Posted on May 15, 2009

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Obama's Attempt to Cover-up Prisoner Abuse Photos Fails 22:34:18
Rand Paul Raises $10,000 in 16 Hours in Mini Money Bomb 11:12:52
Video: Ron Paul on Morning Joe 5/15/2009 11:12:59
Ron Paul: Thought w/New Admin WE WOULD BE FIGHTING LESS WARS! 11:12:57
Rand Paul to Form Exploratory Committee for US Senate Run 12:05:41
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Officers fired after using STUN GUNS on CHILDREN aged FIVE TO SEVENTEEN 23:56:45
We will be launching the rand paul money bomb site next week 23:56:23
Email Rachel! 23:47:36
I am stoked I love Aimee Allen 23:38:21
R.I.P. - The Rule of Law 23:37:46
One tiny example of local intrusion. 23:36:41
When the news breaks into song (with Ron Paul) 23:24:07
The Federal Reserve can't account for 9 TRILLION DOLLARS... 23:16:38
How to act at work 23:11:51
Ed Schultz Puts Ron Paul In PSYCHO TALK 22:50:03
California's Dates With Destiny: Tax Revolt Rally 5/16/09 & Special Election 5/18/09 22:47:30
ron paul and rachel maddows rap song 22:18:42
How many Suns do we have? NEW VIDEO PROOF 21:58:45
*Governments get Ready to Mandate Vaccinations* 21:49:06
VIDEO!! Bold Voices TV is FREE Liberty TV and Freedom chat 24/7 21:36:22
Well Daily Paulers, What do you think of this? 21:24:11
The USA is NOT an anarchist state 20:38:11
Alan Keyes and a priest arrested for protesting 19:38:46
Mentally Disabled State School Fight Club: State run healthcare in action 18:32:38
Just when you thought it was okay to call your congressman.... 18:30:21
Next on MSNBC 18:23:13
Auto Tune the News features Ron in their latest. 18:15:11
Oklahoma Ballot Access Action Alert! 17:52:41
Federal gov. to spend 500 million in "brainwashing" enviromental literacy in school 17:37:35
TUMA ... we need a new one PRONTO!!!!! 17:32:41
RJ Harris taking your calls live in 30 minutes : May 15th 6pm eastern 5pm central 17:27:50
C4L call to action! 17:04:15
Special forces deployed to Michigan? 16:48:47
Suspected war criminal to lead U.S. forces in Afghanistan 16:38:31
New study shows that Government requires dangerous substance in your home 16:38:30
Congressional leaders inadvertently expose Israeli lobbyists behind letter to Obama 16:27:39
Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog May 15 2009 16:26:13
U.S. Attorney's office tells employees not to log on to Drudge 16:22:28
Greek Communists protest at Bilberberg-Hotel 16:14:02
Outrage in Canada as U.S. Firms Sever Ties To Obey Stimulus Rules 16:12:12
Not the Boy Scouts of yesteryear, training to fight terrorism 15:59:04
NPR Covers H.R. 1207 15:53:34
The failure of the majority of so called "free-market" economists 15:50:42
"...big government is better at making our decisions for us." 15:40:57
Nemenhah Band Teen Must Get Chemo 15:36:53
Obama asks Satan to Shoot him? 15:35:00
Other Countries Upset Over Products... MADE IN THE USA 15:32:26
Another 1,225,980+ Guns Bought by Law-Abiding Americans 15:01:23
FUNNY! Barry the Builder: "Yes we CAN!" 14:52:48
SEC Compliance Officials Investigated For Insider Trading 14:51:28
Special Election: Ron Paul for U.S. Senate? [UPDATE #2] 14:46:06
Pastor Anderson Beatdown Response 14:34:31
MN Judge Rules Parents Cannot Decide Son's Medical Treatment - What's next FORCED VACCINATIONS? 14:33:31
ABC News:'Recession Apocalypse'; Preparing for the End of the World 14:31:18
I am a little disappointed about Ron Paul's position on earmarks 14:29:09
SC State House Rep. Dennis Moss has joined the GOP today 15MAY09 14:00:53
Ron Paul interviewers arrested in Mississippi 13:53:31
Judge rules family can't refuse chemo for boy 13:51:15
"Angels And Demons Revealed" narrated by Patrick MacNee - Great documentary! 13:18:18
"Thriving Norway Provides an Economics Lesson" New York Times. 13:05:03
Time to Defend the Dollar (or let it burn) 13:02:25
Thuggery And Mob Action, Government Style 12:40:33
My Daughter sent this to me. Pretty funny,and sad at the same time. 12:33:54
Federal Reserve plays proxy for China 12:30:09
Fed considers changing rules that favor three major ratings agencies 12:25:29
NY court decision: you need a warrant for GPS devices 12:23:07
Interesting email connecting swine flu dots 12:14:07
Bilderberg meeting - Logan Act - Violation? 12:12:44
Well, This Should Knock Everybody's Socks Off! 12:03:27
Cutting Federal Agencies Out Will IMPROVE Well-Being 11:42:12
My Rep Supports 1207, Response Letter. YES! 11:39:46
Transmission of Swine H1N1 In Scotland Signals pandemic Phase 6 11:39:10
Doctor in the Senate 11:38:03
Minnesota judge: You WILL give your kid chemo. 11:37:12
Government pressuring Bank of America to change management 10:45:41
Blame The Government? Blame The Banks? No We Need To Blame Ourselves 10:13:28
VIGUERIE: Conservative-led opposition needed 10:08:14
Freedom County Update 09:56:30
Obama and Osama - McChrystal clear 09:53:29
ILLINOIS: "Stop Governor Quinn's Income Tax Increase!" PETITION 09:26:30
BLOG POLL: What direction for the GOP? 09:18:09
Republic or Empire? 09:15:32
It takes 41 000 years to count a Trillion Dollars 09:10:53
Could Pelosi be turned for HR 1207? 08:43:42
Government in Rebellion 07:55:54
THE TRUTH IS! Dennis Kucinich 07:23:44
I AM THE NWO 07:13:44
You are not required to follow the so called law 06:57:03
Banksters and military-security industry gangsters are ruling America By Paul Craig Roberts 06:56:58
Ending the War on Drugs: The Moment is Now - Arianna Huffington 06:51:00
Six Insurers Named to Get U.S. Taxpayer Aid (NYT) 06:42:24
Obama’s Change: Neo-Con Policies Renewed 06:26:39
What would a Ron Paul 2012 campaign look like? (Political Lore) 06:19:09
The New Evita? Obama's Political Outreach by Lottery 06:13:21
Obama lied again , Military commissions resume. 06:08:15
Dr. Doom: Capitalism Could Fail Like Communism CNBC 04:57:44
Bruce Fein, stop the the empire 03:13:06
President Washington's visions of America 01:48:11
Stupid America 01:40:03
Zack de La Rocha featuirng KRS 1 ,The Last Emperor "CIA" (Criminals In Action) 01:31:41
Protecting Freedom: A Basic Part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of LDS (Mormons) 01:22:28
Nancy Pelosi vs the CIA 01:06:07
Yahoo Omits Dr. Paul once again..... 01:03:34
We need to come up with a new flag for our Country.... 00:57:26
CDC Vacinations for Your Children. Can you believe this? 00:57:07
NEED HELP, does CNN need to post a correction?? 00:53:17
What just happened... 00:12:40
RJ Harris LIVE radio interview friday May 15 6pm eastern 00:06:39
60 year old soldier dies in Iraq 00:00:47