Posted on May 24, 2009

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Smedley Butler one of the most decorated marines in history gives a different perspective on memorial day! 19:20:07
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The Newest In Cell Phone Technology, A Video. 22:19:55
The lies that lead to war _ CBC documentary 22:19:38
Feingold's hearings on Obama's detention policy 21:36:59
The Wanting Seed 20:40:07
The Fog of War (Video) 20:35:30
Early retirement claims increase dramatically, MSM says they're working longer? haha 20:32:17
Any Herbal Remedies Experts here? 20:31:40
"I'm In Your Markets, Manipulating Your Econcomy" (PPT) 20:24:42
Try to fathom this.... 20:22:39
WND: Secret billionaire club seeks population control 19:58:12
Dr. Rand Paul 2010 for US Senate Mini Money Bomb-6.1.09 19:56:09
Russia Today:“U.S. is a puppet of private bankers” – Alex Jones 19:48:12
real unemployment....8.9%?? yea right! 19:41:07
Faith under fire, 1st amendment rights prompts 4 arrests on campus 19:40:15
American Economic History 19:33:28
Mandatory Blood-Letting for Citizens Pulled Over 19:23:01
Awesome End The Fed T-Shirt 19:16:21
Legalize Methamphetamine! 19:15:55
Chief of Dallas FED: Don't Monetize the Debt ! 19:00:35
I'm In Your Markets, Manipulating Your Economy 18:56:41
Operation Flagdown.... 17:47:30
Memorial Day from a Biblical Perspective: Temple Prostitutes 17:21:34
Campaign For Liberty Memorial Day Cookout 17:07:42
Lobbyists for Hire 16:57:06
State Sovereignty? SC Legislature says only if you take the Stimulus 16:27:32
History Channel / Freemasons and the Revolution. 16:10:10
Ilana Mercer: States Are Asserting Sovereignty under the 10th Amendment, 15:53:21
A Bitter Cup of Joe: Bagman Biden's Bully Boy Diplomacy 15:45:00
New World Order Documentary Asserts Global Conspiracy -- RussiaToday 15:36:56
The US Dollar - No longer backed by Gold or Silver but by fear of US Military? 15:07:43
Monsanto: The Basics 14:53:35
Ron Paul 1976 prediction fulfilled 14:39:13
What is a right? 14:05:54
FCC Complaint CIMS00002060016 13:26:39
Hexane contamination of soy protein and soy products 13:14:11
Th Robert Scott Bell Show on now! 13:09:52
Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation 13:08:38
Obama removing presidential portraits from White House 13:02:34
I was Called a Terrorist, and Threatened With Calling the Police... 13:01:04
Learn a little about Galileo 12:11:38
The Window War 12:08:58
Conditioning the U.S. Citizens : Military Troops providing Security at balloon festival in Greenville South Carolina 12:06:06
Laugh break. 11:15:39
Chuck Baldwin goes live in 30 Minutes 10:59:15
Obama Plan would require: not 1, not 2, but 3 Flu Shots 10:10:06
Major Red Flags Here--Things Are Getting Freaky!!! 09:37:58
this is the DP - not the 'national enquirer'. 08:25:37
My experience with a police checkpoint on the expressway in Philadelphia... 07:12:34
The Elite Powerbrokers do NOT share your concerns; they hate you 06:26:17
The Great Ethanol Scam 05:41:09
You are a slave , How important is freedom? 04:19:05
Police brutality puts an innocent man into coma 04:11:07
revolution in the air 03:10:25
Shoot or jail them – public after revenge 02:56:14
In 3 months, US bought enough guns to equip Chinese and Indian armies! 02:32:51
UN Troops Ordered to Lock and Load 01:49:27
On the Edge with Max Keiser - Press TV - 22 May 2009 01:04:53
Who's read Meltdown? 00:54:09
Obama's philosophy for supreme court pick via yahoo 00:41:29
If you don't like what's going on, and you want to know what to do, WWW BoldVoices TV 00:38:27
I just had a revelation 00:34:13