Posted on May 28, 2009

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Rand Paul Announces Economic Council of Advisors 18:43:56
Amazing! FOX News allows an expert to discuss the evidence for controlled demolition on 9-11 without attempting to ridicule him! 15:53:46
CONSTITUTION 101 with Dr. Ron Paul 10:41:35
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video-Pharmacist Shoots Armed Robber 23:45:13
Root guest hosts "Jerry Doyle Show" Friday, with guest Ron Paul 23:40:59
Peter Schiff to Speak at Libertarian Party of Connecticut Convention 23:38:00
Adverse Changes to Our Country Since 911. How Much More Can America Take? 23:32:57
GET EDUCATED: Agenda 21-- Transformation of America (Environmental Deception) 23:32:22
If good cops outnumber bad so much, why don't they try to stop the bad ones? 23:31:51
You, Me and the SPP - Trailer 23:28:55
Do you need a place to live OFF THE GRID just in case? 23:27:32
Attention: Liberty_Belle, SunandSalt and finister 23:10:42
Who defends the Constitution, and We The People.... 23:06:12
Fingerprint scan to leave US 22:43:22
Patriotic Texas veteran under fire for bumper stickers. 22:38:27
Peter Schiff and Marc Faber on The Glenn Beck 22:33:35
Illinois Senate Passes Medical Cannabis Bill 30-28! 22:29:39
How Do I Zero Out My Mortgage W/Lender Due to UCC Violation 22:22:20
help get Dr. Paul #1 at wake forest 22:17:38
Sotomayor Ruled That States Do Not Have to Obey Second Amendment 22:01:39
Terrorist Watchlist Has More Than One Million Names 21:56:06
Martial Law: Facts, History, and Implementation 21:40:45
Get behind the Liberty Movement 21:39:41
Operation Flagdown 21:20:09
Newspaper Publishers Conclave Held 5/28/09:"Models to MONETIZE Content" 21:05:51
A State with it's own Monetary System could become a model of prosperity and undermine the NWO! 20:46:47
buy cheap phentermine 20:42:39
And now they start trying to take away our freedom of religion... 19:47:00
Peter Schiff and Marc Faber on Hyperinflation - Glenn Beck - 05-28-2009 19:17:06
Prediction: TOP TEN REASONS Sotomayor won't be confirmed (& how to stop her) --- UPDATED - **** RED ALERT **** 19:00:38
Is Dr. Paul actually coming to MA next week? 18:53:29
The Gig Is Up: Money, the Federal Reserve and You 18:44:31
President Obama's Change Is Not Going To Come. So Now What? 18:37:10
Could This Be Why They Hate Us? 18:28:29
Marc Faber Believes that Obama will Confiscate your Gold - Max Keiser 18:19:49
Deaths in Iraq: American soliders = 4302 - Iraqis = 1,320,110. 18:17:22
G20 found responsible for most abuses - 28 May 09 18:12:12
Can I get some Paulites opinion(economic) on my private life ? 18:08:02
China demand aids Baltic Dry Index recovery 17:52:21
How the Central Bankers Make their Money off of YOU 17:39:00
Congressman Visclosky's response to HR 1146. 17:23:47
By Warren Buffett's father... 17:22:18
Ron Paul in Massachusetts 17:15:07
U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level, Faber Says 16:53:28
Government owns 70% of GM, that means that they own Onstar 16:51:32
T-shirt and bumpersticker 16:36:57
Any contract lawyers out there? 16:33:54
Gold May Test $1,200 in Months 16:28:20
EHR Stimulus Tour coming to a city near you 16:15:44
Obama and Hillary create 2 million more refugees in Pakistan. Bush created 4 million in Iraq. 15:39:17
A VIABLE and LEGAL means to diffuse the power of the Federal Reserve 15:34:41
Gary Johnson to compete in the Race Across America 15:19:35
BOHICA Doctors Opting Out Of Medicare 15:09:43
