Posted on June 15, 2009

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Dr. Ron Paul Discusses Healthcare Reform 15 June 09 09:51:32
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Ron Paul on "John Stossel Goes To Washington" (2001) 23:34:44
Welcome to 23:33:17
Weather Modification Programs as Military Strategy 23:32:13
Politico: Sotomayor Member of Womens Bohemian Grove, Defends Elite Private Group 23:24:54
Who wanted proof of government involvement or prior knowledge of 9-11? 23:19:43
Ron Paul Doesn't Look So "Crazy" Now, Does He, New Yorkers? By Ryan Tate 22:48:54
FM 2-22.3 (FM 34-52) Human Intelligence Collector Operations --Headquarters, Department of the army. 22:27:14
Transfrom the Che shirts?! 22:19:18
Vote: which election was a bigger fraud, U.S. or Iran? 22:10:04
Start Contacting Your Senators to Support S 604 22:10:00
ADHD Drugs Linked to Sudden Death 21:32:35
Presidential Determination No. 2009-15 21:27:43
When the FED gets audited, is it going to be a coverup? 21:17:56
A silver bullet for all Austrians out there! 20:12:02
There's A War Going On For Your Mind 19:51:35
HBO's Bill Maher Takes On President Obama 19:01:51
All Republicans To Vote Against Funding The Wars? Not Quite - 5 Of Them Caved In. 18:48:49
Poll: Kentucky Republicans for Senate w/ Rand Paul 17:57:58
Legal System Gone Insane 17:51:40
We're in the presence of the corporate media losing it's power... or not? 17:29:50
Liberty is safety, Security is Freedom. The case for an armed citizenry. 17:14:56
Ron Paul @ Fox Debate Pt.2 1-10-08 16:37:30
DIGG: U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk to push tougher sentences for marijuana 16:13:03
AIG says Greenberg (ex CEO) plundered retirement plan 15:51:19
David Ray Griffin & Rolf Lindgren LIVE on Radio Today (Monday, June 15) 15:34:09
The Pendulum 15:27:15
Historical, In my opinion, Alex Jones show on right now. Guest David Icke is providing insights into One World Government. 15:24:58
CNN: Ron Paul on healthcare costs 14:56:55
Ron Paul: Moving Towards Tobacco Prohibition 6/15/09 14:37:32
The Phoenix KOKEsh R3volution creates some great sign/banners! 14:19:44
Possible Forced Swine Flu Vaccination ~ As covered by the Natural Solutions Foundation (6.15.09) 14:18:14
Why the 24/7 Coverage of Iranian Elections? 13:43:15
"We the People Stimulus Package" 13:38:38
Adam Kokesh launches new website 13:34:38
Bachmann: Obama Is Running A Gangster Government 13:27:13
green shoots? apparently this guy doesn't think so 13:26:05
New video from a true Patriot Jordan page : song pendulum about our country and Ron Paul . This song is great! 13:22:00
Von Brunn's son interviewd 13:12:19
Stretch your brain. This is tricky. UPDATED LIINK 13:10:04
Paul on Global Warming Petition Signed by 31,478 Scientists 12:47:31
Why Ron Paul has to run in 2012 12:42:35
A new bill to encourage fuel efficiency 12:33:39
In Diversity Is Freedom--So Break Up the US Already! 12:17:28
I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you. 12:08:27
How The Spooks Took Over the News 12:04:42
is schiff going to run against that weasel dodd? 12:03:18
iran on fire 11:38:39
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/15/09 11:02:10
DailyPaul Should Contact MIDDLE EAST 10:56:47
The Shadow Government 10:55:29
sleaze 10:41:37
AIPAC Wall Beginning to Crack? 10:35:07
Active and retired top military brass met to discuss what really happened on 9/11 10:33:49
Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk (R): The newest anti-marijuana crusader. 25 years for potent pot 10:29:26
Mike or on of the great OPS,I have 2 questions.... 10:19:45
Understanding the True Role of Government 10:09:19
Rand Paul endorses R. J. Harris for congress! Moneybomb TODAY Friday JUNE 19th - Many special guests throughout the day. 10:06:18
RJ Harris endorses Rand Paul 09:56:51
Pixar's Up - Mushroom Cloud Patch 09:55:03
Taxing soft drinks? 09:52:41
Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” Bill to be Debated in the House--AllGov 09:52:32
More smoke & mirrors: broadening the Fed 09:29:05
New Profile: here, again, the Israeli Jewish resistance movement. . . 09:27:52
$134 Billion in US Bonds seized in Italy 09:19:04
IMAGINE 09:15:05
quantum mechanics 09:14:21
NYT: Latino-Black Rivalry Helped Fuel G.O.P.’s Takeover of State Senate 09:01:20
HR 1207: On Deleveraging, Deflation and Debt 08:46:04
Bernanke’s next parlor trick 08:23:53
Iran Ayatollah Launches Fraud Investigation / News Reporters Arrested 08:23:06
Philosophy of Liberty: a video you can meditate on, use 08:17:48
If You are Happy or [Gay] and You Know it, Clap Your Hands! Ron Paul is still Your Man! 08:04:07
Squirming Congressman 07:39:28
If fed will be audited it will most likely be shut down 07:32:03
Head of CIA: Its Almost as if Cheney is Wishing that this Country would be Attacked 07:23:24
Making 9-11 a campaign issue 07:22:32
4409 -- THE KOKESH REVOLUTION 07:15:43
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"Prepare! The Night Is Here: Morning's Light Will Follow" 03:12:22
The Senate is voting now about banning flavored tobacco. 02:25:27
**Most Important People to Freedom Thread** 01:53:07
Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank 00:49:07
Tell The Truth 00:40:37