Posted on June 9, 2009

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Peter Schiff - Daily Show - How did it go? 23:51:15
DIGG frontpage --- Federal Reserve subpoenaed! 22:56:18
I'd like to make a suggestion to the curious... 22:53:40
The MOST important thing any liberty minded person can read. 22:07:33
Dennis Kucinich: Who Are These People? 22:02:49
NY State Senate Democrats Now Minority & Furious Over GOP Takeover 21:14:59
Bernanke is worried! HR 1207 to Audit the Federal Reserve is Gaining Momentum FAST! 20:36:08
Peter Schiff LIVE Thursday June 11th 1pm eastern 12 noon central link here : 19:59:09
Restoring The Republic 19:43:47
Chabad rabbi: Jews should kill Arab men women and children during war 19:39:30
10 things you must do now... K Denninger 19:14:27
The Deceit of the Drug War 19:12:35
Huge News 18:33:29
I got this as an E-Mail. Interesting difference between 1957 and 2007. 17:43:06
Here is the video you have been waiting for, 72 year old grandma tased 17:33:23
InfoWars MoneyBomb: Alex Jones helped Ron Paul, now let's help Alex 17:32:07
GOP Lawmakers to Fed: Stop Printing Money 17:31:40
Adam Kokesh: Obama's Hypocrisy 17:28:45
NWO Conference Montreal 17:17:55
Likud minister proposes Israeli sanctions on US 17:14:24
What Didn’t Happen at the Pentagon 17:08:15
How Banks Rob You! 16:59:57
Any Ron Paul Republicans in Broomfield CO? 16:43:58
Pelosi Refuses to Meet With Republicans...Says She Doesn't Like To Meet With Them...So Much For Bi Partisanship 16:42:39
Schoolhouse Rock- How a Bill Becomes a Law 16:37:22
H.R. 2631 - Affordable Gas Price Act - Introduced by Ron Paul on 5/20/09 16:34:14
5 liberty candidates for 2010, great article by Liberty Maven 16:15:49
Austin Bridge Graffiti 16:14:07
In the end, there is no end... 16:04:23
sam dodson released from jail 16:01:53
The new Apple iPhone 3GS is a great weapon against tyranny 15:46:43
Yummy Summer Recipes 15:46:10
Say No to Cops: A Brief Case for Reduction and Elimination 15:39:34
Peter Schiff on the Daily Show Tonight (6/9/09) 15:25:35
Stress Reliever 15:13:13
Free-market economist Richard Ebeling on Cavuto 15:11:46
You know the honeymoon is officially over when... 14:36:20
California Faces Ultimate Budget Cut - No Welfare! 14:11:30
RETIREE RIPOFF...... 14:01:22
Bloomberg Article: "Obama tells American Businesses to Drop Dead" 13:51:27
Major Battle Rages in Gold Market 13:51:18
Speak to me of Freedom and Liberty... 13:18:37
“If they can, they will” 13:13:16
Your Future as a Terrorist 13:02:45
Global Temperatures Chart 2500 BC to 2040 AD - Al Gore is not Happy About It 12:42:29
Why not make the funding of government voluntary? 12:28:54
G.M. Names Former AT&T Chief as Chairman 12:10:47
**Federal Reserve Hiring Former Enron Lobbyist** 11:44:21
passing out constitutions? 11:36:14
You have the right to ______. Or do you? 11:07:33
SA: The Wrath of North Korea? 11:06:37
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/9/09 11:01:41
There is a crash occuring... is anyone listening? 10:50:44
Armenian genocide sound familiar? 10:47:55
Response from my congressman about HR1207 10:47:07
Know Your Constitution! 10:33:37
No Recession Here: "Global Military Spending Hits New High" 10:30:24
US Gold Sales 10:23:22
Mid-eastern connection with 9-11,,,,,,,,there is one 09:42:38
FL. fisherman hooks live missile in Gulf waters 09:37:39
MSM Spiked 2004 Story About Bush War Plot 09:37:22
US Republicans to oppose Fed as systemic regulator 09:15:58
Ron Paul supporters through the eyes of the authorities 09:13:23
Peter Schiff - "Road to Argentina" on CNBC 6-8-2009 09:06:06
Sotomayor and the Politics of Race by Shelby Steele 07:59:02
GOP coup in NY Senate 07:39:22
Fed Brings on an “Old Friend” (great idea, Boris!) 07:34:08
Canadian mint lost 10s of millions worth of gold. Oops. 07:23:24
Abolish The Fed Online Petition (from Mish) 07:22:43
Remember Tora Bora? 07:13:01
Ron Paul Interviewed about THE FED 07:11:35
not rhino: "setting the historical record straight after 64 years 07:07:43
One felon makes entire gun club into terrorists? 06:56:31
08-04-2009 06:47:29
At glance of a eye 06:44:01
Eight Step Program to Improve Fed's Image 06:29:47
Great interview by Bill Moyer. More mercenaries than troops in Afghanistan 06:24:49
China's top banker tell US to issue bonds in Yuan - hahaha! - Oh wait... 06:15:25
It's HR1207. That's why all the trolls are trying to make us look like kooks! 03:14:24
Help say fare well to my father? UP-DATE 06-20-09 02:31:24
Are DPers Sleep Deprived?: Benefits of "Learning to Dream." 02:31:23
4409 -- NAZI Checkpoint Confronted - 3 02:06:30
Stimulus Fail 01:38:34
AP caught red-handed twisting facts: Edited Obama's speech 00:10:32