Posted on June 4, 2009

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Ron Paul: No End To Secret Prisons!? Ignoring Habeas Corpus!? No Penalty For Torture!? 09:10:05
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48 Doses/14 Vaccines by Age 6 Plus 8 Flus 23:41:47
Frank to Give Paul Hearings! Can I buy stock in End the Fed book sales? 23:40:37
#1 Video of the day! 23:40:22
Sixties film, 'Brotherhood of the Bell' , Warning Us of the 'Establishment' 23:36:10
You guys want to help me hound Jared Polis regarding HR1207 per the request of C4L? 23:36:04
Jiminy Cricket is one of the Angelic Souls here 23:32:31
Chicago Law Banning Handguns in City Upheld by Court 23:17:35
Peter Schiff to formally announce his Senate run? 22:46:40
With the topics all over the place at the moment 22:17:12
THE GOP IS OURS FOR THE TAKING - republican party meeting minutes (IN CA) 22:16:56
Do you live in a city where there is a Federal Reserve bank? 21:58:14
DP Book Club 21:22:13
Remember this guy? He has not signed on to HR1207, but he sure talks a good game. 21:19:16
6ft 4inch dead guy threatening us again... 21:12:43
What congress person are we fax bombing, calling, or emailing today for them to support HR1207? 21:04:02
Action Alert - Texas Parental Rights Threatened 21:00:07
rhino: The idea fight. 20:46:13
Kucinich Gets His Audit the Fed Bill PASSED 20:36:06
Obama Middle East Speech Taped!!! 20:13:45
ADL decides to censor comic strip.....look out Doonesbury 19:58:00
What do you expect to happen this summer ? 19:52:51
New Aids like easily transmissible disease in China 19:24:26
Angel.... WACKO STYLE! 19:19:30
Remember these EXCELLENT Ron Paul ads?? 19:19:20
OSHO: : Absolutely Free to Be Funny 19:14:54
H.R. 1207 18:18:46
Ky. pastor asks members to bring guns to church 17:56:22
My lefty friends were SHOCKED by this... 17:52:10
The last time South Carolina got invaded, at least their own court didn't help 17:48:57
rhino: What is this all about? 17:37:15
Moderators Are Human Beings Just Like You 17:35:59
★ Prosecute Bush Admin★ 17:28:16
House Repubs offer cuts to the tune of $23 Billion...over 5yrs 17:25:51
New Rand Paul Money Bomb Idea 16:59:43
★ Kucinich requests Kenneth Lewis appear under oath before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform★ 16:58:43
★ UPDATE H.R. 1207★ . 16:48:18
CALL TO ACTION: C4L & Ron Paul Republicans 16:35:37
BREAKING NEWS: President Obama Admits to CIA Overthrow of Iranian Government in 1953 16:32:02
Obama's Elite Agenda: Black Abortion for Profit 16:18:08
Americans Are Finally "Fed" Up With the Fed *HR 1207 15:52:32
US Intel Officials Suggest foreign terrorists are seeking to work with anti-government groups 15:32:28
Ron Paul Issues A Formal Call To Action 15:12:03
Yes, the people can: Ron Paul supporters emerging as potent force in GOP 14:59:20
Yet more evidence of a Republican death wish 14:55:25
Naomi Wolf: Why No Investigation? 14:33:34
Activism! Call Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez 14:31:02
We're all screwed. Seriously, this is messed up. 14:28:43
Rising Interest on Nations’ Debts May Sap World Growth 14:23:21
FREEDOM: Our message is resonating Don't worry, be happy! 14:11:47
Shall We Answer Rush Limbaugh's Call? 13:40:47
Americans are burning themselves 13:21:07
The Failure of the Bush-Obama War on Recession by Lew Rockwell 13:18:03
Tell Congress not to Force GE Crops on other Countries 13:06:53
Green Shoots???? Could be for some!!! 12:39:54
I just had a customer drop off a vehicle with Obama stickers all over it 12:14:00
Down with public education 12:04:22
A swing and a miss in Texas? 11:36:46
The Whiskey Rebellion: Why you should know about it 11:35:25
2nd Amendment Limiting News in Georgia & Illinois 11:25:16
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/4/09 11:07:07
Question about the Colbert Show 11:01:08
TEXAS: Family-Threatening Legislation needs veto -SB 1440 10:55:17
WSJ: Merkel for The Fed 10:15:13
I was talking to my nephew last night while we weeded the garden 10:09:58
Vehicle Code and Driver's license--Help! 09:59:31
DP Posting Guidelines 09:44:29
Congresswoman Kaptur Grills Federal Reserve Chair Bernanke 09:17:30
How Do I Answer This HR1207 Critic? Help! 08:58:18
Illuminati whistleblower tortured in mental institution. 08:30:56
RJ Harris Discusses his Money Bomb 08:29:38
Tennessee Senate votes today (6-4-09) on SB2153: "Fingerprinting Speeders" 08:00:52
Logic: Schiff vs Ventura 07:21:33
Launched the up to antiquated wonderful program - Libertyreserve Bank 07:19:59
Dailypaul Poetry Break: #1 "We Are Becoming More Robotic" 06:14:11
Economic Question; please help 05:07:18
Emancipate the Hoes (note I wrote on facebook) 04:28:59
HR1207 - Audit the Fed - Barry Holley w/E. Wayne Johnson on UPTV talk show Lux Libertas. 03:35:22
Comedy: Oh Bama song 03:29:24
Drudge: "Canadian Socialist Leader Meets Dems, White House on Health Care" 03:13:28
4409 -- NAZI Checkpoint Confronted - 2 03:09:50
"Venezuela Chavez says 'Comrade' Obama more left-wing" 03:04:03
Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:HyperInflation & The Bond Market 01:49:21
Iranian Presidential election taking place June 12, 2009. 01:38:26
HR1207 01:24:42
1/2 of applications for Jailers in Texas guilty of 00:32:42
DP Going To Pot ! 00:28:21
Giving Sean Hannity a dose of Washington / Jefferson viewpoint on foreign policy 00:18:29
CBS bans eligibility billboards 00:02:51