Posted on June 13, 2009

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Ron Paul Opposes Foreign Relations Authorization Act 6/10/09 00:47:07
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Quote of the Day 23:47:20
UPDATE - Weather check where you are:"Crops under stress as temps fall" 23:32:46
[Video] About 1,000 protest Nancy Pelosi in Houston 23:12:49
Mom's are the best 22:06:59
MODS can we get a sticky on this post please? 22:04:32
Time To Turn The Guns On S604 21:57:07
Common Sense: Intentional Divisiveness is Not Needed 21:48:51
Breaking the Bank :: PBS FRONTLINE Investigates 21:43:51
Anarchy = Communism 21:29:40
Obama Takes on the Federal Reserve 20:58:31
What article in the constitution is invoked to legitimize the illegalization of drugs at the federal level? 19:55:44
While we are on the subject of transparency... 19:20:53
If you receive a "Notice of Levy" dont be scared! 19:12:45
Free men are not equal and equal men are not free! 18:54:31
Kitten Huffing (far far stonier) vs Marijuana 18:52:53
Exclusive! Uncut Dash Cam Video - Deputy Chris Bieze Tases Kathryn Winkfein 18:47:59
Full Dash Cam Video of Oklahoma Highway Patrol vs EMT 18:33:45
Adam Gadahn American al Qaeda member acknowledges Jewish ancestry 18:23:39
Max Keiser discusses HR1207, Taxpayer burdens and Market Manipulation. 18:05:32
The Keynesian Road to Ruin - 60 Years of Booms and Busts 17:56:22
The SmArgus Saturday Doc: Body of War: The Tomas Young Story 17:18:22
Nuclear Terror - The Setup For Plausible Deniability ... 17:14:53
Houston Tea Party Protest of Nancy Pelosi - 6/12 16:31:48
ron's view in this debate. 15:46:23
How the spooks took over the news 15:29:07
Mon, Jun 15: Oregon to lobby 10th Amendment 15:07:05
Beef Magazine Didn't Like The Results Of Their NAIS Poll! 14:18:30
Another far-out right-wing activist (Minuteman) charged with murder 14:15:26
Some info. about the GAO 13:51:49
Infowars raised almost 300,000 in two days already 13:32:03
Libertarians should be reaching out to the gay and lesbian community! Edit2 13:24:40
Obama Treason - Why Commander Fitzpatrick Is NOT Guilty of Mutiny! 13:00:41
Battle to audit the Fed has just begun 12:32:13
Chinese PC Filter against “unhealthy and vulgar” material is crashable 11:58:02
Do you live in Florida? Medical Marijuana coming with your help! 11:54:11
Ok DP'ers, time to dig deep for a chip-in! 11:38:26
A Word of Appreciation for All TRUE Patriots 11:05:54
VIDEO : Catherine Bleish Testifying in Missouri House Committee on Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) Report! 10:53:39
Hold Your Gold... 10:48:36
4409 -- NAZI Checkpoint Confronted - 4 10:04:15
9/11 Truth Sues Glenn Beck and Fox News for Defamation 09:48:31
Weekly Address Round-Up: President Obama, Ron Paul, Opposition Response 09:23:37
Ron Paul Opposes Foreign Relations Authorization Act 08:24:22
Property Rights Take a Hit by Peter Schiff 08:15:06
The internet red coats are coming, the internet red coats are coming.. 07:35:27
Michael Medved Uses Holocaust Museum Murder to Smear Ron Paul !! 07:18:51
History Lesson: Bob’n And Weave’n 05:09:21
Watch this short and interesting documentary on Communism from 1952 01:49:02
W/ the deficit the way it is, why are we doing these things? 01:46:29
US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive 01:43:57
Glenn Beck's School of Debunking 9/11 Conspiracies 00:42:38
Green Bay does it! 00:40:27
Video: North Korea's Missiles and Iran's Elections 00:34:59
Everybody is free to wear sunscreen. This is such a good video. 00:13:20