Posted on June 5, 2009

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D-Day Has Arrived 23:57:27
4 Min Video--The Great Water Heist 2009 by UN/EPA/USDA/FDA 23:24:21
Urgent Pennsylvania Faxbomb!!! 23:00:24
Obama Wants to Create "World Oil Bank" 22:56:27
Insurance Company buys $400 Million in Gold because of $Dollar$ concern. 22:56:13
A Resurgence for Coal? (interactive map) 22:31:04
Clarification Of The Huffington Piece 22:18:03
MSM: Kids will be first to receive Swine Flu Vaccine 22:04:34
$$ Best 911 Evidence Ever $$ 21:57:19
Since Obama passed the stimulus, administration officials 21:43:58
Sonia Sotomayor found friends in elite group 21:22:38
Operation Flagdown...5th Day Reports....Feedback 21:01:06
Foreign-UN Troops in US July 27-July31 21:00:36
DIGG: Peter Schiff Expected to Announce Run for U.S. Senate 20:53:36
An Invention That Will Change The World 20:48:46
FBI Press Release about Liberty Dollar Arrests ( 20:39:46
Bankrupt GM makes deal to finance 2.5 billion to buy over 50% of Delphi Corp 20:09:40
Glenn Beck Sells Out The Far Right By Linking Them With Al-Qaeda 20:09:36
Obama Deception: Extended Extras 19:58:43
NIAGARA COURTS RULING: Taser use to obtain DNA not unconstitutional 19:50:55
White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar 19:37:48
FTC Shuts Down Internet Service Provider without a Trial 19:26:52
Episode 2: Sam Dodson's Incarceration, A 30-Minute Interview with J. Neil Schulman, Etc. 19:16:35
The Fed feels the heat: moves to hire ex-Enron lobbyist for PR 18:38:25
Limbaugh Boogie Dance (funny) 18:28:00
Americans are so amazing 18:11:22
NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming 17:54:28
Max Keiser's "On the Edge" with guest Alex Jones - Imprisonment Neofeudalism Fascism. 17:43:11
Do You Understand That Our Government Was Instituted As a Political Trust?? 17:07:21
Why hasn't this made any news in the MSM? 16:53:12
Revolt Against Police over Jaywalking in Savannah. Fines of $208 Ignites Residents Protest 16:49:07
"I am defending myself in favor of THAT!" 16:40:51
HR 1207 Wall of Pride...Cosponsors on the House Committee on Financial Services 16:38:59
Asheville man charged in alleged Liberty Dollar fraud scheme 16:32:53
American History Magazine Cover Story: Thomas Jefferson gave us life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and financial insecurity 16:23:13
Gerald Celente on Alex Jones 16:19:43
We ain't so dumb after-all ! (are we ?) 15:55:59
Kucinich Adopts Amendment For FED Audit In New Bill 15:49:48
I Move We Impeach This Entire System!!! 15:44:33
On the Edge with Max Keiser - 05 June 2009 15:19:53
Why is it so important to "trust" Glenn Beck? 15:13:31
Max Kaiser on Alex Jones today 3:10pm EDT 15:12:55
Our representatives co-sponsor the most ridiculous bills! Check it out. 15:05:49
Police Brutality Compilation 15:00:22
Dr. Paul will NOT be on Glenn Beck 6/5/09 14:58:08
We must exit the United Nations. 14:45:17
Cancer from treated milk 14:43:40
What's in a name. It is the message that we need to support. 14:33:19
Gobble up the pre-sale of Dr Paul's new book 14:32:52
Govt. backs off imminent domain claim for flight 93 land 14:26:16
Famous Quotes About The Federal Reserve! 14:16:17
Clever / Fun video from Rachel - The Electorette 14:15:23
Jim Rogers on CNBC: 6/4/09 Video 14:12:30
Obama in Cairo: Words, Words, Words 13:43:38
Insightful Article on Economy*** The Quiet Coup*** By Former Chief Economist at IMF 13:41:57
Fed Intends to Hire Lobbyist in Campaign to Buttress Its Image 13:33:23
Von Nauthaus INDICTED!!! Use anything but a fed note for trade - get arrested!!! 13:28:59
If You Are Stressed Now, Just Wait - Craig Paul Roberts 13:19:04
White man's political RANT....(careful, R language) 13:09:02
HR 1207 - GET READY! For The Mother Of All Battles! 12:47:37
My Personal Hero **Video** 12:32:53
GM to sell Saturn to Penske 12:19:51
Liberty Movement Key Topic: Racism is Stupid, Racism in Action is Evil 11:24:34
Did U.S. Export Over 175 Million Ounces of Gold? 11:16:55
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/5/09 11:16:35
Selling my Ron Paul stuff 10:48:22
Feds ARREST LIBERTY DOLLAR "competition" 10:48:15
He's back and angrier than ever 10:47:23
Rep. Jerry McNerney not supporting HR1207 10:45:11
If you don't know Bill Gross you should. 10:37:30
Judge: It's okay to tase a suspect who refuses to testify 10:29:57
Audit the Federal Reserve: why we need Congressman Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 10:29:16
The government will issue $3.25 trillion of debt in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, according an estimate from Goldman Sachs 10:03:59
2 weeks till June 19 RJ Harris Money Bomb 10:00:35
Unemployment jumps to 9.4% 09:28:21
GOP Drive The Discussion - Fl 09:27:04
MHD vs The Cult of the Presidency 09:12:42
What Is Wealth? 09:08:47
The argument against Anarchy: Why trusting people will never work. 08:51:35
Fed Failure! 08:05:21
Geithner Goes Begging in China; What It Means to You 08:03:11
Benefit Spending Hits $2 Trillion, Highest Percent Since 1929; One Dollar Out of Every Six From Vouchers 07:58:19
Republican senator seeks to outlaw tobacco: 07:38:19
Glenn Beck, Pushing Propaganda Against the Freedom Movement; "An al-Qaeda/Militia Un-holy Alliance" 07:36:09
Gold gets ahead at the expense of the U.S. dollar 07:25:58
Senate version of HR1207 Neutered 03:52:55
Liberty Dollar Founder, Maker of Ron Paul Dollars Arrested by FBI 02:56:43
For m72mc Mike: Aimee Allen's video On Vacation 02:44:35
What would happen if we abolished our congress? Sounds extreme, but it actually isn't. 02:27:59
Far-right wing activists launch anti-Obama campaign...That's far-right Israeli activists 02:03:58
What happened to the "DP Posting Guidelines" Thread? 01:58:47
Enormous Crowds in Hong Kong for Tiananmen Vigil 01:54:09
Meet your local police 01:43:50
Well well well....maybe you 9/11 truthers have something substantial here 01:37:52
Sotomayor Repeatedly Referenced 'Wise Woman' in Speeches 01:37:20
Peter Schiff - The Daily Show 01:19:19
Conspiracy!!!! Phil Schneider's last lecture 1995 Patriot and whistleblower! 01:03:33
It is time to double the size of The House of Representatives 00:56:57
How many on Daily Paul think that Pope Benedict is Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars? 00:42:28
Ron Paul in Bruno 00:41:13
Who's Running in Virginia for Governor? 00:28:54
Obama Proposes swearing to Obama, not the Constitution 00:26:39
Real clear extremism 00:11:12
SC high court orders Gov. Sanford to request money 00:00:44