Posted on May 3, 2009

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Ron Paul takes on "Big Pharma": H.R. 2218: Parental Consent Act 10:08:54
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Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty 23:55:03
George Washington and Founding Fathers, Terrorist Teabaggers says Current TV 23:23:34
Your State pandemic plan 23:08:31
Will feudalism replace communism with no change the boss 22:47:21
Move over fluoride 22:35:23
GOP group launches listening tour to rebrand image 22:32:49
$27M Montana Jail: New, Empty, and Waiting for ...? 21:48:03
On CSpan2 Now! - The Lords of Finance - All about central bankers! 21:11:16
Third Bank of the United States? 20:09:27
What gives them the right? 20:09:05
Is Margaret Chan the new Shiva? 19:46:05
The Internet vs. the State 19:40:15
Draft Paul to run in 2012! (PLEASE HELP) 18:50:38
What is the TRUE chain of command in Washington? 18:32:41
Swine Flu Report **Mexico CIty** - Fake Masks & Mind Control Part 7 17:53:40
You Are Not Going to Believe This! 17:12:24
H.R. 1207 vs. H.R. 1913 17:06:28
Swine Flu Song - GREAT VID! 16:55:15
HR 1207 discussion in CT politics sites 16:46:15
The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel 16:35:56
If Obama Is A Statist, What Does That Make Bush? 16:28:04
Stress test hoax 16:24:33
Are U.S. citizens lawfully required to pay federal income tax? 16:16:57
GOP: Before you pronounce me dead: Am Con Mag on Ron Paul Republicans 15:55:35
13 countries "egregious" violators of religious freedom. 15:34:00
Romney, Cantor, Jeb stump for GOP revival--how RINOS/NeoCons ruined the party 15:28:06
Republicans kick off campaign to shine party image 15:25:25
Biden, lawmakers to appear at AIPAC Conference 15:22:48
Did you know 52 million Chinese quit Chinese Communist Party ? 15:12:01
Is Twitter Part of the NWO? 14:33:34
alternative media could now be classified as Terrorists! 14:31:55
Fiat Terror, Fiat Currency. 14:31:11
Military at the Derby? 14:07:12
Swine Flu: MASSIVE HOAX 13:57:21
Question for you guys? 13:47:33
The "Swine" Flu Fizzles! What's next? 12:54:32
Israel going after draft dodgers 12:14:39
Nazi Cops 2: Video Proof of the 100% Police State!!! Watch and Weep!!! 11:40:32
Jeb Bush: Gotta forget about Reagan 11:35:38
Andrew Jackson kicked the Rothchilds banker out of the USA 11:34:18
What I did with the border patrol. 11:30:27
Rothchilds are the top dog (international bankers) 11:26:59
How to actually end Income Taxes 11:13:50
BaldwinLive - Render Unto Caesar 11:13:17
The GOP will run the same neo-con clowns and they will get beat again 11:05:54
*STUPIDITY* "Teaching Human Evolution at the Field Museum" 11:05:25
Sweatin with the Socialists. This is to funny! 10:07:29
Alex Jones calls the White House 09:58:52
The Case Against Obama 09:54:06
Thnak You Ron Paul for the $500.00 09:28:48
Remember Barry promising all those Green Jobs for Americans ? Well guess what ? 08:10:34
My Article on swine flu on 07:22:36
Ritalin by order of the State and Ron Paul's offensive 07:16:54
Judge fines Marijuana protester $420 07:09:56
I'll be scared of the flu 04:35:30
Mental Health Screening for Everyone! 03:28:03
Deaths From Swine Flu jumps to 9 - yes 9 - Run!!! 02:41:20
An Historic Objectivist Summer Conference 02:05:28
Ohio scholar reports bias against 'Darwin doubters' 00:09:05