Posted on June 16, 2009

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Ron Paul Calls for Help on Capitol Hill, Adam Kokesh Answers 18:00:27
Ron Paul: Moving Towards Tobacco Prohibition 02:38:38
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John Holt, A True American Hero: Best Known Proponent of "Home-Schooling" and Youth Rights Pioneer 23:39:04
Did anyone catch this one: RCM fears run on gold, possible heist! 23:15:20
Could someone post this? [Youtube] Recent economic history 23:00:31
Timely lesson from Socrates 22:48:20
The reason no one deserves to have power over you 22:35:36
Oklahoma cop who choked EMT...petition to get him fired 22:06:45
Going sane in a crazy world 21:57:44
Ron Paul is a 88 - 93% Anarchist 21:46:41
Future Weapons: Heckler & Koch's HK416 Assault Rifle 21:46:13
Did the Creator bestow inalienable rights on anarchists? 21:11:08
Senior denied diploma for blowing a Kiss 21:08:50
The constitutionalists win 20:59:52
How We Can Influence Society. 20:52:11
House Passes 106 Billion Dollar Bill to Add to The War 20:48:15
Things that make ya go hmmm 20:25:52
The Ethanol Fuel Hoax 20:25:52
Food Inc.-any one see it? 20:21:29
I got off the internet tonight 20:02:16
Dr. Paul and earmarks 19:56:05
ABC Turns Programming Over To Obama; News To Be Anchored From Inside White House 19:37:17
Overview of America 19:26:54
House passes $106 billion war funding bill 19:16:58 18:33:33
Obama blocks list of visitors to White House: CREW Sues Secret Service 18:29:20
9/11 - Compilation of independent verifiable evidence 18:21:40
Dr. Rand Paul visits Carroll County, Kentucky 18:13:56
Ron Paul at CATO Institute June 24, 2009 - Bringing Transparency to the Federal Reserve 18:12:09
The new is the Daily Paul 18:11:03
What is the mood at your workplace? 18:06:13
Rumsfeld...2001 "we cannot track $2.3 TRILLION..." 18:03:44
Video: Houston Tea Party Confronts Pelosi Visit 18:03:31
Here's a great example of why waking up your family is good 17:27:21
Drudge: ABC News Turns Programming Over To Obama 17:25:00
Four Boy Scouts, 420 American Flags, Zero Clues 17:19:24
n/a 17:07:49
$106 billion WAR bill about to be passed in the House! 17:01:33
Peter Schiff Video Blog 06 15 2009 16:55:24
Federal Reserve to gain power under plan 16:49:53
Pastors, Join the Black Regiment! 16:46:28
more than 3 million views :: modern day Thomas Paine... 16:19:49
Anyone here ever do a FOIA request for your own files? 16:19:32
Obama looks to increase power of the Fed 15:53:33
From Senator Jim DeMint's Facebook: Will the Federal Reserve Be Audited? 15:50:37
trying to explain the ongoing silver (and gold) manipulation, 15:49:38
RJ Harris to meet with Michael Maresco at OK border 15:45:25
HHS’ Sebelius Targets Children for Vaccination 15:41:50
2000 sick and dying first responders may lose health care. 15:35:09
The Constitution is not for YOU 15:24:02
"Toledo residents find $25 parking tickets on cars in their own driveways"! 15:23:53
DoD Training Manual Describes Protest As “Low-Level Terrorism” 15:15:52
I was suspended today after THREE YEARS in local news forums 15:12:58
Next Tea Party... In 5 words or less ideas on HB1207 14:45:57
Brazil, China, Russia and India proposing a multinational currency!? 14:29:38
Hey guys, any one know any good 9/11 truth chatrooms? 14:21:51
Palestinian Group Tried to Assassinate Jimmy Carter During Trip to Gaza Strip 14:10:33
Family Farms in Danger of new Regulations, Stop HR 2749 13:53:00
RJ Harris Money Bomb 13:47:24
The Coming Economic Collapse 13:44:26
Survey: Iran Election Results Accurate Says Emmy-Award-Winning Polling Company 13:41:00
Drug Test Political Leaders Daily 13:34:19
BRIC asking finance ministries to create new reserve currencies. 13:33:13
Good Cop Story 13:12:02
Anarchy vs. Anarchy 13:03:54
Want to Know How Your Rep and Senators Voted on Any Given Bill and What Bills Are Coming Up For A Vote - Here's How. 12:59:32
I just finished my daily calls to congress 12:55:12
Conference call tonight - Grassroots legislative strategy and news 12:52:53
Overuse of taser case - the narrator is humorous, but also clearly sympathetic 12:34:43
BREAKING: Full Dash Cam of Oklahoma Patrolman Choking Paramedic 11:43:44
latest from Antal Fekete 11:37:52
Copy N' Paste News 061509 11:35:01
Stealing their thunder: Practical advice for racking up little victories 11:17:46
Add 45 Million People to the Liberty Movement- Here's How 11:08:54
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/16/09 11:08:40
Rand Paul Money Blast 11:07:00
Tim Rutten this article will make you MAD 10:54:40
Department of Defense Teaching Employees Dissent is Terrorism 10:52:21
For all you new chicken owners, a little lesson I just learned the hard way 10:21:13
Obama's sculpted face heads to Mt. Rushmore park 09:35:12
You have probably seen it, but watch it again. It is good stuff! 09:33:03
Revolution Breeds Polygraph Radio :: A new music culture is on the rise 09:00:43
Constitutional Republic = Slavery :-) 08:56:55
Chuckie Schumer Pushes Worker IDs with Biometrics for Everyone! 08:46:11
Secession & Relocalizaton: Cape Rep. of Good Hope 08:35:42
Prescott Bush story up on liveleak today 08:29:20
2002 NYTimes article: Paul Krugman says we need a housing bubble 07:40:11
The rest of the world making REAL plans for REAL recovery... without the dollar 06:52:03
Too Much Debt? Credit Issuers Slashing Card Balances (NYT) 06:50:24
More airline industry woes: Treating customers like terrorists not panning out? 06:32:17
A Workable Solution - from Ellen Hodgson Brown, author of "Web of Debt" 06:31:47
Lloyds of London drops US customers 06:26:38
The Liberal War on Free Speech 06:13:41
BREAKING: Smugglers caught with $134 Billion in Bonds 06:04:38
Paris Freedom Fest 2009 05:53:44
Western Hemisphere Travel Iniatiave - Propaganda / Commercial 04:36:55
[Youtube] Blame the government for economy! 03:48:03
American Account of Concord Bridge 03:47:40
Largest Ideological Group = Conservative 03:24:57
"I'm interested in politics... 03:19:54
Police double-Taser arrest probed ( raw video included ) 03:14:57
Does This Bother Anyone Else - Mark Sanford agreeing with Newt's Foreign Policy 03:12:38
"Don't smile for your Driver's License Photo" = Messes Up the Photo Recognition Software 03:02:04
Public Supports Targeted Veteran Outside Pomona Police Dept. 02:54:41
What's happening now and how should we counter it? 01:36:30
Need help with a magazine 01:35:59
Jesse Ventura on FOX 6/15/09: "Cut Foreign Aid & Bring Our Troops Home!" 01:20:32
Residents say 700 parked railcars spoil view in Wallowa, OR 01:08:14
protesting = low level terrorism? 00:45:38
Let's have a vote, what is the most important step in taking our country back? 00:43:21
Senate Banking Committee Contact Info 00:28:17
defense Department admits $11 trillion missing since 1998 00:07:05