Posted on May 5, 2009

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Star Wars Is Libertarian [Deleted Scene] 22:24:15
Thank you Ms. Maddow! 21:48:34
** Urgent: Teen Homeschooler Arrested Under Patriot Act 18:43:14
Republicans in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District elected Chairman David Fitzsimmons, a supporter of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul 13:52:09
Trivia: What Do Rand Paul, Adam Kokesh and Peter Schiff Have In Common... 11:01:51
Lindsey Graham: "Ron Paul is not the leader of the Republican Party" 10:34:58
Video: The Real GOP, Featuring Adam Kokesh. Please Digg 11:01:52
Ron Paul’s Economic Theories Winning GOP Converts 06:58:19
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Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Action Alert! 23:29:34
Kent State Anniversary=May 4th. Ronald Reagan said he wanted a blood bath. 23:17:05
MSM: Mass Vaccination Program in the Works 22:16:09
Ron Paul to CNN: "Hysteria over swine flu is the real danger" 21:59:38
Clash of the Titans 21:47:19
Support multiplying for scrutiny of nation's money controllers 20:55:16
FDIC screws community banks - only the 'too big to fail' will survive 20:51:39
Rand Paul Money Bomb time 20:30:09
Rand Paul speaks in Paducah, KY May 8th 19:59:49
US troops In Illegal Evangelico mission in Afghanistan! 19:06:16
Assuming the GOP does not change its stripes... 18:57:13
Felony to blog? 18:26:58
Newsmax joins the Crowd and Covers Rand Paul's possible Senate campaign 18:16:26
Illinois state police seize and keep desireable vehichles 18:15:18
Why does Bush's war look just like Obama's peace? 18:01:31
US Bonds and Cash are High Risk-CNBC Analyst 17:58:01
Whoa, folks!! Swine flu!! 17:50:08
R.J.Harris on tonight 5-5 17:35:34
Munitions Dumping at Sea 17:25:18
Bank destroys new and unfinished houses 17:17:35
'Kinsey: Deviancy Is the New Normal' Who and What was Alfred Kinsey? 17:12:43
Bunning jabs sharply at McConnell 17:12:20
Oklahoma census project Misrepresenting their actual run in 17:03:30
e-Petition - Sign Bomb against Internet Censorship in Germany 16:27:57
Flying Pigs, Tamiflu and Factory Farms~ William Engdahl 16:19:49
UK Covers the Bunning-Rand Paul Issue: Money may force Bunning to rethink re-election bid 16:19:18
Wonkette on the Rand Paul run for Kentucky seat 16:14:39
If you buy leased gold then do you own it? 16:13:34
Monument to Waterboarding 16:06:32
The Fed Screws Americans Again: Fed Rejects Request to Help Credit Card Holders 16:05:56
Michael Savage barred in Britain 16:01:55
China Swings the Big Quarantine Hammer with the Flu: Everyone Involved! 15:50:26
CNBC "Meathead" Liesman dissed by Santelli - rules matter 15:45:36
Laugh break here 14:41:26
New Agent In Town 14:35:45
"Outrage" 14:17:02
New vid: Photog arrest sparks bloodcurdling screams (digg link included) 14:15:08
Best of Condi implicating herself in torture. 14:07:20
jzneff on 2009.... rah rah rah..... 14:02:40
Left peace coalition to Shut Down the Army Experience Center 13:56:27
Republicans Just Don't Get It 13:49:14
Texas police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims 13:48:19
Urgent Assistance Needed to Abolish the Real ID in Missouri 13:46:45
Presidential election school project 13:41:55
New penny coming out May 14th in Indiana 13:37:28
Sixty million armed Patriots ... and counting 13:34:53
Gold isn't going to $2,000 an ounce 13:27:24
Next on Senate agenda? 'Pedophile Protection Act' 13:15:05
TV/Ally new interactive site for major shows with forums for real-time comments by viewers 13:11:52
Now, this guy is hillarious ! 13:03:01
The world melts, China grows 12:54:05
Great video response to Thunderf00t's NWO Confronts RP 12:06:41
"Nothing But The Truth" 11:57:05
401(k)s Hit by Withdrawal Freezes 11:52:45
White House Refuses Release of Manhattan Air Force One Flyover Photos 11:51:41
Ron Paul supporter running for Orange County Mayor 11:47:00
$400,000 Of Our Tax Dollars to Study Drunk Gays In Argentina 11:43:07
U.S. industry group ISM sharply cuts '09 forecast 11:36:24
Bernanke & Ron Paul "Continue down path of Socializing our Entire Economy" + Transparency 11:31:07
Montana Governor Signs Revolutionary New Gun Law Daring The Feds 11:29:29
ACORN Criminally Charged In Nevada 11:19:59
Banksters on The War Path 10:52:56
I teased a banker :) 10:45:14
Tom McClintock's H.R. 2009 - Allows banks to immediately repay TARP funds 10:41:47 editor who mocked Rand Paul yesterday has new article: wants waterboarding torture to be "safe, legal and rare" 10:40:46
Online info being discredited by clever, coordinated PR campaign 10:28:05
Is silver about to go to the moon ? 10:21:31
I need help/advice 10:21:14
Anyone here catch Dr. Pauls opening statement to Bernanke? 10:12:09
New: Alex Jones youtube relay 10:01:20
The County Sheriff:The Ultimate Check & Balance 09:31:34
Orly Taitz sued by Berg 09:09:38
Is Regions Bank the Next to FAIL? 08:17:57
"Try to love one another, RIGHT NOW." - good video 08:04:47
Making Anti-Government Alliances 08:03:58
How does a Ron pauls workdays look ? 08:02:59
Ripping the "bed wetters" of environmental fascism a new one 07:46:49
Adam Kokesh speech 07:44:22
A take on WWII Illuminati manipulation I had not read before 07:32:03
Mercury bulbs not so green for workers making them 07:24:24
Ron Paul and Regulating the Regulators (H.R. 1207) 07:19:45
Ross: Obama's Tax Changes Are a 'Huge Mistake' 07:16:16
About Ten US Stress Test Banks Need Capital 07:13:58
Alex Jones on the YouTube channel suspension 06:58:00
FDIC screws community banks 06:55:02
Taxpayers Lose $328 Million in Build America Profits 06:50:41
Teen homeschooler jailed under Patriot Act 04:32:15
Obama and ACORN GPS Marking EVERY Front Door in America? 03:48:44
It's for the Children 03:22:10
Politics - The Power of Nightmares - Video - BBC 03:13:17
The Bad News 02:48:52
The Mexican Flu 02:40:00
Peter Schiff on CNBC Is it a Recovery 02:16:28
Do You Really Understand Freedom? 01:56:35
Alex Jones Off U-Tube: Please help 00:53:27