Posted on June 23, 2009

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Mark and Debbie Kuhn describe home break in by cop's for flying American Flag Up Side Down 20:50:32
Japan Considers Going Cashless by 2012 18:45:50
POLL on AOL : Is surveillance worth the loss of privacy? You know what to do! 19:33:17
Dr. Rand Paul endorses 14:31:07
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/23/09 11:09:55
Politicians Talking Gibberish About Health Care 11:27:48
Ron Paul: International Bailout Brings Us Closer to Economic Collapse 09:27:48
218 Will NOT Move it out of Committee - Here's Why 09:27:49
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Patriots Under God 23:41:42
Why the battle for Truth and Libery never stood a chance 23:25:51
***Liberty: Episode 6*** 23:22:51
I have something to say to all of the DP. 23:21:30
Injunction filed in U.S. against forced vaccinations for swine flu ! 22:48:47
How Critical is Our Individual Lifestyle? 22:44:07
Using red plastic under tomato 22:38:26
Symbolic, Non-Violent, and FUN civil disobedience---Let's go swimming! 22:27:54
New Injunction to file in U.S. against forced vaccination for swine flu !!! 22:19:04
The family tree that produced this nut 22:17:14
'CBS 60 Minutes', damage from swine flu vaccs in '76 - must see ! 22:01:52
I miss Hillary Clinton!! 21:57:28
S604 FaxBomb 21:45:51
Strange Police Activity 21:34:45
Jim Demint on Glenn Beck for 1207 and 604 21:28:31
Cop Who Beat woman Bartender Gets Probation! 21:19:18
ROCR is back in action 21:08:41
Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009 20:12:39
Ron Paul: International Bailout Brings Us Closer to Economic Collapse 20:02:41
Doctors Baffled, Intrigued by Girl Who Doesn't Age 19:58:50
An Ingenious Plan To Pay All Debts 19:58:27
What Have We Accomplished & What Are We Hoping To Accomplish Here? 19:36:56
Cartoon video on Swine Flu 19:16:22
NH tea party 6-24-09 19:11:16
Call For A General Amnesty For Non-Violent DP Family Members 18:21:46
Minn. judge orders teen to continue chemotherapy 17:58:53
This Boomer Isn't Going to Apologize: Excellent Editorial WSJ 17:44:12
The Father's Day gift for the dad who has everything - a little tyranny! 17:35:59
Repealing the Laws of Physics 17:22:17
Mousavi is our boy now, attacked US Embassy and barracks in the 80's 17:20:49
Drunken Driver To Advise U.S. Secretary Of State 17:04:41
HR 620 Environmental extremism!!! To accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States 16:52:40
Glenn Beck to interview Sen. Demint on Fed transparency act 16:42:23
Humpty Dumpty video? 16:05:59
Radio America interview with our Dr. Ron Paul on the Iran situation 16:00:17
Wanna see a free fall implosion? 15:53:53
Urgent: Charges filed in Austria against Baxter Pharmaceutical for starting the Pandemic 15:41:57
Mousavi of Iran: responsible for executing thousands... 15:40:08
Did you know there was an assassination attempt on Jimmy Carter? 15:37:42
Seeing Through All the Propaganda About Iran 15:36:30
'Dozens dead' in Pakistan drone strike 15:24:06
Sorcha's explanation for Sanford's absence - (C'mon, fairy tales can be fun) 15:19:58
Is Norm Coleman sucking the RNC dry? 15:12:36
Gang of wealthy pensioners kidnaps and tortures financial adviser who lost their savings 15:03:27
Senator Karen Johnson Brings 9 11 Truth to Arizona 14:54:49
Clint Curtis: 'flip" votes thru software. 13:40:39
Cynthia McKinney on Russia Today - FEDERAL RESERVE, Iraq War and Torture 13:31:51
Republican Tom Campbell for Governor of California Needs Help to Make it Happen 13:13:54
Obama--while Live Blogging--Praises Bernanke, but Blows Off Q on Growing Power of Fed 13:13:06
The Dollar Just took a NOSE DIVE 10AM Pacific. 12:51:30
Senator confronts AZ legislature with truth 12:39:16
Just got an invite to hear Krugman speak.Anyone want to go and ask him some questions about austrian economics? heres the invite 12:13:40
Question Authority: Always and Forever Hereafter 11:53:23
Who wants to get away from it all ? 11:45:01
My Dear Elected Official INTEGRITY Letter 11:34:35
Where Are They? 11:04:20
LET's TALK: Did the house pass SS for illegal's last week? 10:37:12
Ron Paul: I'm Not Bailing Out California 10:30:55
For Freedom, Name a _____?! After Your Congress Critter 10:30:30
Heresay, but tantalizing: Japanese arrested with bonds fighting Fed 10:29:33
About this Blogger False-Claims FTC Regulation 10:27:06
Why Is Medical Malpractice "Off The Table"? 10:12:52
Ahmadinejad won. Get over it 09:36:10
Just a Brand 09:13:47
Planned destruction 09:02:38
Gun rights for everyone is about to be taken away 08:46:28
Dr. Paul gets army veteran his forgotten medals 08:22:06
Australian NWO..True Facts of the Past 08:14:39
Question Authority: Always and Forever Hereafter 08:05:45
Governor Forced to take stimulus money , then takes a hike to clear his head 07:58:16
Glenn Beck's Fake Crying Photoshoot 07:57:25
9-11 unravelling? Or someone jerking my chain? Updated, please help sort it out! 07:49:59
Iraq getting the "false flag" treatment? 07:44:45
unorthodox strategies **question** 07:43:54
Wash Post: Didn't get enough of Ron Paul? We now have Rand Paul 06:49:56
General Question: Any "left-libertarians" frequent this board? 06:13:36
"Operation code-name: TP-AJAX -- A short account of 1953 Coup" 05:10:52
Number Finally Set by Rand Paul 04:44:36
Here is your Audit of the Federal Reserve! 04:33:28
Enjoy this Wild River video excerpt -- classic libertarian 02:40:33
"Anti-Real ID" States are using and storing your biometric "faceprints"! 02:05:26
What other boards do you guys frequent? 01:52:49
The real cost of taxes 01:11:16
94 Yr old Army Veteran recieves world war 2 medel's, Pinned by Congressman Ron Paul 00:54:59
Ron Paul Interview - WND AudioNetDaily 00:41:27