Posted on June 25, 2009

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Conyers abandons plan to probe ACORN - "Powers that be decided against it" 20:27:48
CNBC: The Need For Transparency In The Fed 20:27:46
Video: Adam Kokesh joins and signs the pledge 18:20:01
Ron Paul: Let's Legalize Competing Currencies 11:29:49
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/25/09 11:10:44
CSPAN Live: Cmte. Questions Fed's Extent of Knowledge in Bank Merger 10:25:00
Freedom Watch 6/24 03:09:15
*Urgent-Oppose the Cap and Trade 'Tax' Increase Bill, H.R. 2454 03:09:16
Bachmann: "We Now Have A Gangster Government" 20:27:47
Iraq soldiers protest for back pay, US troops kill two 09:49:14
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The Onion: US To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash Through 23:47:27
The "Obama Show" was a flop. 23:22:21
God wants you to go "green" and support enviro-friendly legislation 23:18:35
Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009- 22:46:52
Jim Bunning and Ron Paul: Fed trendsetters? 22:44:05
The FED, Kissinger, and Obama Confess! (featuring Ron Paul) 22:31:37
nevermind our civil liberties, economic welfare or destructive foreign policy... THE KING OF POP IS DEAD! 22:26:24
Arab foreign ministers reject the Obamessiah's request 21:55:32
Inside look at China's collapsing economy 21:33:59
Opposition to "cap-and-trade" grows in U.S.: poll 21:31:06
Why Would the FED hire an ex-Enron Lobbyist? 20:58:40
United States Militia. 20:55:13
Chat with John Stossel Live right now 8pm EST Thursday 19:58:20
First There Was 24/7 Coverage of the Iran Protests, Then 24/7 Coverage on the Sanford Affair,Now24/7 Coverage of Jackson's Death 19:39:19
Obama is all out of "change" (hilarious) 19:23:03
So many successes to celebrate 19:10:54
Tell Glenn Beck there IS one honest politician 18:58:56
Ron Paul on Auditing the Federal Reserve 18:45:26
Wall Street Unspun 24 June 2009 with Peter Schiff 18:37:07
***Who has called their Rep over the cap and trade bill?*** 18:31:47
Iran has Neda Palestine has Bassem 18:20:22
Iranian Ambassador claims CIA killed Neda on CNN 18:17:37
Does Anyone Care Right Now About North Korea Saying They're Going to Nuke U.S. ??? 18:10:58
Alex Jones - Glenn Beck: Tears of a Clown 18:04:14
Mark Sanford must resign or apologize (he hasn't yet) 18:01:30
4th Of July Frenzie! Get In That Parade -&- Pass Out Literature!!! 17:29:36
Peter Schiff is on GB now 17:10:46
Boycott Burger King? This is just inappropriate. 17:05:09
9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public 16:40:56
Iran says it has caught protest "mastermind" 16:37:21
korea is threatening the us 16:34:33
HR 1207 Cosponsor Dan Burton Questions Bernanke 16:27:41
Invitation to the Rothbard Summer University 2009 16:27:00
HR 1207 Letter to the Editor, Please Use and Share 16:23:44
Video: Corporatism in the UK 16:13:00
Call Rep. Nita Lowey (NY-18) on H.R. 1207 16:06:35
19 states have only days left to pass their 2010 budgets. 15:40:17
Ron Paul: Anti-Fed Before Anti-Fed Was Cool 15:33:37
Obama's Fix-It Plans by Lew Rockwell 15:17:12
I donated... pony up! 15:08:48
Bilderberg 2009 Intel Already Proving Accurate 14:52:12
Does anyone have any contact with the AMISH???? PLEASE POST IF SO!! 14:35:16
Ark of the Covenant about to be revealed?? 14:34:48
International version of the Freestate Project? 13:56:11
Obama's Fix-It Plans by Lew Rockwell 13:41:06
Does Israel have a cobalt bomb? 13:16:12
FDA May License Home Breadmaking and Garden Sales! 12:56:44
Reality Report 12:52:56
Supreme Court Rules 13 Year Old Teen's Strip Search At School Was Illegal 12:50:38
Why did Sanford admit his affair? 12:45:33
Mark Sanford = Traditional Marriage Hypocrite? update w\ mistress pics 12:30:51
Georack Obushma strikes again 12:24:33
We are going to bomb the moon in October 12:18:53
WSJ: Cap & Trade = Biggest Tax in American History 12:16:09
Iran’s Ahmadinejad: Obama is acting like Bush (MSNBC) 12:14:08
New book out today: Dick Morris Previews 'Catastrophe' 11:39:24
A victory for the constitution kinda: Court: School Strip Search Violated Teen's Rights 11:38:26
Ha! Ha! 11:34:49
Bernanke is testifying right now about BoA deal 11:15:10
Lets look at the 'Powers of Congress', shall we? 11:13:29
Is the stock market a house of cards being propped up by the FED? 11:03:13
Toast to Alan Greenspan..PIMP 10:48:10
What is the new Representative's name? 10:39:47
Ron Paul: Let's Legalize Competing Currencies 10:28:52
Ron Paul's Competing Currencies. 09:51:28
RE: S604 and other such things 09:38:58
Michelle Obama's Old Job 09:36:37
While we drop bombs and steal oil, China negotiates and buys oil 09:36:19
A Green Shoot? U.S. Stock Futures Slide on Unexpected Jump in Jobless Claims 09:34:26
Ahmadinejad compares Obama to Bush 09:34:13
D.C. Crash Kills General Who Scrambled Jets on 9/11 09:06:14
Question about 911 phone calls.... 08:49:50
Cashing in savings bonds? 08:01:17
Fed faces cover-up claim on BofA merger 07:40:33
Ron Paul & Jim Bunning: Fed Trendsetters? POLITICO 06:42:32
Republicans to Paint Bernanke as Ally of Big Government 06:22:48
Banana Peel Tyranny Sting Operation? 06:12:00
Freedom Watch 6/24/2009 03:30:24
State Dept. Nominee Says "Guns Kill Civil Society" 03:26:32
Big GMO Monsanto: earnings down 14% and 900 lay offs 02:22:45
Who gave a copy of Mark Sanford's saucy love email to a newspaper company in South Carolina? 01:35:06
Ron Paul at Cato: Audit the Fed! 6/24/09 01:11:35
Libertarian VP Candidate Wayne Root May Oppose Harry Reid in 2010 00:38:10
UK Iraq investigation yields interesting memo 00:23:18
Ron Paul: "Obama 'Goal' Is Economic Collapse" 00:19:38