Posted on June 28, 2009

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Hyperinflation Nation 22:51:25
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Support Debra Medina's campaign for Governor of Texas 23:05:59
RFID credit card sticker for your cell phone 22:56:47
The word czar in American politics originally had a bad connotation 22:17:58
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Refuses to run WND Obama Birth Ad 22:17:49
Obama Moves to Fund Iranian Dissidents 21:41:32
Why Incumbents Rarely Lose 21:02:55
Fliers to hand out during the tea parties July 4th! 19:13:55
Obama-backed plan volunteers Americans to pay global taxes 18:57:04
Alex Jones - Executive Order #13375 - FORCED VACCINATIONS 18:44:10
Getting real about Cap & Trade; and other 1200+ page bills!!! 18:03:07
No Silver Coins since J.F.K. assassinated. 17:56:59
Up with Ludwig von Mises! Down with Post-Autistic Economics! 17:40:22
New free DVD to wake people up 17:30:27
This site was UNDER ATTACK 17:10:48
Smile! You could be on the Denver Police Department's candid camera 16:56:24
Daily Tax scam update. Wilful failure to file scam. 16:41:37
Obama Warns Against Trade Penalties in Energy Bill... Tax US not them 16:40:10
Honduran President Is Ousted in Coup 16:35:53
Innoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destruction 16:25:28
Congress 101: U.S. Senate - Learn About The Inner Workings Of The Senate 15:47:34
Honduran Military Ousts President Zelaya 14:58:29
Gay Marriage tipping point near: 538 trend analysis from 1994-2009 14:53:08
I will unashamedly admit to being a supporter of Mark Sanford. Remember the saying that nothing in politics happens by accident 14:50:37
Congress 101: U.S. House of Representatives - Learn About The Inner Workings of The House 14:45:41
An Organization That Has More Power Over Congress Than All The American People Combined. 14:30:22
Thought Crime Bills Threaten Talk Radio 13:56:11
any Constitutional Republicans running for Congress in Wisconsin? 13:55:55
Obama-backed plan volunteers Americans to pay global taxes 13:53:17
Vaccine Doctor Given at Least $30 Million Dollars to Push Vaccines 13:17:02
The 9/11 Trials: A Message To The Torture Accountability Crowd 12:51:56
Government's Ongoing Incompetency with Energy 12:35:33
2006 Ron Paul Flashback on Iran 12:26:38 Be A part of It! 12:19:28
Spot on Dissertation - Please Read 11:58:02
US sends ammunition and guns to Somalia 11:47:29
Ron Paul: Obama and Congress 'Goal' Is Economic Collapse 11:31:12
Rip Off 11:20:25
Fed Documents Fuel Concerns About Expanding Central Bank's Role 11:17:13
Cap & Trade - More Talking Points 10:47:40
Iran heating things up 10:37:15
Latest Info Plus 175 Page Document on Journalist who Files BioTerrorism Charges Agsint WHO and UN re Swine Flu 10:13:38
If we are meant to be a Republic and not a democracy then? 09:14:06
Call Me GOP 08:55:18
Obama sold out the US to the FSB right under our noses. 07:53:52
great news 05:23:27
Free download of 31 page .pdf file Obama Deception, 04:55:59
A faith based motivational response to my uncle 00:59:03
RS's Taibbi disembowels GoldmanSachs & the Carbon Tax. 00:33:26
flashback: China to Count Abortions as Carbon off-set Credits EU and UN Approve 00:25:16
And so it begins!!! 00:15:51
CAP AND TRADE - Senate Democrats List of Shame/Honor 00:04:03