Posted on June 18, 2009

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Western Misconceptions Meet Iranian Reality 23:23:41
Who worked for the revolution today? 23:22:08
Dr. Ron Paul On Healthcare ~ Campaign for Liberty 06-18-09 22:59:16
After $196 Billion, no proof UN health programs help; 22:43:51
Need some help. Who is good at solving puzzles? 22:22:11
Safer than most vaccines 21:47:13
Now they tell the parents their kid's records will be public 21:44:51
Barney Frank pushes to legalize marijuana 21:38:29
Gary Franchi Alex Jones Radio 06 18 09 21:09:50
C4L Texas Coordinator Launches Official Governor Campaign Site 21:09:27
Adam Kokesh on Jason Bermas Radio Show 06 17 09 21:08:06
Huffington Post: Pelosi says the Fed needs more transparency 20:53:14
Israeli Police upload footage of their abuse of Palestinians to YouTube 20:38:09
Front page of Raw Story - C4L lawsuit 20:13:17
Just what we need MORE Fed Power! NOT! 20:03:42
Pelosi: Federal Reserve Needs More Transparency 19:59:20
Man attacked and robbed of sandwitch in OK 19:52:57
President Bush's favorite Thornton restaurant owner funded pot operations 19:45:32
Campaign for Liberty Employee Sues TSA 19:40:49
Welcome the sound laser, the "Saser": man's latest WMD 19:35:24
"Obama Pushes Anti-Gun Treaty" John Birch Org "Take Action" 19:33:11
3 Washington projects on stimulus pork list 19:20:18
Best Information I have found on the FEDERAL RESERVE.... 19:04:05
Marriage Licenses: The Real Truth 18:57:08
Treasury Bonds Run Amok: Record Sales and Record Appearances 18:15:07
Rocket headed toward Moon NOW 17:41:30
(Audio) Tom Woods Enlightens Radio Host 17:29:31
New Bill for congress 17:22:59
Iranian Theocracy Unable to Censor New-Media Journalists and Election Protests 17:22:53
Parents banned from taking pictures of their own children 16:59:45
The End of Fly and Spray: Your not ready for prime time Chemtrail Report 16:57:57
Photo of the Day...... Leaked Amero pictures... 16:54:19
Important Call to Action-Property Rights at Risk! 16:44:33
Gold Vending Machines 16:43:45
Bierfeldt v. Napolitano - ACLU helps C4L bring Homeland Security to justice! 16:26:16
AIG: Criminals In Action 16:15:43
Will Ron Paul run again? 16:15:26
Hutchinson is now running for Governor of Texas and she introduced this bill in 2005 ? WTF 16:10:32
Adam Kokesh on Russia Today today 15:50:59
Todd Andrew Barnett Talks About Socialist Healthcare 15:31:19
Read A.S.A.P.: Obama et al checkmating H.R.1207 15:01:06
Obama's Blueprint for Reform Concentrates Still More Power in Hands of the Fed 13:56:31
Senator Shelby Calls Fed's Expertise "Grossly Inflated" as Geithner Attempts to Defend the Indefensible 13:50:10
U.S.- Canada Border Security and Military Integration 13:33:49
Adam Kokesh is live now 1:34 est 18 June 13:24:13
Auditing The Fed: Be Careful What You Ask For 13:18:26
2012: Vote Together or Vote On The Margins 13:06:33
Rethink Afghanistan: Civilian Casualties ~ Graphic Video 13:02:35
NPR: Scientists Debate Shading Earth As Climate Fix;Guess how! 12:58:28
Google the news? Now you can Bing the news 12:54:07
The Currency War.... 12:46:30
Freedom Watch - Debra Medina 12:24:40
The Business Owner Hypochondriac? 11:57:14
March on DC 9/12? 11:53:12
USA V. China : What's the difference? 11:31:31
Let Me google that for you -- :) 11:29:25
going to court, or the court doing buisness- excellent video. 11:25:37
Urgent! Deadly Zombie Bank Flu Outbreak! 11:22:20
Do not lose sight of Accomplishments. Now is not the time to Discuss or think of Anarchy. 11:18:08
Ask about our NINETY-FIVE PER CENT gold & silver CASH DISCOUNT 11:02:40
Must-know information about the upcoming pandemic flu shot 10:43:38
A Good Example Of Our Free Press 10:41:32
Did you hear about this one? 10:32:34
Ron Paul's recent interview got me thinking......... 10:29:29
Dr. Paul, Judge, Peter, ANYONE.... is there anything WE can do NOW??? 10:07:37
Idiot journalist is now sending online hexadecimal codes about military exercises: updated 10:03:30
H.R. 1207 update? 10:01:59
Anarchy wont happen 09:31:18
The Economy explained. (great video) 09:27:29
Ron Paul Interview on FED and CIA 09:26:04
***LET's TALK about the Millions of CHRISTIANS Killed in Russia 09:19:43
Help me find that sick cartoon strip showing global destruction please 09:19:02
Iron Fist instead of Invisible hand - Ron Paul on Bloomberg - great 08:44:40
Why Deflation and not Inflation is the Order of the Day 07:57:14
Dr. Paul on MSNBC this morning 6/18 11:00 AM 07:55:11
Don't Give Up on Gold Yet 07:50:09
As President Stands to Grant More Powers, Fed Faces Numerous Attacks 07:25:10
The Fed Opposes Stripping Central Bank of Consumer-Loan Authority 07:03:30
Love The Videos 06:57:02
The Dollar vs. the Euro! The Crux of the Current Crisis? 05:44:30
Want to become an authority on the Federal Reserve? 05:17:54
The American Empire Is Bankrupt 05:04:26
Statistics Gurus Please Respond - Chemtrails 03:57:16
Al Gore and T.Boone Pickens back a new car company in Louisiana 03:27:23
Going to the Rainbow Gathering 01:47:09
Is This The Beginning of the End of the Dollar? 01:47:04
Peter Schiff's Political Platform begins to take shape 01:11:18
C4L Texas Candidate for Governor needs your help (FREEDOM WATCH) 00:44:34
The Responsibilities of the Iranian Basij Forces - eerily familiar 00:19:10
Great Way to Educate People About the Fed! 00:13:30