Posted on May 27, 2009

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Freedom Watch 5.27.09 17:51:00
Ask Peter Schiff a question live this Saturday via the internet! (@ the 2009 LPCT con) 15:34:59
Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 5/27/09 10:02:26
Dr. Ron Paul on Cavuto ~ Fox Business 05-26-09 09:24:56
RJ Harris Money Bomb - June 19th 07:54:49
Liberty Rider - Michael Maresco "Ride for Honesty" Memorial Day 2009 07:29:28
Lew Rockwell interviews Rand Paul 04:52:45
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"Why We Fight": Very interesting Video On War. 23:49:30
Exclusive: A Letter to Rupert Murdoch on the Obama Birth Certificate Question by John D. Hemenway, Esq. 23:36:28
USS Liberty's Heroic Captain 23:35:47
Freedom Watch - May 27, 2009 - Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Wayne Allyn Root, Schiff, Sam Dodson 23:35:09
will russia join the e.u.? 23:32:23
STOP Comrade Obama 23:29:58
Support the YAL and poll bomb this poll 23:22:06
China has Cats with Wings! 23:10:51
If the DP is shut down do we still have access to the conference phone call? 22:19:53
Bush was having apolycyptic visions of Gog and Magog during the Iraq war leadup 22:00:43
Must Watch Video - Sheriff Mack explains the County Sheriff's power! Send To Your Local Sheriff! 21:41:00
we need web development meetups 21:27:05
The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy 21:25:11
New RP site features his speeches 21:24:45
Federal Reserve burglary thwarted 21:11:08
A tribute to our lords old and new.... 21:10:08
Joe Biden tries his best to lose his job, well worth the 7 seconds... 21:03:33
Why do they raise our taxes when all they have to do is to get the Fed to print some more money out of thin air? 20:57:10
China ‘caught in US money trap’ 20:44:19
Democrats might be wrong but atleast they have a bigger tent! 20:36:06
Sotomayor a wise choice for Supreme Court? - poll 20:22:24
Campus Activism Award - Vote For Paul 20:09:33
Study: Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have 3 Times Risk of Hospitalization For Flu 19:13:13
Marriage vs Holy Matrimony: People's Awareness Coalition Internet Radio Broadcast for 27May09 8:00p Central 19:11:21
Obama to tighten internet control - 27 May 09 19:10:27
Sotomayor Needs to Understand What Thos. Payne Had to Say About Usurpation of ... 18:54:21
Free Sam Dodson! 18:44:53
Petition To Show Obama Birth Certificate - Talked on... 18:42:25
FOXnews just covered O's COLB issue a few minutes ago 18:41:25
Spoke with my credit union CEO a few minutes ago 18:26:04
Russia Today Goes John Galt RT Hosts Tea Partying Blogger 18:24:45
Turning Up the Heat on City Councils ******Comment Please****** 17:28:46
anyone know anything about the freemasons? 17:27:15
Proactive Liberty 17:21:11
John McManus of John Birch Society is coming to Bloomington, MN. Tuesday, June 9th 16:56:48
New Colloidal Products Hit Marketplace: Colloidal Gold, Platinum, and Indium 16:51:37
End the Fed Book Bomb for ALL: Governors, House Reps., Senators, Sheriffs. 16:49:26
Digg and Reddit: Ron Paul's 10 in '10 16:46:21
Twin Cities Limited Govt activists, come join us at Club Jaeger's Thursday, May 28th, 7:30pm 16:43:07
Court Rules Federal Reserve is Privately Owned 16:33:44
Glenn Beck finally has some intelligent guests on 16:28:30
A MUST READ: In Order To Understand The Tactics Of The Opposition: 16:07:53
U.S. Treasuries take a beating check out TBT (ETF) 16:02:20
Did you know - Foreign visitors to U.S. "asked" to provide fingerprints 15:55:16
Training for the Revolution... Front Sight 15:54:27
Would Ron Paul approve of this bank??? 15:39:53
Ft Campbell Army Base Closed For 3 Days Because Of High Number Of Suicides 15:38:03
Supreme Court: Suspects can be interrogated WITHOUT lawyer present 15:27:29
Did anyone watch Freedom Watch today? 15:23:46
Question for DPer's about Rod Blagojevich 15:15:20
