Posted on May 16, 2009

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Ron Paul in Forbes: Fed Up! Audit the Fed. 21:23:07
Weekend Watching: The Trials of Henry Kissinger 21:01:37
Taking the Daily Paul to the Next Level? 07:14:26
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Ron Paul Said In 5 Years We Will Be The Republican Party! 23:32:40
Ron Paul: A New Hope [a new digg] 23:27:38
Lindsey Graham says Ron Paul isnt the leader of the party, we think different! 23:17:30
Lindsey Graham refers to himself as a Lindsey Graham Republican! 23:03:01
Brian Frank tells Lindsey Graham that hes a hypocrite 23:01:28
Governor Mark Sanford speaking at the SC GOP Convention 16MAY09 22:59:33
Lindsey Graham bragging on himself SC GOP Convention 16MAY09 22:56:49
HR 2454: Climate bill screwing the middle class right on time 22:51:05
If You use a Camera You are a Terrorist!!! 22:40:05
Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women by US Occupation Forces 22:28:37
Dems call for immediate end to war, slam president for election tampering & violating states' rights!! 21:46:48
Will The Real Conservatives Please Stand Up? 21:45:01
Bill Hicks - Legend 21:42:01
Republican Party blasts Administration for violating Constitution, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th amendments!! 21:28:27
Swine flu from a lab? Not really that surprised... 21:08:35
Bicyclist Pedals a Tough Message Across Country [Freedom and Liberty Message ALERT] 21:00:46
People, I give you 1984: Cheaper wine, chocolate, Spam 20:30:23
For all the Anti-Mason bigots, please unload your fear and hate. 20:23:29
Astounding World-Wide Freedom Activist/ThinkTank site. 20:22:28
CDC: Over 100,000 Americans MAY Have Swine Flu 20:09:27
Los Angeles Times: The 'war on drugs' is over 19:39:08
White Jets with no markings, what are they for? 19:22:45
Flashback: Paper is NOT money ! 18:40:10
Woman cuffed for not holding escalator handrail 18:35:43
Dawn Welch "home invasion"- fraud? Update 18:04:37
9/11: Destroying the Evidence. Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders of Pentagon 17:39:25
Congressman Paul says no Gold Medal for Arnold Palmer 17:35:02
Hasta la Vista, Arnold! The Governator and Coming Attractions 17:28:06
Another HR 1207 Co-sponsor ! 17:05:25
Hope: Obama's Era of Change 16:36:11
BO picking GOP governors 16:06:19
Sean Hannity talks Illuminati - LMAO! (05 15 09) 15:55:49
Pick Your Poison: Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation 15:50:49
Common Sense Revisited 15:48:37
C4L: Petition for Pelosi to bring HR 1207 to the floor 15:43:41
Heads up: Jesse Ventura on Hannity Monday @ 9 15:20:05
If You Want Your Congress Critters to Listen To You...Stop Voting For Incumbents 15:16:29
BLACK TUESDAY is coming... Grassroots awaken! Time is passing! 14:33:56
Constitutional Rubbish 14:20:35
80 yr. old Priest Arrested Notre Dame 14:13:07
The man Who fought the fed part two 13:20:29
DR. NO STANDS ALONE - No Gold Medal for Arnold Palmer 12:35:42
Ron Paul top graded Congressman at 12:19:18
Never-Ending Government Lies About Markets 12:07:08
5/15/09 Judge Napolitano's Verdict: Paulsen threatened banks to take TARP or else! 12:04:36
Ron Paul 5/14/09 “We Are Escalating War/We Are Less Safe” 12:03:37
press this weekend... 12:02:32
Dr. Ron Paul On Torture 5/12/2009 12:01:25
Obama’s Stock Market Mini-Bubble 11:59:08
UN Rejects 911 Truth as "Conspiracy Wackos" 11:29:11
We are Americans, categorizing by race, sex or creed destroys 11:23:38
Club Rabbit Hole: Initiates Only 10:59:27
Violent Home Invasion Recorded Live on the Radio :: Government involved of course :: DIGG IT 10:56:33
Letting the ‘too big to fail’ fail and why 10:35:25
Ron Paul - "out of the U.N. " H.R. 1146 - Support ASAP 10:18:11
Cold, hard truth about who is the New World Order 10:14:16
Cash- for your time & knowledge 10:09:02
Never before seen pictures of ground zero now w/slideshow 09:42:44
Back to Jeckyll Island.....Are you willing to work for liberty .... 08:35:00
Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Ticket 07:23:18
Forbes commentary: "Fed Up" by Ron Paul, 5-15-09 07:08:42
Yelnick Mcwawa = Barack Obama?? Interesting clip from "Cheers"! 04:40:43
I just love it when Ron Paul gets the credit he deserves... 04:10:04
67% vote in poll backs district judge saying teen must have chemo 02:58:47
Kentucky Libertarian Party Poised to Help Rand Paul 02:50:30
Obama naming Utah Republican Governor Huntsman ambassador to China 01:24:57
ATR Energy Tax Hike Series: Overall Review 01:03:40
4409 -- Operation ASU - PART 4 00:56:00
Contractor Registration in PA 00:55:19
RidleyReport: UPDATE on Ron Paul interviewers arrested, released (NH, MS, Free State Project) 00:48:03
Need input to Boston Globe - Obama continues military tribunals 00:27:21
Michael Phelps performs better after smoking bong 00:27:03
UPDATE: Brits Awaken to Massive Government Corruption, Want Elections NOW! 00:17:47
Archie Bunker on Gun Control 00:13:55
What’s Next in National Security Pentagon Preps Soldier Telepathy Push 00:09:45
More auto cuts: GM announced today they will be cutting 1100 dealerships in the US 00:07:25