Posted on June 21, 2009

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Smugglers Caught with $134 Billion in Forged US Treasury Bonds: Death of the Dollar? 22:18:58
Rand Paul: A Different Republican 22:00:10
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"It's OK To Say, 'Thats So Gay'" 23:52:12
I'm back! 23:38:19
Using the Census to Add Constitutionalists to Congress based on Population Growth 23:10:14
Autism/PDD Coverup vs Vaccine Injury 23:06:38
Autism/PDD Coverup vs Vaccine Injury 23:04:25
June Cartoons from Kevin Tuma 22:27:49
Miami Beach Cop Kills Innocent Man 21:29:57
The Project for a New American Century, Now on Video. 21:23:33
Those crazy Skull and Bones guys! What will they do next? 21:00:55
Fabulous story about an "anarchist collective" 20:41:48
Sonoma County C4L Confronts CA Congressman Mike Thompson On HR 1207 20:23:17
ACTION NEEDED: H. Res. 404 would force DHS to reveal sources of Napolitano's "Rightwing Extremism" Report 20:21:37
JFK, Executive Order 11110 and the Warren Commission 19:41:20
Heroic Men Women Children Fight Riot Police 19:31:30
Inflating the global economy is a totally different proposition from inflating the US economy! 19:23:54
20,000 dvd's because Freedom isn't Free 18:21:17
neocons for Ahmadinejad 18:02:42
The Real Story is Deflation.... 17:58:39
Anarchy 101 17:37:05
Neda (You Will Not Defeat The People) 17:05:15
MHD vs the Cult of the Presidency 17:03:14
The Real Story - 9/11 Again - 1 16:51:50
Another "terrorism" law-enforcement doc out of Virginia - VA State Police Say Anti-NWO and Gun Rights Activists are Terrorists 16:51:11
Free Markets = Anarchy 14:20:14
We were really brought down and chaos was caused by 19 individuals with box blades. 14:12:49
mp3 podcast: Tax is theft! 13:25:15
I just got an email from Michelle Obama 13:16:41
Adam Kokesh on Russia Today 13:09:22
Exclusive Building 7 Controlled Demolition Analysis! 12:44:57
A Banker, and former Fed Board Member Tells The Truth! 12:26:42
Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists 12:14:06
Final Message from 12:00:31
3 chances to put us in the senate and many more...time to organize 11:53:15
Obama Man Can ! 10:47:34
Problem with freedom of Speech & Press 10:26:15
Is this the death of the dollar? 09:54:39
Its a bird, its a plane, no its Barack Obama! VIDEO 09:31:01
It's my birthday! And happy Father's Day to all you Dads.... 09:24:13
Goldman Sachs to make record bonus payout 09:14:56
MPs expenses: Police open criminal inquiry into MPs and peers 08:37:40
Support the Troops (Dark Humor) 06:06:56
More Powerful Fed? Many In Congress Don't Seem to Like It 03:54:13
Iran's Mullahs threaten use of exotic anti-matter weaponry 02:02:20
Do Some of Them Need To Retire? 01:20:47
Remember Nevada?? Beers and Lowden vow there's still hope for the Nevada GOP 01:06:15
Visited Cong. Ron Paul and Delivered Libertarian Party’s petition in support of HR1207 00:22:27
Menengitis vaccine necessary for school... 00:18:04