Posted on June 3, 2009

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Freedom Watch 6/3 19:53:09
Two New Bills Introduced By Dr. Paul - "Coercion is Not Health Care Act" and "Protect Patients' and Physicians' Privacy Act" 07:36:17
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If you are against drugs or stealth growing do not visit this link. 23:55:40
**Video**Obama and the War Criminals 23:53:07
Dick, Don & the boys...(video) 23:30:32
"Comrade" Obama 23:24:01
White House Dialogue Site 23:23:33
MIAC Report Under Review--Missouri House forms special committee for investigation and possible oversight 23:18:41
New strategy for attacking the fiscal conservative wing of the GOP has emerged - broad application of the “Ron Paul” label. 23:12:00
Help Needed to get Grassroots Message on the Radio 22:58:19
Obama's Elite Agenda: Black Abortion for Profit 22:46:53
We Should Guard Against the Dumbing Down of The Daily Paul! 22:29:59
The World Trade Center Attacks in Perspective 21:47:36
Prediction: UKIP to pwn Labour Party in British Euro Election. 21:29:37
Just Posted: 4409 -- NAZI Checkpoint Confronted - 2 21:21:55
Get this Poster/Sign: 48 Injections with 14 Vaccines by Age 6? 21:15:27
How many people have died in US involved wars? 21:06:49
Have You Guys Seen This RP compilation video ? 20:51:39
The Bankruptcy of The United States 20:39:23
Sumpins up, might be nothing but..... regime change this weekend? 20:28:52
If CANADA can Lose GOLD, We should have an AUDIT of OUR GOLD! 20:11:31
"What California's Budget Mess Means for America" 19:50:50
Liberty Bell Within You 19:25:14
Ron Paul sign in NY Times "Great Homes and Destinations" 18:47:15
What is your favorite Ludwig von Mises quotation? 18:34:04
The Punk Patriot is Not Mad at Obama 18:25:55
A Keynesian Fairy Tale 18:16:20
Alex Jones Mocks the Obama Sheep 18:15:04
Tennessee House Overrides Governor's Veto of Guns-in-Bars-and-Restaurants Bill 18:14:40
Breakdown of Support for H.R. 1207 by Party...who has it? 18:08:31
Liberty Counsel 18:02:22
I think I just planted a seed of free thinking 17:59:18
Chrysler Bankruptcy Sale Halted - Feds Acting Illegally 17:54:22
Cramer: GM is now a Jobs Program, Not a Car Company 17:40:25
*ALERT*- Dr. Paul's HR 1207 being secretly neutered /messed with?? 17:26:50
Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!! 17:25:02
What Will Become of the Federal Reserve? 17:24:22
Stewart: Can we stop buying (bad) companies? 16:33:11
Murray Sabrin: Gold will reach $6,000 16:22:35
Ecuador Refuses to Pay Back Debts to Western Imperial Banksters 16:18:28
Navy Vet Honored, Foiled Israeli Attack 16:07:42
Quarterly $1 Trillion Monetization 16:04:27
Foreign Dividend paying stocks. Any good ideas? 15:50:19
Law & Order (NBC) gave lipservice to Bilderberg Group last night in 15:41:28
The jury has the right to judge both the LAW as well as the fact in controversy 15:25:32
Is Lonegan blowing it in New Jersey? 15:22:06
Terrific show on Freedom Watch Today! 14:57:26
Congratulations: The GOP/RINOcrats recognize us now as the "Ron Paul wing" 14:54:46
US Made Bombing Errors In Afghanistan 14:33:59
BEST COP EVER! New World Order HATES These Cops 14:22:28
Unreal. Someone needs to be Educated - School this A Hole. 13:54:09
Bernanke Warns Deficits Threaten Financial Stability 13:48:01
★ Who should Ron Paul's VP be? 13:34:00
Judge Napolitano gets award 13:21:03
Speed Cameras Appearing on Highways 13:16:29
Just Aplly for a credit cards 13:13:14
Death Squad in Delaware: The Case of the Murdered Marine 13:09:52
Congressman Grayson discusses Fed oversite and HR1207 13:08:59
Cop vs. Ron Paul delegate, caught on tape 13:07:29
This really pisses me off : US service men and woman being used as lab rats. 13:04:09
Amy Goodman: No Friend of Liberty, Duh! 12:55:38
VOTE UP! Only Criminals Use Honest Money Thanks To The Federal Reserve... 12:51:24
Moderators 12:37:06
Texans Rally Against Usurpation of Governmental Power at State Capital 12:35:16
How to talk to you Congressman's Office - UPDATED - 45 second response! 12:20:37
Encourage Melissa Hill to run for Minneapolis City Council! 12:08:23
Why California Is Broke 11:50:08
Now they want to tax health benefits 11:45:45
People of NJ. Too stupid to even help themselves... 11:25:59
White House 'dialogue' site scrubbed of eligibility posts 11:16:03
Obama Sells Top US Defense Contractor To Chinese Military For Pennies On The Dollar 11:10:38
800 Pound Gorilla 10:57:49
If Signing Statements were over Bush's Power then they are for Obama also 10:56:30
ATTN PA, NJ, DE: Griffin & Perloff, back to back! 10:52:05
Todd Andrew Barnett will be onBold Voices for an interview and Q & A. 10:51:51
RJ Harris to speak at June 13 Tulsa Tea Party 10:37:30
Bernanke says STOP 10:32:49
Obama: "United States is one of the largest Muslim countries" 10:18:07
Phooey on Federal Funds: Please take this poll in Ron's area 10:16:16
Freedom Watch Guests Today @ 2PM EST include Ron Paul, Daniel Hannan, Radley Balko, Lew Rockwell 10:14:32
"Bin Laden threatens Americans in new tape" Dead, not dead... 09:56:36
Surviving US Hyperinflation, will be Life's biggest challenge 09:54:48
Ron Paul Endorsed Candidate ~ Patriot Adam Kokesh for Congress 09:41:00
Video Contest Submission Guidelines (LO-RES) 09:21:09
Will freedom and liberty prevail for the human race? 09:19:34
U.S. military takes over world....wide web 09:17:53
Is the Chicago Gun Ban Court case a victory for states rights or a whack against Liberty? 09:16:39
Cuccinelli, Campaign for Liberty, and shifting GOP party politics 09:14:44
U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level, Faber Says 08:54:25
After Michael left this forum has gone to pot 08:25:47
A Man Who Saw the Future 08:02:07
Go ahead with that 07:42:04
arguments for court! 07:04:34
Loophole Found to Forward Homosexual Agenda 06:52:16
America: From Freedom to Fascism 04:35:26
What am i being arrested for?... "It doesn't matter". 04:01:52
AMERICAN CONSPIRACY - Promo for Alex Jones TV project 03:30:35
Why are conservatives so mean? Pajama TV 03:29:25
who is deleting my post 02:51:51
Like We Don't Have Enough To Worry About...Now We Need To Use A Geiger Counter When We Go Shopping 02:29:17
U.S. Releases Secret List of Nuclear Sites Accidentally??? 02:25:20
"UPDATE" CHP told me "the Constitution doesnt apply" help get her fired. 02:03:25
We are going to promote the creation of a new world order.” 01:27:13
What’s Wrong With Our Foreign Policy and What the Libertarian Party Can Do About It 00:38:05
Watch this guy chase down and pull over a cop 00:12:18