Posted on May 14, 2009

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Ron Paul Endorses Steve Lonegan for NJ Governor 23:59:48
"New Hampshire man jailed for legally photographing courthouse lobby" 20:16:10
Mini Money Bomb for Rand Paul NOW!!! Let's get him a few thousand dollars before he goes on Maddow tonight! 16:27:40
Obama: “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China." 15:11:15
Joel Skousen: How to Analyze the News and What Goes on Around You 14:39:21
The Southern Avenger: Ron Paul Republicans 10:06:34
U.S. Fascist Youth Corps - Updated w/ Slideshow 19:34:02
Ending the Age of the Fear! 10:54:32
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Rand Paul Annouces Senate Bid | MSNBC | Rachel Maddow 05-14-09 23:34:01
Newest Drug: "CHEERIOS" 23:08:46
What the hell is the FDA asking General Mills to do exactly? 22:58:19
More Nazi youth commercials. Obamas Red Shirts 22:39:29
How to help the Mexican drug problem? Vicente Fox says decriminalize marijuana 22:37:44
3 Swindle Flu Shots 22:28:04
Rand Paul on Rachel Maddow show Youtube link 22:25:17
House votes $97 billion war funds, despite doubts 22:17:23
Banks and Companies Who What Anyone Bailout Money Should be Required to Submit to a Forensic Audit 22:13:04
Darwin is truly a liberator! 22:05:13
IPR Exclusive: Confirmed, Rand Paul to run for US Senate in Kentucky 22:02:29
Ha-Aretz talks about Bilderbergers! 21:51:11
Daily Paul Collectivist vs Daily Paul Individual-Anarchists 21:50:08
Tasers are FUN!!! 21:49:05
RidleyReport Emergency Broadcast: Ron Paul interviewers arrested ( 21:15:14
Navy SEAL Would Like Dick Cheney to Confess to Murder - [digg] 21:03:46
A win-all argument against illegal immigration 20:41:11
Are you a 1s girl or guy? 20:32:20
Pfizer :"70 Free Meds for the Jobless," including Lipitor and Viagra 20:11:36
2 years in prison for RNC protester 19:50:52
They finally going to get tough on Karl Rove? 19:47:07
"That's Not the American Way": Chrysler's Bailout and the Road to Ruin 19:46:38
NEED HELP PLEASE - City Installing Traffic Cams 19:32:00
"Harsh Reality" of California Budget: 5K State Employees to be Terminated if not passed 19:28:39
Rand Paul's Campaign Website! 19:03:24
CNN Finaly Reports On Arizona Pastor Tazering By Border Patrol Check Point 18:59:52
FDIC Econoimst robbing people over and over and over 18:54:54
U.S. Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes to Drink Responsibly on the Job 18:50:43
KID ROCK and his Nat'l Guard PROPAGANDA 18:23:50
Liberty Minded US Representatives - 60 17:55:33
There was the Tea Party and Everyone Was Asking... 17:00:29
Two Catholics Spew Lies about Galileo, Angels & Demons Starts Friday 16:57:32
Motorhome Diaries crew arrested in Mississippi 16:55:24
10 Big Reasons To Refuse Vaccinations 16:52:45
Tucker Confirms Geithner Presence at Bilderberg Meeting 16:47:24
Ron Paul on Fox Business “Runaway Inflation” 16:36:31
If They Knew the Truth, They’d Hate Us Even More. 16:36:25
** Boy Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More ** 15:32:37
Swine Flu: New Pandemic Or Just Makin' Bacon? 15:10:38
Senate Nears Completing Credit Card Bill, Blocks 15% Rate Cap 15:07:38
Who Runs America? The Impotent President 15:05:49
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REPUBLICAN SENATORS List of Shame 14:46:47
Whistle blower: FDA is the Washington branch of Pharmaceutical Industry 14:32:50
GREAT NEWS!! Buddy's Little Brother 14:30:13
Any cops who support RP on here? 14:22:19
Scientist attempts to smuggle 22 vials of Ebola into US 14:19:58