Adam Smith Austrian Economics 14:44:15 man's vision...interesting...Relax and watch it...send it around.... 14:40:25
Uncle Sam's waaay too noset survey. 14:38:22
The Borg Welcomes Its New Members 14:32:45
We Have a Great LINE-UP on ! Be there! 14:31:17
Pharmacist shoots robber in self-defense, charged with murder... 14:11:16
New youtube on democracy not being freedom 14:01:20
Have you or Do you want to have your own TV/Radio Show? 14:01:10
Police Lt. turns down Chief. position.... not enough money. 14:00:26
How to win 85% in a foreclosure! 13:59:12
"10% for Uncle Sam" ... Catchy song, I like it! 13:58:46
Any Ubuntu/Mozilla users having problems with DP? 13:45:33
Always look on the bright side of life.... 13:38:37
Done:NO gun confiscation in Tennessee if Martial Law Declared 13:26:52
Are the FBI and CIA constitutional? 13:24:33
Gadsden Flag flies over Jekyll Island 12:58:52
Ron Paul in 'AutoTune the News' 12:38:06
Hitmen Contracts to Bust COMEX 12:09:47
ONE SURE WAY to stop forced medical proceedures! 11:41:10
Non-Partisan Effort: Vote Out ALL Incumbents 11:40:43
Concerning the State, the Law, and Show Trials 11:18:04
Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck this evening 11:07:26
**Whats Your Opinion?** 10:33:43
Super nice and lovely police officer arrests evil Ambulance EMT 10:32:07
Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures Hit Records on Job Cuts 10:32:00
Constitution 101 with Dr. Ron Paul - Ballou High School Washington, D.C. 10:24:24
Liberal McCain confronted at Town Hall 5/27/2009 10:19:18
Women and Children Raped at Abu Ghraib :: Media reports 10:05:36
Be Afraid! Be VERY Afraid! :: The Iron Web :: new thriller released 09:55:28
Watch Ron Paul Endorsed Steve Lonegan in First Debate 09:46:26
Pat Buchanan Interviews Ralph Nader. Excellent read 09:42:00
Stephen Johnson Field - Dissent in Legal Tender Cases, 110 U.S. 421 (1884) 09:30:22
Pelosi vs. CIA drama to get even more interesting 08:45:23
Contra Costa County Republican Party Challenges Democratic Party on HR1207 07:27:02
Prediction: Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac $1M MORTGAGE BUYBACKS 07:26:59
Gov't Plan to Buy Bad Bank Loans Flounder 07:19:08
The Republican response to universal health care.... 07:07:10
Danny Hauser, 13 year old Minnesota boy cancer patient, update.... 07:04:03
Ron Paul to speak at American Vision Conference Atlanta July 22-25 07:03:06
Ron Paul on the 2010 Census (WND) 06:58:48
Danish Professor confirms Nano-Thermite used to demolish Twin Towers 06:43:57
WSJ: Single-Regulator Plan for Banks Now Close 06:37:27
Call to Action regarding the kingmaker/Romney thread... 05:53:03
Cop stops ambulance enroute to hospital, chokes EMT 03:45:55
Ron Paul | Visits Ballou High School 03:32:25
Sonia Sotomayor 'La Raza member' 02:37:58
Alex Jones Tv:Miranda Rights & Sotomayor 02:19:33
List of Lawyers in the 111th Congress 01:44:14
SWAT vs. 60-Year-Old Santa 01:39:41
What is the essence of government? 01:36:54
Ron Paul in the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie?! (aka Borat) 01:11:05
Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan 01:00:31
WorldNetDaily article on Ron Paul's HR1207 with poll (May 25th) 00:52:38
Are you on Prescription Drugs? 00:29:12
Disgusted with the way the gov operates on Pre-Emptive and Preventative Philosophies 00:27:45
A wake up documentary for Zeitgeist lovers: New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement 00:21:22