Posted on June 26, 2009

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Video: Ron Paul at Cato on Auditing the Federal Reserve 10:40:15
Who is RJ Harris? 10:54:59
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Pinks Slips for All Who Voted For Cap And Trade 23:58:18
Reality Report: Kissinger, Obama, The FED featuring Ron Paul and Alex Jones 23:35:43
Judge Moore will be appearing on Sean Hannity's America 23:23:54
Gilbert Schwartz, Former Associate General to the Fed, Confesses 23:14:28
Freedom Will Prevail! 22:57:28
Kucinich Questions Ben Bernanke (Round 2) 22:56:31
TONIGHT 11PM EST LIVE! Dr. Mary Ruwart Radio Interview 22:48:02
Cap and Trade & state sovereignty ? 22:45:08
Idea for Congressman Waxman!!! 21:50:59
the Total is now 44 21:34:50
Federal judge says Obama eligibility case "raises significant issues" [UPDATED 06/30] 21:24:08
Strange bedfellows? Peter J. Boettke and Stephen Resnick! 21:22:47
Classical Liberal Class-Conflict Theory 21:11:06
Rep. Mark Souder Special Order Speech 20:44:35
Congresswoman Kaptur Compares Federal Reserve To Counterfeiters! and Round 2 20:40:57
Rep John Duncan asks Bernanke about HR1207 20:38:56
Idle thoughts on the Dollar 20:35:08
RonPaulSingles For Those Looking For Love And Companionship... 19:56:10
The rats list. House members who voted for the cap and trade bill 19:28:58
TruthToken....thought everyone here would be interested in this 19:27:44
Cap & Trade Bill Passed - What To Do Now? 19:25:26
The U.S. House Narrowly Passes 2454(Cap&Tax) Heads To Senate, You Know What You Have To Do 19:24:06
What a sad day for this country........... 19:20:44
Wednesdays Good Work--Drive-by Petition Signing 19:06:42
Judge Napolitano's Verdict: Prosecute the Rogue Bankers! 6/26/09 18:58:55
China Trashes U.S. Dollar ! Calls For New World Currency 18:54:12
A question regarding private property rights 18:42:55
Bloomberg: Bernanke Grilling May Weaken Case for Expanded Powers 18:29:19
A New Slogan for Cap and Trade 18:26:26
Downsize DC's "Read the Bills Act" 18:20:54
Voting on Cap and Tax NOW! 17:55:36
Why are otherwise-smart people BABBLING MORONS when govt is involved ? 17:39:03
Climate change climate change 17:30:18
Whether or Not Cap and Trade Passes - Remember Who Supported and Voted For It. 17:29:46
Fr. Coughlin on the FED 17:11:08
Live from PorcFest 09 17:09:19
URGENT: Swine flu made in US and Canada(population reduction) 17:05:44
Missouri HB 685....passed 17:03:15
Cap and Trade - ONE LAST PUSH 16:46:45
I'm for cap and trade 16:41:28
Ron Paul: Storming The Federal Reserve 16:23:51
Following are 2 diary entries from two years ago. Thought you all might get a chuckle! 16:22:43
First They Came... (If this doesn't wake you up - nothing will!) 16:19:21
Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck Discussing Cap-and-Trade, 6/25/09 16:14:13
Storming The Federal Reserve: 16:09:58
RIGHT NOW! What's you Congressman's stance on Cap & Tax right now? 15:56:24
Have you received a phone call from 202-730-9944? 15:31:22
Fed going to sell gold for cash 15:30:06
We need to teach by example. Show how to get a Certification of Live Birth. 15:28:49
Adam Kokesh interview 14:49:47
Downward Acceleration of the North Tower on 9/11 14:24:39
RE: global warming or climate change (or whatever the gangster element calls it these days). 14:20:36
Calf. Forced to Issue “IOUs” Without Immediate Budget Fix 14:17:55
Cap-and-Trade (War-On-Poor) Vote Hurried for Pelosi’s Vacation 14:13:09
Call on HR2454 14:12:13
House LIVE on cspan NOW! 1:55 PM EST 13:56:38
Michael Jackson comic in bad taste 13:52:50
URGENT!! Government switched bill nr from 2454 to 2998 13:50:59
Dear Big Brother, 13:34:39
Swine Flu Vaccine: Will We Have A Choice? 13:17:11
China calls for worldwide currency... 13:14:00
Antiwar radio talks about a Bush era ghost prisoner tortured to death 12:59:01
New GM VOLT spotted. Will it save GM? 12:52:38
From Ron Paul:International Bailout Brings Us Closer to Economic Collapse 12:27:40
2 Great Articles on The $$$$$ 12:24:11
Do you understand? I do! 12:13:08
"Independence of the Fed" = We do what we want, when we want 12:06:31
What are your plans for the July 4th Teaparty? 12:02:37
Wired magazine talks about predator drone "Blowback". 11:55:46
CNN: Bernanke Threatens Economic Collapse If Fed Audited 11:34:57
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/26/09 11:08:14
How Goldman Sachs has Destroyed the U.S. 11:04:37
Any News On The Ark Of The Covenant? 10:59:02
Raw Deal or Sick Deal? Sen. Ben Cardin wants to restore economic sovereignty to car dealers... 09:45:07
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy 08:54:43
The Wisdom of Ron Paul 08:48:43
Are we putting ourselves in checkmate or check? 08:47:55
Vote on "Cap and Trade\Tax" bill goes to the House floor for a vote TODAY! Call now! 08:24:06
Another green shoot? Dollar Falls on China Call for World Currency 07:55:11
Print More Money! Print More Money! Print More Money! 07:40:07
Why Does Alex Jones Promote Tarpley, when He is Against Dr. Paul? 07:12:19
Buchanan: California: Here We Come! 06:56:57
Obama’s Emerging Legacy: Wars, Bankers and For-Profit Healthcare 06:32:05
They are coming for us and what are we gonna do about it? 02:53:25
The Amish are the most 'Free Americans' of any group you can name. 02:16:01
Arkansas State Health Department says mandatory vaccinations are constitutional 01:45:34
Ron Paul Music/Rap Flashback 01:32:40
Gold Vending Machine - Bloomberg (Video) 01:25:40
Bernanke Griling May Weaken Case for Fed as Risk Regulator 01:08:44
Austrian Journalist Charges WHO, UN with Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder with Flu Vaccine 00:55:46
Cato Experts Dissect Obama's Healthcare Town Hall Meeting 00:46:03
Cap and Trade vote Friday June 26!! We might be too late 00:20:30
Maybe this should be done to the bankers and politicians in our country. 00:18:10
Animal Scientist Dr. Stan Curtis discusses Animal Agriculture on Lux Libertas 00:11:16