Posted on June 10, 2009

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FREEDOM WATCH, June 10th 21:08:09
Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show 6/10 12:04:36
Ron Paul on Montel Across America 6-10-09 09:50:56
Wired: The New Digital Socialism 05:33:23
America in Fascism, Uncensored Opinion in Russia Today 01:27:27
Peter Schiff on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 6-9-09 00:31:38
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Maddow on museum shooter... extremists emboldened 23:29:06
Just Listen! Elizabeth Warren COP's June Report 23:13:02
REAL ID Alive and well in Anti-Real ID States!! 22:37:59
STATUS REPORT: Ron Paul's Audit the FED Act, HR 1207 and S 604 22:08:44
Russia to cut its US treasury holdings 21:58:17
Cops don't make the laws they just advocate unconstitutional ones 21:53:47
anti-war poem by legalizeliberty 21:39:32
Brought in another convert today! 21:32:59
$15,000 tax credit for everyone who buys home? 20:50:36
Good News about Privacy in PA 20:44:34
Obama Supporter Wanted For Murder!! 20:43:48
VIDEO on Vaccinations: Intense Psychological Torment and Religious Persecution 20:04:10
Ban Truthers from DP 20:01:13
Disturbing Trend on the Daily Paul 19:53:26
UN's Marxist Plan for Global Government 19:22:51
Awareness on HR1207 popular presence penetrating the brilliant hive-mind ( 19:21:27
Canadian Anti-NWO Politcal Party Leader Dr Andrew J Moulden 18:55:36
Shooter was a Federal Reserve Truther!!! 18:47:42
ADAM KOKESH & Others Before Congress - Winter Soldier Speech 18:46:41
Jon Voight: Bringing An End To This False Prophet Obama 18:31:53
CREDO ACTION: Gun Violence = Domestic Terrorism ? 18:28:05 has officially launched and we need all of you! 17:51:41
"What Are The Ruling Elites' Checks & Balances?" 17:51:20
Shooter at Museum was a 9/11 truther (Drudge) 17:46:36
Glen Beck says 9/11 Truthers want to "destroy the country" (like Al Qaeda) ! 17:41:45
Now Boarding at Gate C14: Capital Flight Airlines 17:39:48
Is Obama Guilty of Treason? Or is Commander Fitzpatrick III Guilty of Mutiny? 17:34:53
WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Today's shooting! 17:25:23
Dont forget to send this to all of your police and military friends! 16:30:14
Rhino: I received a letter from freshman Congressman Driehaus 1st district OH regarding HR 1207 16:28:18
Feds seize 30 million in online poker accounts 16:25:35
David Kretzmann on "Know Your Rights" with Robert Walker - discussing CAFRs and state budgets 16:20:37
Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show 6-10-09 16:15:55
Doreen Hannes speaks out against NAIS 16:15:16
Fed would be Shut Down if Audited, Expert says 16:13:59
41 Year Old Woman Fights Back........ 16:09:36
It's Your Money 16:07:50
Help my memory, remember back in the Clinton administration. . . . 16:06:25
Federal Reserve Survey Says Recession is Easing 15:51:13
Sign Galileo on marriage law petition 14:31:28
If We Were To Create An Organization Whose Mission It Was To Ask Probing Questions, How Could This Be Best Structured? 14:27:23
The Constitution May Be Imperfect But... 14:24:24
Poll: let's see where our opinions fall on the whole 911 thing...with initial Tally as of 11pm June 11... 14:19:26
Let's seal the HR1207 deal TODAY! 14:17:35
ron on freedom watch now 2:10 est 14:11:51
Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show 06-10-2009 14:04:10
Son of KSL executive dies after Taser incident 13:45:29
Some things do not change. 13:42:26
A new way of looking at the economy 13:41:28
Breaking -Shooting Reported at U.S. Holocaust Museum 13:40:11
House committee subpoenas Federal Reserve 13:16:04
So it appears to be ANARCHY WEEK at DP. 13:15:32
Let's Get It Straight, Hank Paulsen Is a Prick Who Took Down the Economy 13:15:25
72 year old grandmother tazed by texas cop!!! 13:15:06
We are not printing MONEY!!!! Great Read! 13:14:39
Who Are the Best Keepers of the People's Liberties? 13:07:19
Web Hosting Advice 13:05:27
If They Have Nothing to Hide - They Have Nothing To Fear! 13:01:38
City council to spend $50K to sue its own citizens to allow for debt 12:57:21
Alex Jones exposes the Texas CPS and a plot to eliminate the 4th Amendment in that state. 12:54:49
8 Things about the Financial Crisis -- Infecting Capitol Hill with the Truth 12:53:01
Jim Rogers: “The Worst is Not Over” 6/9/2009 12:41:23
China Invests In Gold & Oil! 12:40:14
Marc Faber Sees high risk in entering equities now 08 june 2009 12:39:50
Wall Street Unspun - Peter Schiff - June 09, 2009 12:38:29
Richard Gage (Architects and Engineers for 9-11) on Coast to Coast AM June 09 - mp3 12:28:10
download naruto clash of ninja roms 12:15:44
just wondering about HR 450? 11:55:01
Dr. Ron Paul Scheduled To Be On Alex Jones 6/10/09 11:46:22
TRUTH: The cure for racism 11:44:16
Video: Thoughts on GM's "Bankruptcy" and Bailout 11:27:06
The US Constitution; making theft and murder ‘legal’ since 1787 11:12:13
HR 1207 daily phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/10/09 11:03:52
Wrote to my PA NFIB rep about HR1207 10:57:34
"Fed would be shut down if it were audited," says a CNBC article. 10:51:31
Is anyone else kinda mad that the Rothschilds stole our family's gold? 10:51:00
US attempts to ban pocket knives Wednesday, 10 June 2009 10:49:53
Jim Grant: FEDERAL RESERVE Could Not Survive an Audit, it Would be Shut Down 10:42:19
Peter Schiff Almost Announces on Daily Show w/Jon Stewart 10:33:21
Give me good music please 10:27:09
Reform Advocates Hail Ruling on Elected Judges 10:25:26
Fed Would Be Shut Down If It Were Audited, Expert Says [Please Front Page this] 10:20:30
US court agrees with Valley Park MO on Illegal Alien Ordinance 10:15:35
We are NOT the outsiders 09:55:58
A call to arms for all homeschoolers 09:38:38
Peter Schiff on the Daily Show 09:29:30
Heartfelt Sympathy for Finster's loss 09:21:16
The Obama administration is pulling back from some of its most ambitious ideas for overhauling the financial system 09:08:41
Palladium up close to 50% since previous lows this year. 09:07:19
United Against Nuclear Iran 09:00:20
Terror Names Linked To Doomed Flight AirFrance Flight 447 08:45:43
Has the dissident round up begun? 08:38:42
House Special Order Speeches 060909 08:34:18
Russian Central Bank Will Reduce Share of Reserves Invested in US Treasurys 07:55:43
GOP's blueprint for reform would strip the Federal Reserve of significant powers 07:50:49
Murray Rothbard on Gov't Run Healthcare--Still Pertinent 15 years later 07:18:59
"Walking The Dog" a Don Rumsfeld approved torture technique 05:37:06
Some rare things 04:30:08
DailyPaul gets mention on Car Talk (NPR) 03:37:56
UK: British leader Nick Griffin pelted with eggs by protesters 02:05:47
What would HR 1207 get us? 00:24:40
911 special with Richard Gage on C2C tonight 00:20:58
Moderation: The Importance of Avoiding "Tin Foil Land" 05:00:54