Posted on May 26, 2009

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Live from C4L Seattle Conference - Tom Woods and Ron Paul 17:52:23
Ellen Brown: "But Governor, You CAN Create Money! Just Form Your Own Bank." 16:23:24
Spotty Updates for the DP 16:23:25
Ron Paul Interviewed at Seattle C4L Regional Conference 16:12:09
Ron Paul 2012: What will we do differently? 01:16:59
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Help knee injury 23:58:37
USE RADIO. USE RADIO. USE RADIO to educate America. 23:54:31
My letter to Commissioner Farrow of the California Highway Patrol 23:52:12
Spreading the Message of Freedom - One Sheriff at a Time - Liberty Rider Michael Maresco Update 23:51:39
Washington Eyeing a Value-Added Tax 23:48:41
Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 23:35:16
I am confused about the state's budget problem 23:10:11
So Who Here Will Be The First To Paint Their Roof White? 23:02:23
"disincorporation" 23:00:24
Epistemology: Epistemic Considerations In Theory 22:59:35
Who is the the NWO/Government???? 22:56:04
Agenda 21– Now Your Local Socialist Organizing Principle 22:47:15
Remember that old "You have a right to an attorney" line? Well, you won't be hearing that again 22:35:52
We are out of money 22:34:57
Extremists Everywhere - Ladies4Liberty 22:31:21
For those who have any doubt about why we need HR1207 21:51:32
Former Interrogator Rebukes Cheney for Torture Speech 21:38:07
Would you look at this! Raves training grounds for miliartized police! 21:37:34
Obama has been given his own holiday 21:27:45
Army chief says US ready to be in Iraq 10 years 20:50:26
Economist: Waterboard the Fed 20:35:42
Towns "Disincorporating" 20:13:07
National and Homeland Security to Merge 19:44:52
Help being audited by the IRS 19:41:48
Rhino: The whores of this world. All movements have them. Including ours. 19:34:24
deleted 19:33:04
Does anyone know what happened to Urban Naturals/mississippigrits?? 18:56:46
It's Official - Bush's War Looks Like Obama's Peace - Military to Stay in Iraq 10 more years 18:42:34
FREEDOM WATCH from Today Wednesday May 27th! 18:38:37
Why I like Sonia Sotomayor 18:37:58
New World Order :: television film debut on IFC tonight - RP supporters, Alex Jones, 911 Truthers 18:28:04
Obama Nominates Sonia Sotomayor: Court is "Where Policy is Made" 18:24:49
How the rich fight back against unfair taxation 18:09:04
The Silence Is Deafening... The Calm Before The Storm 18:05:42
Instead of 2012, how about supporting our liberty candidates for 2010? 17:59:46
Obama chooses Supreme Court judge : BBC News 17:56:35
Frightening Images from Iran!!! 17:45:09
Economic Crisis: My Two Rubles 17:41:51
Digg: "Tenth Amendment Showdown" by John Bowman of 17:15:45
Digg: Judge Napolitano Analyzes Abraham Lincoln's Racism 17:07:12
Employer's gold, silver payroll standard may bring hard time 16:59:35
JOHN LENNON – Imagine (The Venus Project?) 16:55:40
Anyone thinking of moving to NH if things get really bad? 16:55:40
No To General Motors and Chrysler 16:41:32
New Tea Party Website 16:36:28
GM End Within Days!: Largest-ever U.S. industrial bankruptcy 16:31:48
Obama Set to Create A Cybersecurity Czar 16:28:43
POLL: Is your primary water supply from a well or flouridated water system? 16:12:22
Senate GOP risks alienating Hispanics over court pick: Senate Republicans will be challenge.. 16:09:13
Gary North takes on some monetary socialists (Ellen Brown + Stephen Zarlgena) inside the movement 15:48:05
Globalists use Fed printing money as reason to go paperless currency 15:36:17
Netanyahu bringing Israel closer to war with Iran 15:17:40
Bye Bye Internet Freedom...Hello Cyber-Czar 15:00:21
Matthew Alexander: An Interrogator Speaking Out Against Torture 14:34:58
NYT (1913) - Teddy Roosevelt's SUPER SOCIALISM! 14:28:51
C4L has a twitter page! 14:20:30
Endgame and other topics 14:10:15
"What Obama Does Not Know" 14:01:55
For whatever it's worth: Final Flu Salvation Message? 13:57:30
China: "We're walking all over the world with suitcases stuffed full of money, because we have to spend it." 13:48:36
Veterans For Peace ~Open letter to Obama 13:42:41
2 very informative articles 13:40:25
UPDATE:California Court Upholds Prop 8:Counter Lawsuit Filed 13:26:47
School instructor praising the use of HHO 13:22:56
Libertarians blast Obama Court nominee Sotomayor 13:11:27
Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck this Thursday 12:58:10
Judicial Watch Statement on Obama’s Nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor 12:47:24
Only 12 people have signed up for Rand Paul's June 1 mini-money bomb so far 12:33:47
Hold the Torturers Accountable by Ron Paul 12:29:15
U.S. consumer confidence sees biggest jump in 6 years... lol...hahaha 12:21:14
Kid keeping a lending library of banned books in her locker 12:20:09
Ron Paul interview at Seattle Campaign for Liberty Conference 12:08:53
US needs to stop digging hole through to China 12:01:46
Judge Sonia Sotomayor: Court is Where Policy is Made 11:55:34
If you are at fault in an accident is it right to fight the ticket, to avoid taxes? 11:44:57
Waterboard an A-rab for Jesus~ A Christ Follower's Reaction to Torture 11:28:19
Minnesota cancer 13 year old update; custody hearing today... 11:17:23
HR1388 They want your kids. 10:44:53
Sonia Sotomayor (Soto-mah-your) 10:24:36
when you are at fault in an accident how do you get out of the ticket? 10:16:50
QUIZ: US Constitution 26 May 2009 10:13:46
Make us less Safe 09:51:47
President Obama Picks Judge Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court: 08:33:25
Ralph Nader & Pat Buchanan-- Common Ground on Many Issues Important to Us 07:35:40
Red Bull's New Cola: A Kick from Cocaine? 07:27:14
Bankers - 1; Taxpayers – 0 07:22:44
JPMorgan $29 Billion WaMu Windfall Turned Bad Loans Into Income 07:13:40
Plan to audit Fed steamrolls ahead-WND 06:26:49
News Media Fails to mention that the 13 year old who refused Chemo 03:32:45
National Licence Plate Surveillance Grid Tracks Anti-War Protesters (VIDEO) 03:32:12
*News Alert* N Korea just shot off two short range Missles 03:30:30
UK Times: California’s day of reckoning is a warning for Europe 03:01:39
Internet Realtor Reduction: "This is what capitalism's all about." 02:57:08
Supporter of HR 1207 speaks up on fox news Glenn Beck 01:39:17
Jekyll Island 2009 00:56:31
Facebook signs secret agreement with GSA 00:38:08