Posted on May 8, 2009

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5/8/2009 Peter Schiff On Countdown To The Closing Bell: Smoke & Mirrors 23:32:02
Ron Paul: Rockstar - FREE Seattle Posters 23:32:03
C4L Open Letter to House on HR1207 in Washington Times 23:33:02
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'Swine Flu' in US now higher than Mexico 23:56:24
US Soldiers Being Injected !!! With What ??? 23:52:25
Glenn Beck - with Judge Neapolitano.Sovereignty May 8, 2009. 23:41:28
Voting Logic in 2012 23:40:31
Peter Schiff is considering to run for Senate ! 23:18:38
White House Threatened Perella Weinberg Over Chrysler 23:17:43
Lincoln authorized to suspend Habeas Corpus? 23:15:52
45 Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record -- What % Do Score? 23:09:41
"Reasonable Suspicion Workplace/Welfare/Education Drug Testing" 23:02:28
Gold and Silver Owners and Buyers: Boycott Kitco! 23:01:04
RIGHT NOW : RJ will be on Info Warrior at 10pm central tonight! 22:53:53
9-11 Was an Outside Job 22:31:28
Should I run for 3rd district Congress in Indiana? 22:19:03
Peter Schiff promises decision on running for senate in a few weeks 22:01:04
TRUE OR FALSE. Until we can answer this question correctly, there is no hope for reform. 20:26:50
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT : RJ Harris has been invited back on Freedom watch we need to raise him about $1500 LET'S DO IT 20:24:43
U.S. Government Funds $400,000 Study on Gay Sex in Argentina Bars 20:19:14
Disclaiming Global Cooling ? 19:49:42
CA might not get federal stimulus money 19:47:23
Vacations for Ron Paulers 19:42:51
Alan Stang on the tea parties 19:37:30
Key Democrat, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-SD), signed onto H.R. 1207 19:36:15
The truth aboub AIDS and HIV fraud LIVE now Friday May 8th 7pm eastern 19:12:58
5/08 Schiff's video blog, He is considering running!!! 19:09:07
Why Do Americans Keep Electing Career Politicians? Don't They Understand The Intent Of Our Founders? 19:03:35
LP Progress Report: Membership growing, fundraising beating trends 18:14:55
question 18:07:17
Dollar slips against Euro 18:04:48
PJTV 17:53:48
Ron Paul is Martin Luther 17:47:29
argueing with a coworker about the" liquidity" debate.need your opinions 17:38:59
How well do you know American Heritage? 17:23:00
National Conference of State Legislators 2009 17:12:36
Is anyone here familiar with 16:56:22
Want a laugh? 16:35:48
Career Politicians and the Problems with Our Society 16:15:30
CNN Poll: How strong are the nation's 19 largest financial institutions? 15:59:07
Bailout against ‘law of the land’ 15:43:53
Video: MSM Economist on Stress Tests: "Whimpy, Big Lies & Propaganda" 15:40:45
Do African Americans owe the 365,000 Union Soldiers who died in the Civil War a Thank You? 15:21:23
Daily Paul Newspaper! 15:11:03
Peter Schiff At Authors@Google 14:53:11
Peter Schiff's White Paper on Obamanomics 14:49:05
Fox News Funniest Moment!!!! 14:36:54
use for website 14:35:11
Fed stealing land using eminant domain for 9/11 memorial 14:34:04
Global Crisis ‘Vastly Worse’ Than 1930s, Taleb Says 14:30:41
Copy of my letter on re HR1207, S604 HR 450 14:29:40
A Bundle of Joy for Granny?? 14:28:14
Liberal states score low in personal liberty. (Study) 14:26:57
Democracy vs Republic 14:21:06
California refuses to deal with it's problem 14:19:34
If you think the economy is getting better... you better think again... 13:58:36
Good Food for Good People 13:57:30
Great News: U.S. ONLY lost 539,000 jobs. 13:53:40
Citizen Empowerment and Patriotism Act of 2010 13:46:39
Do the States Have the Power to Require Their Federal Representatives and Senators Return Home? 13:37:59
Fannie Mae Seeks $19 Billion in US Aid After Loss 12:57:25
Happy Birthday F.A. Hayek 12:47:18
Bill introduced to give all water to Fed 12:42:52
Oil Prices and Interest Rates Are on the Rise. 12:42:33
HR759 would vastly increase FDA power over our food supply 12:16:48
Rev. Michael Pfleger orders US flag turned upside down 11:55:17
1 Native American worth less than a car radiator? 11:53:51
Law of the Sea Treaty and Piracy 11:35:42
What *EXACTLY* is the message of the Glenn Beck "We Surround Them" movement? 11:23:07
Parents, teen fight to refuse chemo. 11:04:56
CSpan now 10:51 Why didnt IRS catch Madoff? 10:55:03
How To Survive the Depression and Worse 10:14:07
mental health support groups in rhode island 10:12:48
Do you consider this likely? 09:51:29
Wow....He is right on..!!!! 09:51:23
BofA And Citi Given 30 Days To Fire Their CEOs? 09:42:06
FBI Raided and Seized equipment from two Texas Data Centers 09:40:27
"A Cry of Defiance and not of Fear" A morning inspiration 08:49:39
Replace General Motors with Smith and Wesson 08:34:07
Is the Republican Party corrupt? 08:32:44
Obama Administration and Univision to Host Spanish-Language Town Hall Meeting on H1N1 Virus 07:40:53
My County Libraries 07:36:47
Is It Criminal Yet? Human Rights Report: U.S. Interrogators Killed 98 05:44:14
A VISITOR FROM THE PAST by Thelen Paulk 05:36:52
We Need More Congress Members 03:50:23
SA@Takimag - Is Secession Crazy? 03:11:21
Business As Usual in Washington As Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Pakistan 02:38:23
Major Banks Negotiate, Spin, Chafe at Stress-Test Results 02:08:44
Scores dead after US strike in Afghanistan 02:01:45
Suspect detained over 'extremist' bumper sticker 01:05:52
Craig Paul Roberts - Hate Crime Prevention Act and RP No Vote 00:57:57
Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class 1/7 videos. Keep this bumped please! 00:08:39