Posted on June 1, 2009

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My friend Angel talks about Campaign for Liberty and HR1207 on Glenn Beck! (06/01/09) 22:41:26
Welcome Former Obama Supporters/Voters 19:58:34
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"Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics Enough?" 23:05:51
Lincoln, Kennedy, And Obama 22:44:23
Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo 22:38:52
Obama administration supports Saudi immunity in 9/11 lawsuit 21:47:30
Age of the Earth - Creationist Dr Kent Hovind - Dr. Dino 21:20:53
Ohio man creates 110 mpg engine that cranks 400 horsepower. Production to start today 6/01/09. Where is GM???? 21:16:31
Bringing Back Jobs 21:04:04
What is the DPers solutions for healthcare? 20:41:19
Video: Press Removed from Jekyll Island and Interviews with Attendees 20:19:41
Natural Rights of Freedom 19:48:39
American Capitalism Gone With a Whimper 19:37:13
The Dow is Irrelevant 19:27:37
New Liberty radio program started tonight... they want callers now 19:22:14
Obama steps on the Spending Gas Pedal... Watch cartoon here: 18:49:02
Jewish mobs rampage West Bank 18:36:14
Banks run Congress top Democrat says 18:15:41
RP4409 - NAZI Checkpoint Confronted 18:14:09
Reflections and Warnings - An Interview with Aaron Russo -new Alex Jones Movie 18:03:56
Ok, an Air France plane 'disappears' this morning and now on the news I see.... 17:31:52
Hello 17:28:41
Ron Paul: Fight Government Encroachment into Healthcare! 6/1/09 17:17:20
..and the stock market jumps 235 points?? 17:05:46
Can you answer the question please. Thanks. 17:04:01
"Club Gitmo" the video game! Escape the U.S. concentration camp? 17:02:21
Civilian Contractors Have the Water in Iraq and Aren't Sharing 16:44:56
What is panarchy? 16:37:32
Former AL Chief Justice Roy Moore Announces Gubernatorial Bid 16:27:49
Ron Paul’s Family Tree: The Liberty Movement Under a Republican Banner 16:23:45
Former Vice President Dick Cheney disavowed intelligence he once cited to suggest that then-Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein 16:18:06
M. Moore: ".. GM, Ford & Chrysler are some of the greatest WMDs..." 15:59:53
Freedom lover or Paranoid Personality Disorder? 15:51:43
Nader speaks out on GM: "..avoidable, crude WMD for workers, dealers...." 15:46:21
$34,699.00 and counting for Rand Paul..... 15:43:25
Top Democrat says banks run congress 15:38:29
Why we don't trust Glenn Beck 15:30:15
Jason Bermas the Info Warrior producer of Loose Change LIVE interview tomorrow morning 10AM Eastern 15:20:08
HR 1207 and S 604 14:41:14
The Revolution: Boots On The Ground, County By County 14:26:25
Let's Kick This Off...Operation Flagdown 14:25:01
America Died Today 14:20:30
TROLL Alert: seoturk 14:16:49
Government Corp. is hiring 14:16:00
Gold Bugs Will Love This 13:58:53
uk Tamiflu generic 13:46:39
The Worst Investment of All Time? 13:39:17
Huffington Post: Handwritten Notes Show Fed Oversight Bill Neutered on Senate Floor 12:20:00
Federal Reserve on Ridley Report 11:57:32
June 1st: Jesse Ventura will be on Alex Jones Radio Today. 11:53:22
Top 5 reasons value of gold will rise in terms of FRNs 11:48:34
Where Ancient History Meets the New World Order 11:36:21
What's wrong with this picture? 11:18:55
Free Market Question 10:58:54
Tim Geithner rushed to China Hospital! 10:51:54
Aerosols - up high in the sky 10:48:08
Peter Schiff VIDEO 5/31/2009 "Time Is Running Out, Libertarians Need To Infiltrate The Republicans" Please share and vote up! 10:46:27
31 yr old bureaucrat in charge of auto industry 10:31:07
Paul Krugman on Reagan and the Origins of the Financial Crisis 10:17:46
QUIZ & POLL: U.S. Constitution 6/1/2009 10:16:55
ALERT: Real ID update and Return to Jekyll Island Report pt. 1 - Microchips in drivers licenses, and Revolution on Jekyll Island 10:08:40
King Obama 09:48:17
Obama --The Best Gun Salesman in the World 09:17:32
A World of Abundance or a World of Scarcity? 09:17:06
Meeting Sheriff at local Repub meeting... any ideas for questions UPDATED 09:06:34
Just saw that GM has officially filed petition for Chapter 11! 08:50:07
Odious debt 08:33:42
Police deal with dangerous leaflet monger 08:13:15
Late term abortion doctor is shot dead at Church in US. Ron delivered 4000 babies. How would Ron feel about this news? 07:53:08
New cop misconduct alleged: 4th drug officer off street; women cite groping 06:37:37
Air France Plane Travelling From Brazil to Paris Disappears From Radar, 228 Aboard 06:18:44
If you have a garden, then youll love this 01:21:30
SA@Takimag - Lincoln as Hitler 01:13:44
Peter Schiff at CT LP convention 00:51:43
Please Help My Wife 00:44:57
A Nation of Hyenas 22:41:27