Posted on June 14, 2009

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Listen Live to a Grassroots Radio Program Thursday, June 18th 23:41:09
Video: The free market didn't cause economic crisis! Capitalism DOES NOT create greed. 23:09:41
Tell The Truth 23:08:32
Rand Paul Endorses RJ Harris 23:02:36
Treasonous Senate Could Sneak-Pass Hate Bill Next WEEK 22:57:16
Monday 6/15/09, Dr. Paul will Appear on CNN's American Morning at 8:30 am Eastern 22:26:10
QUIZ & POLL: Bill of Rights & The Most Shocking Revelation. 15 June 2009 22:23:09
NYT columnist: Time to legalize drugs 22:17:03
Maybe we should form a new party, "Anti-Federalist Party"? 22:05:18
R.I.P. - The London Gold Pool, 1961-1968 21:58:57
Digital Television? A Mandate from Congress? 21:55:16
Vaccine Nation: Mass Vax is Here! 21:52:37
Five Monkeys 21:46:24
LDN therapy for autoimmune and many other diseases for $1/day 21:15:23
Fed policymakers' recent comments 20:05:41
Exerpt about how CIA and "Jackals" pursuade foreign leaders 19:51:56
Ron Paul Wants A New 9/11 Investigation 19:46:21
All dis-info trolls welcome to post on DP 19:40:26
rhino: food prices? Any input would be greatly appreciated. 19:29:46
You want to win! Stop buying crap! 19:27:45
CIA: Cheney wishing we get attacked 19:04:41
Obama's so-called "reform" of the Banking Industry..comments 17:32:25
How about a little quiz on the constitution before posting privileges? 17:27:44
LETS PARTY ALL Day, ALL Night Long.!!! Daily Paul Convention, Sept 6 2009, ??? 17:25:03
HR 1207 Discussion with Rep. Mark Kirk (IL-10) 17:09:39
Navy Commander charges Obama with Treason, Infraguard prepared 17:04:36
Poll: Can you be part of the RP freedom movement if 16:09:00
Lender’s Role for Fed Makes Some Uneasy 16:00:49
Will Obama cap Bernanke? ( Rep. Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed has so many co-sponsors ) 15:57:09
China: Expert (Peter Schiff) urges U.S. gov't to change policies of taxing, spending 15:34:04
It's natural for Paul supporters to be opposed the 9/11 Inside Jobbers here. 15:32:27
Open letter to Justin William on behalf of Mark Sanfrod 15:25:34
Iranian protestors torch the state bank 15:22:21
Buried Deep Inside Iron Mountain Wreckage of Flight 93 Shankville Under Armed Guard - Why the Secrecy? 15:20:50
Federal Reserve cannot account for $15 trillion 15:07:12
*** Proof that the FEDERAL RESERVE is owned by British Imperialist Fascists *** 15:03:26
Here are the kooky,crazy, moonbat groups supporting 9/11 truth: Updated 14:41:32
Important Conference With CIT and Pilots For 9/11 Truth - July 11 14:20:27
Grocery Stores Begin To Accept Silver (Los Angeles) 14:07:11
TARP overseer tells behind-the-scene truth: UDATE, added video 13:52:42
Divided We Stand - Imagine Breaking Up The United States - WSJ 13:52:14
Paid DisInfo Troll Speaks Up 13:43:32
"Don't Love Those North Koreans, They're Different," "Don't Love Those Americans, They're Different" 13:34:18
Divide and Conquer Threads On The Rise at 13:19:14
UK: Investors buy gold, as fears of inflation rise 13:14:33
WHAT HARM would there be in doing a New 911 Investigation? 12:10:23
Free Streamlink Weekend--Now! C2C downloads 12:03:53
Just curious 11:57:55
Psychologists build profile of 9-11 truthers - no FEMA camp for us 10:14:15
Alex Jones... disinfo agent? 10:08:55
Iranian reformers tell US government to NOT intervene because US intervention hurts reforms. 09:43:53
Operation Blackjack 09:23:43
IRS CID Special Agent Radio Show :: Start the tax revolt now! The IRS is knowingly misapplying the law! Have no fear! 09:05:57
Concept Proposal: The Island Nation of Libertalia. 08:52:01
Interest rates are surging ! 08:38:03
Senate bill 909? 07:33:50
Alaska's Biggest Military Exercise starts today 06:46:13
Ron Paul speaks at CATO on 6/24th online 06:29:58
Cops busted for drug dealing. 05:54:49
War Between Texas and North Carolina 05:13:11
Interesting interview 04:44:20
Rep. Barney Frank Introduces The Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act of 2009 HR 2835 04:25:02
Let's Focus On More Important Matters Such as S 604!... 03:50:26
BREAKING: IRAN protests after election fraud!! THOUSANDS of rioters in Tehran! 03:42:21
Time to take a stand against... Washington D.C. 03:34:14
Roland Carnaby Conspiracy (Ron Paul Supporter) 02:18:34
Doctor Rand Paul Responds to the NEA 00:48:26
Bill Moyers On Gun Control... Our Friend I Ask? 00:35:15
We Texans by Debra Medina, TX Coor. for CFL 00:32:48
The Daily Nuts ;-) Give Peace a Chance 00:16:48
Drug Suspect Turns Tables on NYPD With Videotape 00:15:32
2 Day Old Real News Network News: Ahmadinejad is the favorite, Mousavi could upset 00:06:48
Iranians Rioting after elections - Video and Pictures 00:02:48