Posted on May 19, 2009

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Vermont: Time to Secede 17:13:26
Ron Paul: States Have Right to Legalize Marijuana 17:13:21
China's Gold Reserves May Back the Yuan 02:12:44
The Myth of the Laissez Faire President 02:12:45
Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Then End It! 17:13:22
Paul Rand is not Rand Paul! 17:13:25
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The Ron Paul Diggs 23:59:16
Poll: Should parents be allowed to refuse treatments for their sick children? 23:56:02
Jerky tips? 23:35:49
Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar 23:27:07
Meditation, and yes, Christians do it too.... 23:06:40
Here we go again... 22:48:42
Holding Rand Paul to the exact same standards as his father...... 22:44:17
something fishy at CA polling places today 22:42:22
TRUTH has lost another warrior 22:34:48
Political correctness at its best! 22:18:44
Rand Paul sets the record straight on him first name! 22:16:28
Awesome News Song featuring Ron Paul 22:15:15
Guantanamo not going away for a while 21:58:41
Our brethren are already in the field, why stand we here idle? - Patrick Henry 21:44:59
Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog May 19 2009 21:44:45
I need some help explaining why being a "Reagan Republican" is no badge of honor 21:34:06
You have to watch this crap 21:24:52
'Where's the birth certificate?' Billboard 21:24:20
Lindsay Graham vs. the Southern Avenger 21:07:01
time to see where your governor stands 21:01:23
Open Letter to President Obama, by Thomas Paine 21:00:06
Steele says GOP making a comeback... 20:59:35
Meghan McCain on Colbert (video) 20:39:21
Ron Paul will be on "psycho talk" with host Ed Shultz tomorrow 5/20 20:04:37
Obama Transparency - wow, this one is a doozy! 19:58:48
Libertarian Penn Jillette on Glenn Beck - 5.19.09 (video) 19:52:19
GPS system 'close to breakdown' 19:30:54
Mossad’s hidden successes against Iran so far 19:30:27
Rand Paul vs. Grayson vs. Bunning $$$ 19:28:03
Anybody have CNN? Did Israel just attack Iran? 19:03:23
FEDERAL RESERVE has gone MainStream- Even Self-Help Entrepreneurs are catching on... 18:45:55
"Full Faith and Credit" Discussion 18:34:53
i'm gonna eat my words right now. 18:33:27
More info about tax and spending cuts that ended the Depression. 18:30:21
Live right now: Jesse Ventura on MSNBC 18:09:17
Former White House lawyer: Cheney dares US to indict him 17:49:04
Beck just slammed Lindsey Graham and mentioned Ron Paul 17:45:59
Mockery video of Lindsey Graham 17:44:47
Government Parenting 16:54:16
Apocalypse? No! 16:46:36
Gold Headed to $200 or $10.000 part II 16:40:06
Republican Establishment Strikes Again 16:33:17
Poll Claims Young People Want Big Government 16:28:54
End the Fed, Adopt MPE or the Fed will end US 16:15:53
Back to Jekyll Island: Defenders of the Constitution Meet 16:12:20
Socialism on the rise! Wake up America! 16:11:14
I refuse to particiapate in the recession, I don't want a bailout 16:06:15
Gold to Go - 500 Gold ATMs to come in Germany 15:58:26
Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar 15:57:46
Arrest ordered for mom of Mo. boy resisting chemo 15:50:56
GM's quick sell to gov't 15:47:06
"Virtual Currency" - The Next Generation 15:35:27
Let's get Jesse on FreedomWatch for 5.27.09 15:15:44
WSJ Article on Rand Paul Race in Kentucky 15:06:14
Ron Paul supports military tribunals???? 15:00:02
Senate Report No. 93-549 14:58:16
UK: First Speaker of the House of Commons Forced Out After 314 Years 14:44:24
