Posted on May 4, 2009

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Trey Grayson 12:27:40
New Homeland Security Domestic Extremism Lexicon 21:10:52
CNN - Rand: 'I'm very serious about running' 20:08:06
All We Need is a $6 Million Money Bomb to get Senator Rand Paul. Must Read 17:23:19
Youtube - Ron Paul Predicted Economic Collapse in Debates 01:14:31
Bush 3: Are you ready? 01:14:33
Houston Chronicle: Rand Paul Ready to Enter GOP Primary for Bunning's Seat 10:33:44
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Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog May 04, 2009 23:34:28
Model Homes Being Destroyed In CA - Bank Owned 22:58:06
Troops On The Streets of America : MP's at the Kentucky Derby. 22:35:11
We are like the Native Americans Now 22:33:41
Patriot Act Being Used Against a 16 Yr Old Homeschooler 22:09:41
Ralph Peters: Just Walk Away from Pakistan 22:06:18
Old Video: Bill Kristol Viciously Attacks Ron Paul 22:03:51
Tin Foil ... 39 Years Ago Today … 22:00:00
Update on Grassroots America We The People 21:59:48
I can't get off the grid!!!! 21:57:44
Yankee go home 21:50:50
What keeps us in check? 21:45:06
Intellectual Dishonesty In The Age Of Universal Deceit... 21:34:58
Liberty Works Radio Goes On The Airwaves. Please Support This Project 20:53:10
There might be hope for our future yet Rice getting sweated down by 4th graders lol 20:45:02
UK: Oil crisis of maxed out storage space contradicts economic recovery at hand 20:36:17
Mark Sanford Video 20:21:59
And Why Do You Come To The Daily Paul? 20:08:40
National Review notices Rand Paul 20:06:43
NWO confronts RP on YouTube over 24K hits 20:06:31
Man travels to Mexico City; posts vids and calls BS on the flu. 19:59:00
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay 19:54:34 jumps into the Rand Paul for senate debate 19:53:22
Monthly Freedom Actions! 19:40:51
The Czech can say no to the Lisbon treaty on wednesday.. 19:33:14
Making somebody's day... 19:18:53
(Yet Another) Potentially Deadly State Monopoly: emergency rescue services 18:48:49
Forbes Richest persons list. Billionairs. 17:36:32
CNN: Rand Paul, Ron Paul's son, may run in Kentucky Senate race. 17:29:02
Alex Jones Youtube Channel suspended 16:27:09
Bill Introduced To Examine National Security Policies 16:26:20
First H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Is Ready Now For Testing Worldwide 16:20:35
Wow the first Alex Jones article I completely agree with 15:53:02
Why don't we create a Ron Paul dictionary? 15:06:54
'American History Is Not What They Say - An Introduction to Revisionism' 15:03:55
CIA Media Manipulation 14:59:46
What you won't see on American TV 14:55:55
Live chat: The swine flu vaccine, noon-1 p.m. Monday, May 4 (3 pm eastern) 14:50:42
The Package Deal Logical Fallacy 14:44:18
Supreme Court Rules in favor of "Undocumented Worker" & Against Government in Identity-Theft Case 14:33:29
Krugman: Falling Wage Syndrome 14:22:37
Paul Craig Roberts on Obama's first 100 days 14:21:15
Glenn Beck admits that he is a Republican 14:16:11
Obama's newest power grab, 14:16:01
Dr. Antal Fekete Interview On The Daily Bell 14:15:05
Is Ignorance Now a Legal Defense for Breaking the Law? 14:03:35
Charleston City Paper Lindsey Graham: "Ron Paul is not the leader of the Republican Party" 14:02:40
Admit it, you miss George Bush (funny) 13:50:07
This has to be the dumbest thing I ever saw ! 13:49:45
Time Magazine's Top 100 People--The Results are In 13:39:07
Remember when people called you crazy for saying troops in the US? 13:20:30
hmm... thank you ) 13:20:30
Holy crap. Anyone see the jump in PM this morning 13:06:14
New GOP leaders may offer different style - former Ron Paul organizer Chris Lawton 13:06:01
Contact Congress; Order the Fed to stop printing 12:41:22
What Really Makes People Happy? 12:31:22
The Six Bad Months 12:25:31
Peter Schiff Unloads: "You could not destroy the economy any better." 11:46:43
RED ALERT PA 11:36:38
"Waterboard an A-rab for Jesus".... another great one from Laurence Vance 11:16:12
Obama Reneges on Anti-Foreclosure Promise... HAHAhaha 11:08:01
PLS READ: blog is being censored by Google for TOS Violation! 10:56:33
MO sovereignty Bill stalled in Senate Committee. Update 10:54:52
Obama Budget Cuts Illustrated in Pictures 10:42:38
Poll: Specter's party switch pays off: A poll shows Sen. Arlen Specter ahead in two general.. 10:37:19
Forvik - One man declares independence from UK 10:29:49
Daily Health Thread, Share your tips :) 10:29:19
Beautifully played!! 10:23:47
Richard Gage: 9/11 Truth Prophet Extraordinaire! 10:19:22
5/4/09 - Press Conference - Abolish New York State Constitution and Government (Update 5/4) 10:15:31
Alex Jones- Tent "city" outside of Austin hospital 10:05:27
Specter Shows Ignorance on SCOTUS Role 10:03:57
To understand our Future 09:57:40
Video: Ron Paul Predicted The Economic Collapse In The Presidential Debates! 09:56:19
Another attack on our 2nd amendment rights - CIFTA Treaty 09:25:32
Notes on Mexico 08:49:01
The Next Housing Bust 08:44:21
Exposed! Scientific proof that bird flu, swine flu & HIV-AIDS are hoaxes 08:09:57
Have you ever seen Dick Cheney playing drums ? 08:07:57
"To Protect and Serve" - protect each other from serving time? 07:50:27
Buffett Lambastes Big Gov't, Bankers, Insurers for ‘Stupidity’ for Causing Crisis 07:33:20
QUIZ: US Constitution-------- 04 May 2009 06:30:37
Fannie And Freddie's Backdoor Bailout 06:25:09
"Out of Order?" - Destruction of the Family by Judicial Fascism 05:49:46
Where is Ron Paul? 05:15:04
this is fun: Non-Sequitur's Government Conspiracy 02:37:48
Do We Have The Courage to Think Outside the Box? 01:29:31
2009 IFC original movie! NEW WORLD ORDER 00:35:28