Posted on June 24, 2009

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Reason TV: Is Obama-Bush creating a lost decade here in the U.S.? 13:35:10
Video: Best of Ron Paul vs. The Federal Reserve 15:55:15
Fed Breathes Premature "Sigh of Relief" 13:35:09
Ron Paul at CATO Institute - Bringing Transparency to the Federal Reserve 12:36:50
Ron Paul: The Future Of The Federal Reserve 11:18:15
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/24/09 11:07:33
H.R. 1207 Ron Paul Has Large Backing In Congress To Audit The Federal Reserve 12:05:53
Ben Wants More Power 00:47:46
Top Ten Creditors Holding US Debt 00:19:22
Federal Troops Attack Veterans Marching in DC 15:55:16
Ron Paul Signs Letter To DHS Secretary Napolitano Opposing Knife Ban 00:19:21
Barney Frank introduces bill to decriminalize pot! 11:28:37
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Watch this video. Updated to add link. 23:59:36
Mossad-Taliban whistleblower killed in Pakistan 23:29:40
Special Cyber Hug For Michael Nystrom 23:28:00
CIA Agent and 9/11 23:22:14
HEY - Obama proposes more Power to the Federal Reserve!!!! 22:55:40
Obama Proposes more Power to the Federal Reserve!!!! 22:54:14
One bad thing about legalizing marijuana at this time... 22:53:50
We LOST - Obama proposes more Power to the FED 22:51:28
NH legislature passes Medical Marijuana bill- Will Gov. sign? 22:46:41
NEW State/Fed Controls on Home-made Foods 22:23:37
Man killed in D.C. Metro crash ordered jets above Capitol on 9/11 22:02:38
The Incredible Bread Machine: Libertarian Classic 21:52:10
He's back! Charles Goyette Rocks! 21:43:18
Nutjobs R Us 21:42:39
UN backs decriminalization 21:37:09
more swine flu shot info. /OATHKEEPERS : Dr. Tennpenny 21:35:46
Fun With News Letters 21:29:20
Is Iran the Oil Motherload? 21:23:36
Wanna see what 911 was for ? 21:17:48
Ed Griffin in Philadelphia June 24th 21:08:45
UN Now Controlling US? 20:48:33
I Love You!!! 20:22:36
9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public 20:17:46
"Leave Iran Alone!" by Ron Paul 19:10:47
Get in your Congressman's Face.... We Did! 19:07:16
Deleted Posts... 18:30:56
IMF says dollar adjustment might be needed 18:20:10
Have you seen this video of the JFK assassination? 18:03:20
Legacy ‘copycats’ operating 17:47:08
Please Help Rep. Charles Key-Oklahoma's Hero 17:37:31
Pomona Police Say 9/11 Truther Must Turn In His Guns (Court 6/26/09) 17:29:25
Found an alternative to PayPal---NO SS# needed!!! 17:25:44
South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford admits affair while in Argentina.... 17:24:03
Ten Reasons I Wouldn't Invite Glenn Beck to DailyPaul 17:11:52
everyone must watch this video now! 17:05:21
The Judge is hosting GB NOW 17:03:43
Neil Cavuto - Libertarian on 16:40:16
Deception in "Free Market" Banking 16:36:20
Lawmaker: Fed Engaged in "Cover-Up" of BofA Deal. This should boost support for HR1207 15:53:45
Camp Out At The Holdout's Office - NJ 15:24:30
Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009 15:18:13
Much learning is here 15:17:04
Another one bites the dust - Sanford 15:08:01
CFL Townhall Meeting in Missouri - Anybody Going? 15:02:03
What's the deal with 14:59:04
Anyone care to educate me on Gary Johnson? 14:54:13
Where was Sanford? Having an AFFAIR with an Argentinian woman! 14:41:30
"Reagan Republican" Removed from 2012 race after Argentina affair exposed, run Jesse run 14:39:09
For those of us who haven't gulped the whole "C" theory of 9-11, this interview has credible witness testimony worth considering 14:37:15
Before You Enlist! 14:06:00
Brock Lesnar rips Obama's spending 13:58:32
Contrary to popular belief, the Constitution doesn't apply to you 13:47:29
Please Twitter & Blog Mike Shanklin He Is On Freedon Watch 2PM EST Today! 13:46:06
Bus to DC March 9/12/09 13:42:09
Ron Paul's Brave Statement 'Leave Iran Alone' 13:41:56
An Open Letter to Your Congressman 13:09:37
Maine Campaign for Liberty 13:03:58
1 Million Signatures Against Mandatory Vaccinations ! 12:55:01
Sell California -- best practical idea ever for solving the budge crisis 12:36:11
Sanford to Explain Trip at News Conference--WSJ 12:11:15
McCain - What can we do to help his opponents? 11:54:48
Glenn Beck vs. Alex Jones 11:50:20
I had Breakfast with Ron Paul... 11:47:35
Obama's Financial Reform Proposal: A Stealth Scheme for Global Monetary Control 11:11:03
"North Korea threatened to wipe the United States off the map" 11:10:24
Cutting Edge Weekly Newsletter - Defense Secretary Gates creates a super "Cyber-Security" system! 11:08:21
Extensive Financial Support for Al Qaeda by Saudi Royal Family - New York Times 10:59:11
Pentagon Drone Kills 80 at Funeral in Pakistan 10:56:42
Brasscheck TV: Electric cars (inspiring video to watch) 10:53:24
Ten Questions for Those Forecasters Who Predict Inevitable Deflation by Gary North 10:37:11
Ron Paul on AIR America on IRAN 10:30:54
Senate Banking and Currency Hearings H. R. 7837 (S. 2639) - Direct, To the Point. 10:25:44
Ron Paul Goes First 10:00:18
Cadence / chant for parades? 09:37:06
Are We Trading Our National Sovereignty For Financial Stability? 08:25:37
Sanford risks being odd man out 07:38:51
Audit the Fed Podcasts with C4L Pres. John Tate 07:37:45
On Gold and Silver Coin Shortages-Article by Ron Paul Supporter Trace Mayer 07:26:02
Iranian police find evidence of "foreign elements" in post-election unrest 07:14:40
So, Sanford FLEW to the Appalachian Trail? 07:04:30
With all the controversy being created by the hubristic Thief-in-Chief, there’s a bustling market for rebellion, and Ron Paul’s 07:02:00
Phone call from flight 93 coached? Listen to this! 07:00:52
Mr. Bernanke believes the Fed’s actions have played a major role in averting a possible second Great Depression 06:44:19
700 NYC Teachers Are Paid $65M to Do Nothing 02:55:50
When it's all too much 02:51:38
House votes on Iran, 405-1...Guess Who was the 1? 01:51:21
CALL TO ACTION: Lets use our energy to do something productive. 01:36:28
ron paulin the rush limbaugh show 01:06:10
At last, Fed feels some heat 00:36:50
"They need to change their attitude" 00:35:56
A little nonsense.... 00:13:44
What congress critter are we calling, faxing, emailing tomorrow? 00:13:29
The Daily PC? 00:11:39