Posted on May 17, 2009

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Libertarians forming a NEW shape for the Grand OLD Party 16:32:57
CNN: Lindsey Graham Attacks Ron Paul / Supporters - Gets Booed 12:56:12
Liberty Rider - Michael Maresco - Ride for Honesty - What Can you Do to Help? 11:00:32
Rand Paul: Welcome to the Campaign 18:22:23
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Real ID: Connecting the Dots 23:43:28
Top Ten Reasons for Rejecting Dangerous ID 23:15:19
Shock Video Details Horrors of Mass Egyptian Pig Cull to Deter Swine Flu 22:57:59
Gold and the "Average Man" 22:36:52
Military Industrial Complex a la Carlyle 22:15:52
Two things you might want to watch now and tomorrow night: 22:14:46
Is it me or is Obama trying to appear "Christlike"? 22:07:44
Mass. Man Held on $500,000 Bail for Buying 30,000 Rounds of Ammo 21:43:11
USA Today Ad - Ron Paul 20:49:23
Cool Quote 20:26:37
Ernest Hancock Goes to Jekyll Island 20:21:11
Graham: Torture works because we used it for 500 years 20:17:18
Nanotech + nwo + ai = perfect mess. Long-term scenarios 20:16:36
$25 million reward to Obama for birth cert - The real long form one that is 20:14:02
Other than "Daily Paul" what's your second most watched board? Post links 20:05:50
Post here if you've ever changed a liberal mind 19:32:25
How does a political party benefit when voters vote for its candidates? 19:26:00
Blatant Plug for Pro-Ron-Paul Podcast 19:16:26
BEWARE of the *NEW*, revived, "conservative" movement! 19:15:33
States Must Force 17th Amendment Showdown (article) [UPDATE] 19:13:11
A Small Band of Ron Paul Activists Attempted to Usurp Parliamentary Procedure to upset the adoption of Lindsey Graham Res 18:54:53
More Military Aid To Israel In 2010 than 2009- 18:51:31
OK, has anybody seen the latest History Channel ad? What's supposed to happen on 5/25? 18:51:15
A thought I had for the more advanced. 18:41:32
C4L Lindsey Graham Slams Ron Paul and Republicans With Libertarian Values 17:50:38
Relationship of Local and State governments 17:44:11
Obama’s 48-Hour Makeover 17:40:23
Got my poster!! 17:39:08
9/11 Lessons From Star Trek 17:24:33
Declassified Pentagon documents mixed Bible and the Iraq War 17:15:13
The New American Century - Documentary 1 hr 34 mins 17:05:15
SPAM on the DP 16:28:18
Detention officer purposely dumps cripple out of wheel chair 16:26:07
If You're Thinking of Making a High Ticket Purchase You May Want to Check Out the Company's Financial Statements First. 16:22:20
Ron Paul nuts go after Lindsay Graham 16:18:20
The Fluoride Deception: Video Interview with the Author 16:03:06
When someone strikes you, turn the other cheek. 15:52:33
Ron Paul mentioned on ABC's "This Week" 15:43:40
Three GREAT Ron Paul songs for a Sunday Afternoon! 14:39:20
2nd Amendment Coalition Building 14:36:21
Ron's Paul's Graduation Speech 14:05:44
Saudi Arabia: The Financial Crisis is a “Hidden War” on the Gulf 13:02:27
Interesting Article about the South Carolina Republican convention 12:15:36
H.R. 1207 - My Follow-up Letter 11:54:08
Lindsey Graham versus the Republican wing of the Republican Party at SC state convention 5-16-2009 11:49:57
CSpan2 Book TV - Show on the Constitution Convention - National Constitution Center 09:55:45
The Nation Magazine advocating a military attack on the Caymon Islands 09:50:00
What is that they say about criminals returning to the scene of the crime? 08:42:51
Blind Traveler Asks Too Many Questions On Delayed U.S. Airways Flight, Is Dragged Off, 07:56:45
Freedom of Speech or Election Tampering 05:27:13
AK-47 vs AR-15 Part 1, by Nutnfancy 04:53:48
"Level 2" First Aid Kit Review by Nutnfancy 04:50:21
4409 -- Detention officer dumps quadriplegic on the floor 04:45:04
Great Example of American Capitalism and Ingenuity 03:32:26
Graham says again- 'Ron Paul is not the leader of the Republican Party' 02:13:40
Take a break, lets play 02:08:24
Sent C4L a letter regarding the removal of my announcement 01:46:09
'Killer Chip' tracks humans, releases poison 01:45:42
Obama's Theme Song! 01:28:04
waging pre emptive idea war on neocon talk radio 01:22:36
James Madison's Plan for the Emancipation of the Slaves 01:13:55
ACTUAL FOOTAGE of Pastor Beaten & Tased by Border Patrol & DPS 00:37:49
TARP Watchdog talks about Usury 00:24:32
Read this about Campaign For Liberty in an e-mail I received from Jim Condit Jr. 00:04:32