is that it’s a laboratory escape 23:33:53
The man who fought the FED 23:24:31
Libson Treaty: NO MEANS NO ! 23:19:00
Gitmo Detainee's 'Genitals Were Sliced With A Scalpel' 23:14:51
CA Lawmakers Seek To Change Existing Laws Re: Speed Traps (REVENUE SCHEMES!) URGENT 23:14:01
Food Inflation - Help? 23:11:14
What does a marriage license, and ALL other state/federal documents do? 22:42:33
Anti Real ID bill HB361 going to the governor to await signature in MO 22:37:19
No Real ID In Missouri! 22:31:20
Freeway Chase: Did this officer use exessive force? 22:27:06
9/11 : Flight 93 Shanksville Flyover Indian Lake 21:54:47
Harry Browne on why public/private is a misleading dichotomy 21:16:23
Would The Real Middle Class Please Stand Up? 21:02:04
WWHD - What Would Hitler Do? 20:55:52
Detainee "commits suicide" in custody - source of Colin Powell's "bad info" 20:36:26
"Cybersecurity Act of 2009 grants Obama power to shut down internet..." 20:30:31
WANTED 1 Million Rebellious Britons 20:30:30
paul4won: found video of honest cops! 20:28:09
Obama Aides Debate Role Of Proposed Cyber Czar 20:22:46
A Convenient Death ( Suicide ? ) 19:55:17
What Do You Know, The Ex-Drug Czar Is Still Full Of S—-t! 19:53:36
Revolution in Action - Finally! 19:47:39
Prom Shut-Outs: Dressed Up and No Place to Go 19:33:34
Black uniforms 19:12:52
Presidential Directive to suspend FOIA during "Wartime". 19:00:59
Obama is coming to my part of the world-need flyer ideas 18:53:10
HIGH SCHOOL — 1957 vs. 2009 18:47:22
Is Obama not releasing the photos because they are the same photos of people being raped? 18:47:18
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve Bank Revealed 18:30:51
$ WHO Would Run for Congress Against Ron Paul? $(Update) 18:20:04
If they are not sensational, why would they endanger the troops? 17:28:16
Socialized Medicine: Ron Paul Interview - Brian and the Judge 16:46:47
Most of us are now felons. I am not playing, this is serious news. 16:29:13
Peter Schiff Vlog Report 12 May 2009 16:16:07
Rolling Thunder goes to Washington in June what can we do? 16:08:15
We only need 100 people to donate $10 to RJ Harris to reach the goal LET'S DO IT! 16:07:08
Institute on the Constitution 16:06:08
These people are NUTS ! 15:45:39
The Charade of Left and Right 15:35:59
The Definition of Post-Autistic Economics 15:18:18
Obama opposes detainee abuse photo release 15:14:56
Blog on Rand Paul's Possible Opponent: Turncoat Trey 15:12:57
Breaking news: Obama Administration Plans New Regulations for Derivatives 15:07:12
Liddy Lays an Egg on Bernanke 14:37:29
Weak spots in the U.S. Constitution? 14:09:20
Rand Paul for Pesident 2012, good read. 13:56:11
ESPN Radio Host Mocks Ron Paul 13:54:37
911: In Plane Sight [High Detail Video] 13:48:29
Freedom Watch Today 13:38:00
Massive Inflation is on the Way - John Browne of Euro Pacific Capital on Fox News 12:54:50
Falcon Virgo exercise: Norad Flight exercise planned for Washington D.C 12:41:59
Russia to charge NASA $51 million a piece for seats on Soyuz spacecraft 12:41:19
Hey! I found a can of worms. Want to help me open it? 12:40:19
When Trucking Stops. 12:20:42
***Support Dr. Mike for Congress!*** 12:19:18
Ron Paul talks socialized medicine... 12:16:02
My nephew posted this video on face book 12:15:40
US looking to boost military funding for right war 12:04:01
More Information Concerning Woman arrested for trespassing on her own paid for property 12:03:50
Pardon 12:02:24
We have a small group on the Zeitgeist Movement forum 12:01:44
Goes to show Ron Paul knew this without hearing this testimony 12:00:15
Cheney supports Jeb Bush for president... want to comment? 11:57:27
VIDEO: Senate hearing, are the elderly cost effective? 11:47:25
Hard Left LOVES Ventura 11:16:42
The Fed's GSE (Fannie and Freddie) Tab: $248.3 Billion and Counting 10:43:38
Real GOP - Constitutional Republicans 10:11:03
Medicare and Social Security drying up faster than expected... this Ponzi Scheme is about over. 10:09:16
What Does Your Credit-Card Company Know About You? 10:04:55
Foreclosures: 'April was a shocker' 10:04:12
Pace of “Stimulus” Spending Is Snail-like 09:55:18
U.S. Retail Sales Unexpectedly Fall for Second Month 09:50:18
New Quote 09:13:55
Video Footage of Pastor Tased and Beaten in Phoenix 08:36:53
SNL: Treasury Secretary Provides Reports on Bank Stress Test [Too Funny] 08:06:13
Miss California's Wake Up Call 07:43:40
Ron Paul's rEVOLution Versus the "One Ring" of the Federal Reserve 07:32:11
Is it time to stress-test the Federal Reserve? 07:24:29
Nice Candaian Video Interview with Ron Paul 07:20:51
Republican Cong'l Comm. Chair: Obama wants to 'kill' capitalism (Mentions HR 1207) 07:10:20
Gerald Celente calls it right again! 07:00:26
Buchanan: Wanted: A Fighting Party 06:59:47
Petition Remaining Representatives 06:50:05
rhino: Message to 9/11 speculators 06:45:13
How Dare you Question the Fed; Lefist Attacks Thomas Woods 06:24:02
U.S. Economy in Free Fall, Why is the ANWR in this picture? 06:07:19
Rebuttal to Thomas F. Cooley - OUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD 05:07:20
Bermas and AJ kicked off Youtube! 04:38:26
Vaccine related Autism Debate with Jenny McCarthy on "The Doctors" 03:16:22
AARP: "Tell us what you really know about freedom." 02:45:07
Joel Skousen on Coast to Coast - Now 1:20 am - Excellent 02:25:58
CBS News: Make Marijuana Legal 01:49:14
Guess who is a Council of Foreign Relations Member? 01:27:57
*** Tune in now ! C2C *** 01:27:50
The corruption of Big Pharma 01:00:23
Cap and Trade Ripoff 00:39:02
Train trip to JEKYLL ISLAND to undo the evil banker plot 00:15:38
Swine Flu May Be Human Error; WHO Probes Scientist’s Claim - Bloomberg 00:08:11