Posted on May 21, 2009

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June 19th RJ Harris Valley Forge Money Bomb! 15:59:08
***Jesse Ventura for President - Libertarian Party - 2012*** 13:20:56
ACTION ALERT: Freedom Watch is Under Consideration for a Slot on Fox TV News! 12:01:33
Dr. Rand Paul On Alex Jones Today, Thursday May 21, 12 P.M. EST 11:20:46
Time To Get Out The Wheelbarrows? Another Look At The Weimar Hyperinflation. 06:09:17
Dennis Kucinich Phone Bomb 5/21/09 01:45:47
Ron Paul on House Floor 5-19-09... "Current Conditions' or Just a Bad Dream?" 06:09:18
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Just a reminder 23:50:51
Lindsey Graham Slams Ron Paul Republicans And Libertarian Values 23:47:00
Revisited and a quick lesson about OPERATION NORTHWOODS 23:37:50
Let's get moving 23:16:58
U.S. Border Patrol Fail [funny video] 23:10:54
ACTION ALERT! Time to get us out of the UN 22:59:49
Sea..Their up to something...but what 22:56:22
Thomas Payne open letter to Obama 22:43:18
Momentum Builds For Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Act 22:42:05
10th Amendment -- Action Alert 22:40:23
Pro Life v.s. Anti Abortion... 22:16:22
Jesse Ventura on The (scumbag) ED Show 21:59:16
Bank United Collapses - FDIC "Insurance" Getting Wiped Out 21:48:42
The mad science of the new defense budget: telepathy, transformers, UFOs and more 21:38:56
Prediction: Supreme Court Nominee Will Be Hillary By David R. Usher 21:25:39
House rejects probe into Pelosi CIA claims 21:25:04
C4L Responds to Senator Lindsey Graham 21:13:58
Law Enforcement to Begin Intensive Effort to Save Lives 21:06:39
50 year old cartoon predicted the future 21:03:53
What was Biden doing in Serbia? 20:58:16
POLICE STATE, USA: Highway checkpoint asks drivers for blood, saliva 20:26:04
EXCELLENT article on true agenda behind global warming fraud 20:13:52
No more 'puffer' machines at airport security 20:04:42
Update: HR1207 has 179 co-sponsors! 19:59:42
Howard Stern - Jesse Ventura on 9/11 19:47:43
More ammunition for the left... 19:45:44
DId anyone catch Judge Napolitano with David Asman on FBN just now? 19:34:33
Ron Paul's Protect Patients' and Physicians' Privacy Act 19:33:04
Obama Considering "Preventive Detention" Plan For Suspected Terrorists 19:08:11
Dick Cheney says terrorists "blew up" the World Trade Center 19:04:16
Dear GOP: Please Choose Liberty 18:54:57
Biggest Bank Failure of '09...First One Announced on a Thursday 18:48:30
Is the Libertarian movement the fastest growing political movement in the country? 18:47:21
The GOP needs libertarians more than libertarians need the GOP 18:41:08
Gold dispensing ATMs popping up in Europe 18:39:44
175 reps back Ron Paul Fed audit 18:33:58
Is it true you only have to pay state taxes if you are a resident of that state? 18:23:50
100 dollars to 18:21:18
a good article about HR 1207 18:18:43
Snatch Wars (Snatch Vs Star Wars) - so funny! 18:15:32
Can someone explain this to me? 18:09:42
Constitution Writing Contest -- Can you write a better one! 17:57:20
Wall Street Unspun with Peter Schiff 20 may 2009 17:50:50
C4L Responds to Senator Lindsey Graham 17:48:29
Business Insider: Momentum Builds For Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Act 17:42:05
Banks such as Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley and others are driving up gasoline prices 17:41:16
Military Bases Require Soldiers to Register Private Gun Ownership: Preparation for mass civilain disarmament? 17:12:25
Kucinich's vs Paul's bill to 'Review' the Federal Reserve. 16:38:47
Where you're born determines who you must obey. Or does it? 16:38:10
Alex Jones Tv (HD) Calling All Infowarriors: Please Help 8 Year Old Hailey !! 16:31:54
Jesse Ventura on Alex Jones TV mp3 audio / qt video 052109 16:30:03
