Posted on May 25, 2009

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Tom Woods in Boston June 4 17:08:14
Midnight Ride Podcast 16:53:45
Memorial Day C4L Video: Ron Paul on Torture 15:49:41
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Alarm & Muster 23:46:37
The Money You Lose --Federal Waste 23:43:47
Thomas Paine: an anarcho-capitalist? 23:12:42
WND: Plan to audit Fed steamrolls ahead 22:56:23 funding drive 22:44:56
UPDATE**: Ron Paul 9th Place on! 22:43:59
9:40pm central for 911 Truth right now on your computer 22:40:09
Colloidal Silver: Silver Sheets,Rods or Wire?? 22:14:02
An 80 year old Catholic Priest Arrested! 22:01:52
God Bless The Irish 21:56:31
Video of Ron Paul at Seattle 21:38:48
"O.B.A.M. Nude" The most controversial movie of the year 21:34:21
University Illinois Champaigne 21:26:57
Bankers - 1; Taxpayers – 0 21:13:40
Please keep an eye on the sky 21:06:10
Obama Administration to Implement Government Flu Shot Program? 20:56:55
resveratrol reviews above and beyond movie 20:37:56
Fed faces possibility of sweeping reforms 20:30:17
Freedom Festival in New Hampshire June 25-28 20:24:24
Review: 'New World Order' on Independent Film Channel 20:21:21
If you know any "Christian" sheep let them read this. 20:19:36
Can we free Sam Dodson before a judge has him committed? 20:10:03
A Sermon on Authority: The State, The Home and The Church 20:00:34
Waterboard the Fed? UK Newsapers Covering HR 1207! 19:52:13
Bunning's still running, but many in the wings Others in GOP enticed by his mixed signals, vulnerability 19:49:38
Mad As Hell by Aaron Russo - WAKE UP AMERICA! 19:30:36
Backlash Grows Against Obama's Preventive Detention Proposal 19:23:31
Precription drugs kill more young than heroin,cocaine and gunshots 19:22:50
Is Obama seeking dictatorship? 18:54:50
how to make homemade mayo video 18:44:27
Was the Swine Flu Concocted In A Lab? If So...Why? 18:37:32
Winter Soldiers - Iraq vets against the war on Democracy Now ADAM KOKESH SPEAKING IN IT 18:24:59
Dollar Collapse Beginning Now? May 25, 2009 – 5:38 pm 18:23:08
indy 500 results 18:06:48
In just 3 months Americans bought enough guns to outfit the entire Chinese and Indian armies combined 17:53:59
Iran's President is calling out Obama.... 17:51:52
US to Train Chinese Prostitutes (NOW THAT'S STIMULUS!) 17:12:37
"The Corporation" on LINK TV - Tells it ALL! - Who owns your water, etc. 16:57:15
National Election Day Do Over 16:56:13
I like Janeane Garofalo & Rachael Maddow & other thinking Liberals 16:54:10
Hey, all of you TERRORISTS, we need your help now-make this quick phone call. DHS has sent assessment to label us terrorists. 16:17:42
Charles Lindbergh’s September 1941 Anti-War Speech 16:03:55
Dollar Collapse Beginning Now?; "A race to the bottom for paper currencies" 16:00:11
George Carlin - We Like War 15:27:15
Pentagon Burns Soldiers Bibles 15:26:28
Ron Paul: Torturing the Rule of Law 5/25/09 15:25:28
We are the Canaries in the mine of liberty 15:23:52
Decrease Government Control of Marriage 15:23:33
Make Mine Freedom - 1948 15:18:49
Mandatory vaccinations this fall? 14:47:37
Peter Schiff: I was called "Unamerican" 14:28:33
Pay No Attention to This Day by Harry Browne 14:27:06
The Dictator 14:09:59
This Week Will See End of Spring Stock Rally 13:57:22
The FED faces possibility of sweeping reforms 13:48:12
Too busy searching for love to fight for liberty. 13:45:35
Cash not longer accepted for tolls in Montgomery County, MD! Go to & 13:30:52
The War Prayer -- By Mark Twain 13:30:42
CFL (Campaign for Liberty) What is your honest opinion so far? 13:23:32
C4L Seattle Conference video! 13:22:22
China Daily: US, China DEMOCRACY (?) different 13:20:15
EDITORIAL; should we overthrow the gov't on july 4th ? 12:56:20
The Ugly Face of Zionism. 12:39:32
Chuck Baldwin on Alex Jones 5/25/09; 12:30pm EDT 12:33:30
I just got a seatbelt ticket by the SC Highway Patrol 12:19:14
Great Memorial Day Speech 12:05:22
The Millitarization of Space - The Strategic High Ground for the NWO! 11:26:48
Campaign for Liberty Forums 11:17:33
Will conservatives perform their own "Miracle of 47"? 11:12:36
China using dollar reserves to buy hard assets. 10:33:14
Is Lester Roloff the father of the modern christian freedom movement? 10:16:11
Paul Krugman: Raise Taxes, Spend More, and All Will be Well: 10:08:51
Wired Mag: Time to End Paper Money! 09:58:53
How Do I Zero Out My Mortgage Legally Due to the UCC Law 09:51:23
My Memorial Day message and observation 09:26:17
cop psychology 08:38:25
Jonathan Broden editor on CQ admits power of AIPAC on Congress on CSpan this morning 08:17:03
Sky News: Innocent Man in Coma After Seattle Cop Pushed Him Into Wall 07:40:00
Memorial Day Meaning.... 07:36:16
Huffington Post: Jesse Ventura Challenges Hannity On Waterboarding: "I'll Get Him To Say Obama Is The Greatest President" 07:29:34
White House turns Stafford kindergarteners away 06:40:17
We are all slaves 06:39:35
Vaccine scare ... Ukranian media spread rumor of plot by Ted Turner 04:12:34
FBI Agent on Synagogue Case Has Questionable Record 03:38:40
A Little Humor: Ron Paul on Auto-Tune 02:41:17
HR 985: 'The Obama birth certificate protection act'? 02:21:30
New World Order (6:45 p.m. Tuesday, IFC) 01:37:03
UK: China warns Federal Reserve over 'printing money' 00:35:07
North Korean state media confirms it has conducted a second nuclear test this morning. 00:00:44