Ron Paul Endorses Steve Lonegan in New Jersey 14:18:33
Threats against Russia? 13:54:59
If all else fails is colinizing space a viable option, for our freedom? 13:53:34
The unaired Jesse Ventura interview with Neil Cavuto 09/02/08 13:46:15
California Ghost Towns G4T on Fox News 13:41:33
How to get ALL congressmen to support HR1207 13:31:20
The Private Contracting Surge Into Afghanistan 13:28:28
Army releases names of 5 soldiers killed 13:17:46
Video: William Schaap: The Media, CIA, FBI & Disinformation 12:52:44
Penn & Teller on the 2nd Amendment 12:32:20
New Lexington County GOP chairman wins on conservative platform 12:31:28
Coming Soon: UN Me... the movie! 12:28:46
Pakistani President Says He Thinks Bin Laden Is Dead 12:27:24
Interesting Notice Found on Craig's List Personals: To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last. 12:24:13
This is how we got Guthrie from KY to Sign on to Sponsor HR 1207 21:58:51
The People Decide 11:56:56
Waco Blog 11:55:31
Tamiflu Developer: Swine Flu Could Have Come From Bio-Experiment Lab 11:26:51
Ron Paul and Real Bills Doctrine 11:18:27
Swine Flu is a HOAX! 11:06:32
Letter from B.O. (health care) 11:03:43
BREAKING NEWS-2nd congressman-Prove eligibility/Virginia representative signs onto plan to demand evidence (CALL HIM) 10:46:42
The Interventionist Foreign Policies of other nations helping us win the Revolutionary War. 10:32:16
Paulson forced 9 bank CEOs to take TARP 10:28:38
Pentagon Preparing For War With The Enemy: Russia 10:23:43
*"Cheerios Might Be A Drug?"* 10:15:37
GM to Import, Sell Chinese Cars 09:56:30
(Video) Congressional Butt Chewing...We Need More Like This! 09:53:18
Upholding the Freedom of Competition 09:25:27
What if Congressmen held a press conference, showed their birth certificates and challenged BO to do the same? 09:23:02
2nd congressman: Prove eligibility 09:13:12
Angry Crowd Pelts Austin Police 08:59:44
New York's archbishop on schools 08:48:34
Ron Paul's rEVOLution Versus the "One Ring" of the Federal Reserve 08:12:48
Former Treasury Official Blames The Fed for Current Financial Crisis 07:59:09
Does anybody know of an excellent curriculum for teaching the Constitution to 9th-12th graders? 07:56:14
Gear up for global cooling 07:50:38
16 Reasons To Vote Jeff Cherry! Please read. 07:48:10
The case against global currency schemes, whether Chinese or American 07:41:13
Buchanan on Anti-White Discrimination: LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD 07:38:32
4409 -- Court PirateFRAUD exposed! 07:15:15
Obama Administration to Expand Housing Plan--More Short Sales 07:05:35
4409 -- Operation ASU lets's go all the way! 06:53:55
Declining Immigration Slows Asian, Hispanic Growth 06:41:48
July4Patriot: In defense of freedom 05:56:45
Obama Blocks Release of More Torture Photos 04:55:37
The Wall Street Journal: White House Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs' 04:39:40
Washington post: What Do Americans Want? Legal Pot, White House Online Survey Reports 04:15:45
This Is One Very Intriguing Mystery 03:55:55
Lets marshal our forces against Harry Reid and Chris Dodd. 03:25:29
Study finds cocaine in the air of Spanish cities 03:02:03
Cure for cancer and many other diseases exists... However, is ignored 00:42:21
Fakery TV does Commercial Tell Lie Vision 00:32:28
Anyone here have any eyewitness reports on how the Trans Texas Corridor is moving along? It has been awhile since we have 00:19:46
Of Health, Psychology, Sociology, and Liberty. . . distilling wisdom from knowledge. 00:17:04