Jekyll Island Project Media Blackout; Bob Schulz Refuses Press Coverage 14:58:40
The Alinsky Administration: Rules for Radicals 14:44:41
Obama's Supreme Court Nominee OPPOSES Gun Rights 14:32:38
If Obama is exposed for fraud and impeached, will all his decisions be voided? 14:31:44
Geithner announces $1.5 billion in stimulus tax credits 14:17:42
Finally A National Sales Tax...err Wait a Minute.... 13:55:19
Very important article from CNBC 13:37:47
War is TERRIBLE for the Economy 13:16:34
U.S. Warmongers Accused of Stepping up Military Moves against the DPRK 13:11:45
Possible World War WTF is a brewing 13:06:20
Question for management or anyone 13:05:44
Obama Orders Update to Iran Attack Plan 12:48:41
SOTOMAYOR must be defeated! 12:20:44
Ron Paul Questions Presidents Spending 12:14:22
Because the Government doesn't have enough money, VALUE ADDED TAX coming our way? 12:12:27
U.S. Banks Turn $7.6B Profit In 1Q 12:08:24
This woman needs our help 12:05:53
where is ford? 11:59:59
Justice Stevens reads police interrogation dissent aloud from the bench 11:46:24
Right-wing military writer: We may have to kill war journalists 11:39:56
The One (1) Question Test 11:35:12
To salute, or not salute 11:04:25
Home Bible studies now against law in amerika! 11:04:20
Peter Schiff leaning toward running for Senate 10:46:00
MSNBC says Ron Paul may try to play Kingmaker in 2010 Elections 10:40:48
Rule of Empathy 10:37:51
Rand Paul: "Raise me over $1 million in the next several months, and I could be persuaded to run against Bunning" 10:14:59
"Why We Fight": Very interesting Video 10:06:44
Does Obama have a car dealer enemies list? The Huffines family have been major contributors to Rep. Ron Paul over the years! 10:05:31
Canada, US sign border pact law 10:03:25
US Media Ignores Threat to Democratic Rights 10:01:47
Supervisor Asks Woman To Take Down American Flag 09:57:26
Doublespeak on North Korea 09:53:21
Anyone know where I can get some bulk FFTF DVD's 09:42:04
Check this out 09:40:06
Lew Rockwell Interviews Rand Paul 09:26:51
The Great but Unacknowledged Wisdom of Doing Nothing 09:19:52
North Korea says war back on 09:07:01
Marriage: The Unholy Alliance of Church and State 09:05:16
US Soldier: ‘There’s No Way I’m Going to Deploy to Afghanistan’ 09:02:12
Scott Horton~Antiwar Radio Interviews Young Americans for Liberty 08:58:05
Great Op-Ed on the "Better safe then free" mentality which many subscribe to since 9/11 08:47:21
We Can Do This - June 4th to July 4th 08:45:25
Marc Faber Sees U.S. Inflation Approaching Zimbabwe Levels 08:45:13
Question???? 08:44:27
The Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned a long-standing ruling that stopped police from initiating questions unless a defendant' 08:41:27
"Stop the world I want to get off": RT Article on Entertainment, society's moral fiber and government's role... 08:37:25
National Polls Confirm Growing Libertarian Trend 08:34:07
Campaign for Liberty vs. American Free Press 08:25:19
Crazy Colonel on Cavuto: Video! 07:42:38
Has anyone read: Pawns in the Game by Carr? 07:37:30
NJ Politician attacked for Supporting Ron Paul 07:13:27
Better safe than free? The War on Terror--and our Freedom 07:03:11
The Bureau of Land Management PROUDLY PRESENTS... 07:01:47
Why You've Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 06:44:03
Obama officials gave Bilderberg briefings-POLITICO 06:39:49
Proactive Liberty 06:22:23
The Independent Film Channel (IFC) Presents "New World Order" 06:09:07
Oklahoma Highway Patrol fight with EMT 04:19:49
Obama Set to Create A Cybersecurity Czar With **Broad Mandate** 03:16:08
Will North Korea be the war to strenthen our economy ? 02:53:11
Bilderberg Plan For Remaking the Global Political Economy 2009 MEGA HUGE! 01:42:48
Question about C4L Message (problem?) 00:41:45
House for sale, Ron Paul sign included? 00:15:56