New David Ray Griffin Book: Osama bin Laden, Dead or Alive? 16:28:36
Texas Senate OKs guns at colleges; outcome still uncertain 15:58:25
The GOP needs libertarians more than libertarians need the GOP right now 15:46:47
My Video Tribute To Rand Pauls Campaign 15:40:11
Letter from Dave Reichert on HR 1207 and my response 15:33:08
Mrs. Monsanto grills FDA 15:12:03
Patriots Must Build Coalitions 14:42:21
A Nation or a Federation? 14:38:30
Bailing out banks drains Social Security and Medicare 14:33:15
Do you own a wireless router 14:08:58
Geithner Says TARP Can’t Help U.S. States Solve Budget Crises 14:01:56
WND unveils “Where’s the Birth Certificate” road signs!!!!! 13:55:52
Rep Paul votes WRONG on this 13:45:42
Blameshifting Collectivists 13:42:07
Anyone Else Watching the Dollar Drop Like a Stone Today? 13:17:03
Stress test -- for the federal government 13:04:32
Freedom Watch considered for regular spot!!!! 12:43:42
Ron Paul Makes Case for Closing Gitmo 12:36:06
Momentum Builds For Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Act--Busines Insider 11:54:01
Ron Paul named best unintentional singer! 11:53:15
Momentum Builds For Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Act 11:31:46
Time is Running Out! 11:30:00
Liberal blogger finally pleased with Ron Paul. "rotten" 11:29:09
FBI Director gets punched in the face with the truth 11:22:38
Freedom Watch Is Almost On Air! Needs Last Push! 11:14:05
An American Message to Barack Obama 10:52:37
explanation of Fed Reserve decisions by husband's office financial mgrs 10:50:59
Government is Not the Cure for Inefficiency 10:50:32
My plan to raise $3,000,000 for 9-11 First Responders 10:50:26
Join Us---Declare Your Hometown A Free Speech City !!! 10:42:43
Ron Paul To Rescue The GOP (God Willing it be saved) 10:40:31
The American Way: In Defense of George W. Bush 10:40:10
Nice 8 Page Paper on Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace--free 10:39:12
Americas Message to Her People 10:21:25
Obama to lock up the innocent? 10:20:11
The Great Federal Water Grab - Senate Bill - 787 10:19:44
The LibertyRider Flagstaff sparking discussion coast to coast. 10:16:04
Michael Maresco Libery Ride PA - Press Release 10:04:50
Sanford Files Lawsuit Over Vetoes 09:49:01
Watching Obama Morph Into Dick Cheney 09:26:34
KBR Got Bonuses for Work that Killed Soldiers 09:12:18
U.S. Military Burns Bibles In Afghanistan 09:07:40
New House bill will federally mandate one week paid vacation for employees working for a company that has at least 100 workers 09:05:00
Monsanto vs. The World 09:03:07
How many times have you called your Congressman to co-sponsor HR 08:59:56
**TROLL ALERT** lennagorban 08:12:27
MISH: Speak Out - Audit the Fed, Then End It! 07:13:10
Interesting Look at the Push for Homeownership and the Cause of Real Estate Boom/Bust 06:42:50
Recession Hits the Treasury 06:13:12
Glenn Beck called out!!!!!!!!!! 05:40:43
Alex Jones Tv (HD) CPS Try to Kidnap an 8 Year Old Girl !! 05:29:03
Howard Stern - Jesse Ventura on 9/11 04:48:10
U.S. to Fund Israel's Arrow 3 Missile System 04:36:13
Jesse Ventura on Brian and the Judge 04:33:36
The White Rodney King 03:57:36
Bilderberg who? 03:56:39
Show Me The Birth Certificate 03:36:23
Congressional Chronicle C-SPAN 03:27:31
Estulin talking to B.Deagle about his Bilderberg 2009 info 03:00:06
Us Military: Heavily Armed And Medicated 02:55:14
Former head of pension agency takes the Fifth 02:21:48
Who said this? 02:14:41
Something tells me we ought to study this proposed, 'American Monetary Act'' 01:51:53
Ever wonder what kids at Yale learn about monetary policy? 01:04:19
Talk,Talk,Talk, and Up Yours. 00:50:44 Top billionaires hold secret meeting at Rockefeller University 00:35:49