Posted on May 2, 2009

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Ron Paul on CNN 5/2/09: Stop The Swine Flu Hysteria! 23:47:39
How to Actually End the Income Tax 16:05:23
CDC: 56,000 U.S. Dead from Flu in 2006; 63,001 in 2005 02:14:00
CNN: International treaty gives foreign troops identity of American gun owners 02:15:00
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Obama dirty tricks, Lawyer: White House ‘Directly Threatened My Client’ Over Chrysler Bankruptcy Plan' 23:25:30
GOP Makeover Starts in Virginia 22:27:47
China has 'canceled US credit card': lawmaker 22:27:18
Chrysler Lender Attorney "White House Directly Threatened My Client"-Audio 22:22:49
Ron Paul On CNN soon! Before 10 CST 22:08:37
Tax Day Protest that made me smile! 21:49:07
Alex Jones Special Broadcast Tonight @ 9 Cent - 10 East (Sat night) 21:44:33
Stress tests leaked ??? 21:42:26
Ease On Down the Road 21:37:49
Want to end the income tax? Let's draft a bill like H.R. 1207 that demands an audit of our entire Federal Government 21:30:38
Mexico tells its citizens not to travel to China 20:37:07
Pandemic cartoons and/or art - - Who can come up with best? 20:28:47
New AZ Firefighters Training Manual Chapter 13: UFOs 20:15:22
Genetic Engineering in The 21st Century - Alex Jones with Dr. Leonard Horowitz 20:10:27
Does anyone have any documentation as to what a LEVEL 6 pandemic would mean? 19:34:26
Link requested,,, Prosecutor found dead in Georgia 19:34:12
Christians and marriage licenses 18:25:20
"We The People" Continental Congress 2009: What do you think? 18:12:47
Poll: Greatest Dynamic Duos of the Early Republic 17:53:08
Looking for a bumper sticker 17:26:01
18,000,000 Emergency Services Personnel -- 210 to 240,000,000 Christians 17:17:00
Best Obama joke I have heard yet 16:48:15
Police Nazis Tase Naked Wizard! 16:47:33
Unconscionable Police Raid on Family's Home and Organic Food Co-Op 16:07:29
Who is Grant Jeffrey? 16:04:51
Candidates for 2010 15:25:46
AE911 Truth is now broadcasting live from the AIA convention! 15:20:21
USA Buys Enough Guns in 3 Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Army 15:08:21
A Little Gun History 15:00:25
Hard assets in hard times - free registration investment conference 14:57:51
13 Year Old Honor Student Strip Searched In SchooL! 14:16:41
Federal Troops on Mexican Streets Stopping Major Protests (VIDEO) 13:55:46
Media suppresses story about cancer cure (link fixed) 13:41:29
Trampling the Constitutional Role of Regulation 12:42:49
Does anyone know why 3 c-130's just flew over MD at low altitude? 12:08:58
Feds Seize The Silverton, The Nation's Largest Bank of Banks 10:35:06
Ron Paul on Earmarks and HR 1207 video 09:33:54
Did you know that taxes are "Voluntary" according to Harry Reid 09:25:44
Some facts on Swine Flu From FreeDomain Radio + The 1976 Propaganda 08:36:06
Stubborn arrogance, rather than humility is our nation's undoing.... 08:24:24
For some reason I watched "Red Eye" on Fox last night 07:52:36
A Culture Of Living Death 07:02:21
A Culture Of Living Death 07:02:11
Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and enjoy "The Swine Flu Show" 06:56:50
Another 1 (3) bites the dust! 05:17:35
Another DHS memo leaked! More blanket labelling of terrorists 04:37:45
Why the change in politics? 03:54:43
Video Senator Graham says "Ron Paul is not the leader of our Party" 03:04:19
DailyPauler loses Big Lecture Contract owing to Swine Flu -- The topic? Wellness!! 03:04:00
Navy was running trial for new test for flu in San Diego found first 2 cases 02:51:01
RussiaToday: Drug companies (Baxter) responsible for swine flu outbreak? 02:45:55
Russia Today: No reason to panic over swine flu & Baxter bird flu controversy 02:38:46
Which is more urgent: Audit the Fed or Audit our governments "Net" Profits? 02:30:00
Awesome site for freedom-minded people 02:16:20
Is Obama a Sophist? 01:19:54
Video: Exclusive Look Inside Only U.S. Pot Research Lab 00:43:15
Judge Napolitano Encourages Resistance to Unlawful Government Acts, Ohio Pastor Exposes Details of FEMA Clergy Response Team 00:16:39
College kid gets in a debate with Condoleezza Rice 00:08:13
Gay Marriage poll on Larry King Website 00:02:50