Rand Paul on healthcare 14:40:13
A Consumer’s Guide to the New Credit Card Rules: NYT 14:33:48
Pravda: Dollar no longer Russia's reserve currency 14:19:06
Petition Fox News to put Freedom Watch on TV 14:11:48
American Revolution 2.0 video 13:47:41
Instead of "spamming" you, I thought I'd post this here 13:47:11
Radical anti-gov. radio, Aimee Allen, 13:25:37
VIDEO: Jesse Ventura on Fox & Friends 13:16:07
NEED YOUR VOTE FOR SANFORD - Sanford Versus Graham Poll? 13:08:58
Is Michael Badnariks' Constitution Class (as seen on YouTube) "biased"? 12:58:18
Could virtual currencies be the answer? 12:56:51
Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich ~ 12:54:34
Christianity has been hijacked in the bible belt. Have you noticed this where you live? 12:49:25
Revolution Breeds Polygraph Radio :: Artisits Spreading the Freeodm Message or Better Yet Slavery Message 12:41:30
Inflation is good 12:35:11
Senator Lindsey Graham Speaks At The SC GOP Convention (Full Speech) 12:26:50
CIA = black heart of the video 12:26:11
Tax on Benefits, Soda Among Options in Health-Care Bill Debate 12:23:04
Cops Choke and Beat Teen, CNN. 12:10:29
NYT Reporter: My Personal Credit Crisis 11:53:01
Fancy Nancy Pelosi 11:35:56
Is this the only type of 'balanced-budget amendment' that will ever work? 11:35:12
If you believe in 'our country' and 'our constitution'... 11:24:25
Bob Barr: more gov't intervention in economy needed 11:21:32
HR 2401:The No Fly, No Buy Act 11:17:48
Firearms Freedom Act (TN) 10:50:57
Journalists told not to cover Bildeberg meeting in Athens 10:42:22
U.S. Debt Holders 10:35:26
TN CFL delivers "Audit the Fed" petitions to Congressman Jim Cooper's Office 10:28:45
Credit Card Industry Aims to Profit From Sterling Payers 10:14:01
House to Vote on $1,500 Tax on Household Energy tomorrow! 10:05:20
Video: Did you see Beck's interview with Michael Scheuer and Joel Rosenberg yesterday? 09:27:20
When Will it Stop? 08:57:04
China Performs a Kind of Financial Alchemy 08:41:21
HR 1207 is under close watch. 08:40:39
China allows 2 banks in HK to sell yuan bonds 08:37:28
News Flash: The one time a Bush told the truth 08:24:11
Ron Paul Doesn't Like the 17th Amendment. Do You? 08:22:52
Challenging the Israel Lobby 07:20:38
Sen. Lindsey Graham Debates Himself on Detainee Torture 07:16:53
WSJ: A Reshaped Fed Is Likely to Gain Some Powers, Lose Others 07:08:34
Buchanan: If there are no peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians for an independent Palestinian state 06:39:34
Saving Israel From Itself--The American Conservative Magazine 06:36:23
9/11 Lessons From Star Trek 03:54:48
C4L Lindsey Graham Is Asked Why He Supported The Bailouts 03:31:19
Wolfram Alpha 03:26:32
SA@Takimag - Lindsey Graham Republicans 03:20:33
Why Is The Mississippi Grits Donation Thread Locked??? 02:36:58
Mark Sanford Whacks Lindsey Graham Over Libertarianism 02:35:23
Is Lindsey Graham gay? 02:33:48
We are witnessing the fading of a nation. 02:19:37
RJ Harris, should we support him? 01:29:11
*** Send Everywhere! *** An Inconvenient Question! We’ve all seen the emails about Obama’s citizenship. This Is A New Twist! 01:09:30
Some important aspects of life 00:53:43
Complaint seeks disbarment of Bush lawyers for torture memos 00:31:48
Not sure what to make of this. Murray sabrin bashing Steve Lonegan 00:23:39
I think Dr. Paul is getting tired of repeating himself 00:21:10
What is Liberty? 00:14:11
Joel Skousen Coming On Rense Now (Mon. Midnight EST) 00:08:28
Op-ed slamming Ron Paul, Steve Lonegan 00:06:58