Posted on June 8, 2009

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GM, Amtrak and an Increasingly Fascist America by Ron Paul 13:56:02
The Case Against the Fed 07:41:35
Daniel Hannan speech after winning as MEP yesterday 03:53:57
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SubPrime Slime Video 23:50:08
No Recession Here: "Global Military Spending Hits New High" 23:36:18
Spiritual War To Complete The Planet 23:29:35
The clouds strike back... !!! 23:14:41
Those were the days... 22:56:07
The Kay Griggs Interviews 22:48:26
Glenn Beck: energy socialist 22:46:24
Soy Formula Unsafe for Babies 22:46:24
"Schwarzenegger: Don't blame state budget deficit on illegal 22:26:05
Interesting Alabama Senate Race (updated again) 22:10:09
Paranoid Android 21:55:56
Hearing in which chief Fed investigator says she has no idea to whom 9Trillion given! 21:39:40
When will we know Bunning's newest fundraising #'s? 20:53:02
They can't handle us KNOWING the TRUTH! 20:25:39
America without the Fed: Reponse to an earlier post. 20:09:43
Interesting Link From Lew Rockwell: "CIA Killed JFK" --Garrison Tapes 19:16:48
KBDI In Denver Airs "9/11 Press For Truth" 19:12:25
**VIDEO** Should we help former NH Senator Bob Smith run again in Florida?? 18:50:53
Obama Administration admits the view of their stimulus was too optimistic 18:47:08
IBM behind Nazi Tattoo Numbering System 18:43:30
RP creates "cross-partisan appeal" with HR 1207 (even socialists agree) 18:24:50
TN Liberty radio "The Show" listen live 18:11:28
***Chuck Norris Will Lead Us Astray!!!*** 18:09:10
Can you help a brother out with spreading the word? 18:06:43
1st Annual Smedley Butler "War Is A Racket" Badminton Tournament 17:53:22
*****Check Out This Job Loss Graph...***** 17:46:07
Daniel Hannon coming up on Glenn Beck 17:29:56
Supreme Court puts Chrysler deal on hold 16:51:47
The incredible Galileo Galilei 16:21:14
man charged with making online threats 16:20:42
The Greatest Ron Paul BBQ Ever: Come On Down to Galveston 16:18:09
MUST SEE TV! Peter Schiff Guest on Daily Show with Jon Stewart 6/9 16:15:28
Summary pages for Ron Paul's two new health care bills - H.R. 2629 and H.R. 2630 16:11:37
My Nightmare....... 15:50:19
Chuck Norris Commends Ron Paul 15:46:03
G. Edward Griffin Author & his Thirteen Predictions for the War on Terrorism 15:45:53
Republican Party Establishment: Constitutionalists Must Stop "Meddling" with the GOP 15:32:15
Conspiracy? How about the I.Q. cover up? 14:58:11
You are invited to Ron Paul Family Barbecue! Aug. 15, 2009 14:44:43
New Book: The Attack on the USS Liberty from Mainstream Publisher 14:40:31
42 years ago today, Israel tried to sink Liberty. They failed. 14:38:02
PARADE magazine poll on gun laws 14:36:03
Quote of the day....... 14:29:54
Fed Hires former ENRON LOBBYIST to "Clean Up Image" 14:23:33
New Communicable AIDS Like Disease Spreading in China 14:17:36
Email from Ron: You are invited to Ron Paul Family Barbecue! 13:58:56
The Fed and Its Mortgage Junkies 13:56:09
The Biggest Victim of the Debt Crisis: The U.S. Treasury 13:49:28
Kansas City Fed President Warns Against 'Perpetuating the Banking Oligarchy' 13:44:31
All You People Who Believe in Conspiracies are STUPID (Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, USS Liberty, Lusitania, etc.) 13:19:42
Conspiracy deniers think conspiracy theorists here are stupid. Then they try to challenge us. 13:16:17
USA Today: Lobbyists UNLIMITED in honoring lawmakers 12:51:16
Enduring the Republican Firestorm: When you pray, remember me 12:24:36
Obama, Torture, Ron Paul and the DC Warmongers 12:20:33
Tom Palmer Vs. Peter Schiff 11:58:50
The Constitution; the people of America have been duped! 11:14:01
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/8/09 11:07:51
Video of the Year Award 11:06:26
Promises, Promises, Promises..... 10:51:42
Just Heard That 340 Billion of the Bailout Money is missing 10:50:30
The Economics of - "The Girlfriend Experience" 10:45:36
U.S. Weighs Intercepting North Korean Shipments 10:40:40
The Deceit of the Drug War 10:39:29
Agenda 21 - your doom spelled out 10:38:31
WHAT is more devastating, the ability to print money or the Fraction Reserve System. 10:25:18
WHAT would America be like if the FED had never existed? 10:12:16
The Biggest Victim of the Debt Crisis 09:51:46
Military spending sets new record 09:42:19
QUIZ & POLL: U.S. Constitution 6/8/09 09:34:31
Merge the Anti-War and States' Rights Movements 09:29:53
The Pelosi 2012 GTX1 Sports Car 08:45:31
Tennessee Burger King Defends Its "Global Warming Is Baloney" Sign 08:02:56
We don't know where it went 07:26:46
Newspapers vs. Bloggers: The New News Process 07:22:18
4 ACORN ex-workers to face vote fraud trial in Pa. 06:59:32
Top China Banker Calls for US Sales of Yuan Bonds 06:47:11
Federal Reserve Hiring Lobbyist for Political War-New American 06:36:18
"Dems Weigh Health Mandate as Obama Urges Taxing Wealthy" 06:15:30
Can Washington Charge Unauthorized Downloaders With Tax Evasion? 05:45:27
Police File Restraining Order Against U.S. Marine 9/11 Truther 05:40:43
MIAC small change compared to defunct Mississippi KGB-like secret police 05:19:50
Atheist and Christian (their "seeming" differences) 03:58:35
Swedish Pirate Party wins seat. Do away with Patent and Copyright laws! 02:42:46
On reddit: Poll: Should The Federal Reserve Be Audited? 02:39:03
On reddit: Poll: Should The Federal Reserve Be Audited? 02:38:06
On reddit: Poll: Should The Federal Reserve Be Audited? 02:30:53
Mortgage Rates On The Rise...This Is Why 01:12:54
WSJ: European Vote Shows a Sharp Swing to the Right 00:54:25