Posted on June 7, 2009

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"The Fed Is Worried About Ron Paul" 04:25:29
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David Icke - Big Brother, the Big Picture (July 6th 2008) 23:49:08
Our Biggest Hurdle 23:40:03
Bush, Cheney, PNAC, & The Criminal Conspiracy To Invade Iraq 23:35:45
train cattle cars..totally paranoid post 23:35:11
All Wars are sold with propaganda! WAR IS A RACKET!! 23:24:19
Well here it is, hey it's just money 23:23:36
Health Freedom Expo with Kevin Trudeau and Dr Mercola 23:13:05
My Response To Obama's Warning Not To Question The Official 9/11 Story 23:00:36
Pharma's new world order 22:59:31
CIA/MOSSAD created "Al Queda" There is no such thing as "al Qaeda" There is no formal organization. There is no secret 22:52:00
The Gold heist of 1933 22:51:37
Multiple Shill Account, or Personality Disorder. Or Both? 22:40:10
Nasty Little Video... But Funny 22:15:11
Some arm of the military was conducting a drill ? 22:11:50
New Central Texas Website 21:42:52
UK: Former Neo-Nazi Wins Seat in European Parliament 21:41:19
Why America failed. 21:32:20
POLL: Should The Federal Reserve Be Audited? 21:32:03
Bernanke Speak: Translated 21:12:09
Permanent R3VOLution?!? Reason's approach (a blast from the past) 20:21:03
9/11 Hidden in Hollywood 19:49:38
Illuminati Symbolism In Movies 19:36:02
'Tourist clings to Australia train "=BBC 19:18:39
"Court asked to stop Chrysler sale " BBC 19:10:35
GOOD NEWS: Pirate Party Wins Two Seats in EU Election 18:27:51
Child Custody Determination 18:21:00
CIA-linked Pak spy: US troops cannot defeat Taliban 17:52:58
Obama Administration & the Chrysler Bankruptcy 17:28:29
European Election - Sweden - Pirate party into parliament 16:46:47
Want to enrage a citizen in 5 minutes? Watch this. 15:27:02
Why the CONSPIRACY THEORIES on this site are so ridiculous. (9/11, chemtrails, moon landing) 15:25:16
Give more attention to Congressman Alan Grayson!!! 15:24:56
When YouTube Deletes You 15:04:55
GE NBC trying to stifle coverage of itself 14:24:45 13:54:32
Obama's Elementary Queering Must Be Stopped 13:48:37
The Slobbering Mainstream Media 13:33:04
Contempt Prior To Investigation 12:51:59
Roubini Dismisses `Green Shoots,' Sees `Complacency' 12:35:12
Pittsburgh to host G-20 economic summit in September 12:07:11
Chemtrails are fake. 11:25:18
Sunday LIVE STREAM 11:11:28
07 Story on Lindsey Graham & Mitch McConnell from Rense 11:04:53
Forget NWO, have you heard of the NWR? 10:44:10
How Do We Defeat Racism and Discrimination Once and For All? 09:48:59
Regarding Third Parties: 09:19:45
Update: U.S. gives Flight 93 site landowners one week to sell 09:06:16
*** Was there discussion on Obama's Speech in Cairo?****** 09:02:54
Israel's False Flag Attack on the USS Liberty, 1967 08:40:10
Why One Strike Against the First Amendment Should Rule Sotomayor Out of the Supreme Court 05:41:28
THE Best Primer on Gold Standard, as presented by Dr.Ron Paul, in 1995. 05:39:19
A Script worthy of OATH KEEPERS. Do we have such Patriots, in & out, of govt, NOW? 04:08:36
I just voted 02:33:54
Fed to Hire PR Wizard to Fight Against HR 1207 02:32:55
Money bomb for - the only way to keep your sanity 01:59:04
The REAL TRUTH about Glenn Beck: a neoCON wolf, in a sheeple's clothing... 00:16:04