Posted on May 18, 2009

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AntiWar Radio interviews Rand Paul about the 2010 senate race! 19:54:35
Email from Dr. Paul: Please Support Adam Kokesh 16:24:36
Politico: Some on Left Souring on Obama 12:51:21
S&P 500 Earnings Fall 90% 12:37:20
Mark Sanford Fires Back At Lindsey Graham In Defense Of Libertarians 11:18:12
Two from Tuma: Porkulus & The Black Hole of Socialism 16:24:37
Ron Paul 2009 Calendar Blowout - $19 19:54:36
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60 seats opening up in MO house in 2010 23:43:18
Obama's National Civilian Security Force Propaganda Video Analyzed by Alex Jones 23:43:10
Listen Tomorrow as they discuss the "Right Wing Radicalization" DHS Report 23:32:31
Jesse Ventura on Hannity 5/18 23:27:35
Jim Condit Jr. Reply to an E-Mail for Bashing Campaign For Liberty, Interesting Read ! 22:57:48
14 Year old Beaten in Face with club for Loitering.. 22:52:14
Anybody voting in CA election tomorrow? 22:41:12
Rand Paul Supporters, Please read and respond 22:28:52
"they're not gonna lead it." Lindsey graham 22:21:18
Oruval: Calling to the opinion of the freemarket on the Daily Paul.. 20:47:07
President Pinocchio 20:09:47
What's wrong with South Carolina, first Graham and now AG McMaster 19:59:41
Open letter to president Obama 19:28:49
Fox news: Jesse Ventura calls for the decriminalization of marijuana 18:48:08
Big Pharma Cheats Medicaid out of Hundreds of Millions; Penalty X3 Assessed! 18:36:44
A message for all U.S. politicians 18:36:08
We are destroying our own movement because many are closed minded and do not think before they act. 18:21:11
rhino: A message to Lew Rockwell. 17:58:15
Socialist->English Dictionary (18th edition) 17:49:25
Supreme Court Will Not Review California Medical Marijuana Law 17:41:41
Who owns the majority of the World's Central Banks? 17:38:01
Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar 17:26:50
What does it say when a capitalist country (The US) has to borrow money from a communist country like China? 17:06:04
Jesse Ventura on Hannity radio show 16:58:41
Mark Sanford is a new world order shill 16:56:04
Dawn Welch- what really happened 16:42:33
Bank Foreclosures Affecting Agriculture, Food Supply LIne 16:42:08
Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog May 18 2009 16:41:03
Concealed handgun permits, what do DP'ers think? 16:29:29
Obama resurrecting Hitler's euthanasia program??? 16:23:17
Biden confronted with conclusive scientific proof of criminal demolitions on 9/11/01 15:47:15
Jesse Ventura Vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Fox & Friends 15:46:26
Bill Kauffman - "Don't Call Me a Conservative" 15:19:47
After Voting For TARP Lindsay Graham Slams Ron Paul Libertarians 14:54:28
How much TRUTH are you willing to take? 14:42:04
UK Videos UPDATE: No-Confidence Chaos & Dissolution of Parliament 14:32:05
Supreme Court rules on 9/11 case 14:27:38
List of Chrysler Dealers to be Closed 14:23:21
Pissed off in the Palmetto State 13:24:53
"Holy Grail Of Climate Change": Ice Crystals, Biological Particles, and... 13:16:02
Updated Image Needed URGENTLY!! (updated new image link) 12:46:27
Lindsey Graham: Torture works! Graham Goes Medieval ( video) 12:41:34
Chuck Baldwin on Alex Jones 12:30am EDT 12:40:20
Ed Schulz calls Ron Paul a Psycho 12:03:23
Tucker discusses Ron Paul with Mark Sanford 11:56:48
Jesse Ventura coming up on The View soon (11:11 ET) 11:13:05
Bilderberg Economic Forecast: Quick Depression or 10 year Decline? 11:10:39
Real Id gets implemented on June 1st. Didn't you see anything about it in the news? 11:04:14
Minnesota Judge Rules Teen Must See Cancer Doctor against his and his parents' wishes 10:13:09
Future U.S. job market 10:03:59
Where can I find corporate information on the Republican and Democratic Parties? 09:58:32
Stock Opportunities in Rough Times 09:54:53
Biden accidentally gives location of Cheney's 911 bunker 09:49:17
The "survival seeds" companies are ripping you off 09:38:54
Obamaman very funny lyrics to the song The candyMan 09:17:47
Sorry to Ruin it but I Love the Daily Paul! 09:17:12
Don't Mind The Authoritarians Behind The Curtain 09:14:42
Official GOP dogma pretends there is a "two-party system" 09:07:40
Mish is Petrified by Obama 08:54:38
Please help Ron Paul and us supporters, we are all being slammed 08:52:06
Lew Rockwell- Michael Gaddy: Resistance 08:19:30 08:17:33
Funny I was thinking about this video yesterday from Boston Legal 07:17:36
The Raw Story » Ron Paul is ‘Fed up’ 07:16:51
More on Ron Paul and the future of the GOP 06:43:26
Even with Obama in charge, anti-war Democrats powerless 06:34:04
FT: As many as 500 more American banks could Fail and Close 06:22:58
Ask ICANN to disallow the .gov ending for 05:54:43
An American Hero for what he did IN war and especially what he SAID afterwards. 04:21:44
Gun-grabber Rep. Carolyn McCarthy Introduces “No Fly, No Buy Act” (H.R. 2401) 02:48:45
Man held on $500,000 bail, for having 30,000 bullets 02:24:08
Economic Affairs 01:58:44
SCGOP CONVENTION COVERAGE --- Lindsey Graham Vs. the Republican Wing of the Republican Party 01:41:11
May Cartoons from Kevin Tuma 01:09:37
Make Mine Freedom 00:56:16
CREW Files FOIA Request With FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD Over Refusal To Name Recipients of $2 Trillion In Aid 00:50:00
QUIZ: US Constitution 18 May 2009 00:40:44
Video - FBI and police conduct terrorist attack ... drill at Los Angles High School 00:39:28