Posted on June 6, 2009

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Tom Woods and the Judge 21:42:21
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Newsweek: Cellphone Spying 23:38:03
Can somebody tell us how do people 'get' to be moderators here at DP? 23:30:24
Anyone heard from Finster? 23:04:24
Fed should pop next housing bubble, Yellen says (Ron Paul Warned the Fed about this) 23:01:13
NewAmerican: Another Dr. Paul in Congress? 22:42:51
How Hitler Reacted When the Floor Bottom Fell Out of the Housing Market [Good Laughs!] 21:55:04
Police Officer Stands trail for murder 21:47:53
Does anyone know the current number of co-sponsors for 1207? 21:45:30
The Fed Is Worried About Ron Paul 21:41:31
Bankruptcy Filings Reach 6,000 A Day 21:18:05
Tom Woods with Judge Napolitano on Nationalization of GM 21:12:14
please help me! 20:41:28
The all Ron Paul all the time Liberty thread.... 18:33:15
www.retakecongress has officially launched RJ Harris and Adam Kokesh join our team! 17:26:30
DEMOCRATIC List of Shame - As of November 5, 2009 17:05:10
The Fascist HOA and my response (link edit) 16:40:23
Criminals or Domestic Terrorists? 15:03:59
Revolutionaries Need to Learn from History! Watch this documentary. The U.S. vs John Lennon 14:45:15
Chicken poop, Puppy breath & Organic veggies from the garden. 14:25:26
The Binary Fallacy and the End of Both Parties 13:20:08
Interesting study on conspiracy believers 13:14:21
What is wrong with us? Comments from the DP Posting Guidelines thread. 13:02:22
"There was good news and bad news about Afghanistan this was the same news." Obama nailed on Afghanistan. 12:58:36
Obama Warns not to challenge Official 9/11 Story 12:52:43
Mods, please address issue of recent thread lockdowns and comment purges 12:45:09
Rand Paul raising a lot of money this weekend? 12:40:03
Jack Strong-Arm, The All-American Boy* ... Or, Bye, Bye American Pie 12:11:31
Update on Liberty Dollar Arrests, the Upcoming Trial 12:08:19
Obama, Like Bush, Just Doesn't Get It 11:56:13
Report from Germany---hardware and software 10:29:01
The Fed Is Worried About Ron! 10:09:10
"Obama is a god" - coming soon in Hi-Def (link is there now) 09:21:02
A little help please.. 09:19:59
Accepting the truth about the media 09:10:01
DeWeese Report 07:54:25
Do hard times really build the American character? 07:43:48
I Deleted my Kokesh Thread 07:39:07
America's greatest historic failures to defend her own freedoms. 07:33:04
Update Phase 6 Declared - Stay Informed 06:57:28
Atheists: no God, no reason, just whining 05:26:50
Federal Reserve intends to hire a veteran lobbyist as it seeks to counter skepticism in Congress... 03:30:02
Ted Kennedy wants to force all employers to provide health insurance. 03:09:33
Peter Schiff Vlog Report 03 June 2009: NJ Primary Results Analyzed 02:09:50
Gun-loving pastor to his flock: Piece be with you! 01:19:08
But what will you do for freedom tomorrow? 01:08:55
Excellent interview with G. Edward Griffin 00:17:18