Posted on July 11, 2009

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Freedom Fest Las Vegas on Russia Today 06:12:12
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Freedom and Healthcare 23:58:11
The Fed Was Warned Repeatedly 23:21:18
Well Ladies and Gentlemen, It Has Arrived 23:19:04
When Will The Dow Go Below 8000? 23:15:55
H.R. 2749 and a list of Barky's Failures to spread in your precinct! 22:10:21
Retired General Speaks out on 9/11 21:30:53
Obama science czar Holdren called for forced abortions 21:22:24
Money as Debt II Promises Unleashed (FULL 77 Minutes) 21:20:20
AutoTune the News #6 21:18:37
The Minimum Wage is Maximum Economic Stupidity 20:55:29
The Financial Flogging Continues 20:49:52
I'm two years old today! 20:45:25
southern CA City police plan to start a tow company 20:30:39
Ron Paul 2012 To End the Wars 20:09:12
VERY URGENT, 1976 Swine Flu & CDC Propaganda, on 60 Minutes 20:02:49
Pelosi to Kirwan 19:56:00
PALIN OUSTED FROM GOP? Palin to stump for limited govt. 19:26:44
He's Baaack! Cheney told CIA to withhold information: report 19:17:41
SCOTT RITTER. A great choice for Ron Paul's running mate 18:26:20
Love - Ron Paul American Style 18:01:15
It's a Flier? It's a Parking Ticket? It's...the 'The Obama Deception'?! 17:40:15
will big brother lose the battle on tracking chips? 17:30:26
Clarifying Thoughts on "Global Warming" and... Global Cooling? 17:08:43
Freedom Chatter Quote of the Day: Thomas Sowell on Health Care 17:02:26
Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder 16:55:45
How To Create a New World Reserve Currency 16:28:16
RadioLiberty/Dr. Stan Monteith "The Brotherhood Of Darkness." 16:18:14
Supreme Court invites Downsize DC to Make It's Case for Fair Elections and Free Speech 16:06:32
Rand introduces two local supporters. Rand mentions The Daily Paul 15:59:21
Woot woot! 15:53:38
Tea parties are a trending topic on twitter... 15:42:39
New Broadcasting Platform - 4ALLofUS Interactive Media 15:24:44
OK Constitutionalists! Here's your BIG chance! 15:23:58
Article: The Tyrannical Media Complex 15:01:42
UK: Gun sales soar amid fears of Barack Obama weapons ban 14:49:32
53rd Bank Failure 13:45:23
Daily Paul "Reported Attack Site" 13:42:44
Happy Aaron Burr Day! 13:08:25
World's fastest personality test. 13:01:49
Obama continues anti-Iran rhetoric 13:01:34
Question: how anti-tax are you? 12:55:44
Woot! Woot! Checkpoints Ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL 12:35:45
Republicans lambast Obama for backing Zelaya 12:15:37
Dow Closes Below Head and Shoulder Neckline 12:11:43
[Nation in Distress] Dispute over flag protest erupts in Wisc. village 12:02:27
Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About 'Global Governance' 12:01:30
The Endgame May Have Been Unleashed By The New World Order 11:59:34
Sotomayor Backers Urge Reporters to Probe New Haven Firefighter 11:50:09
No, I Will Not Comply! Period 11:20:37
White Folks Gonna Riot and I'm Gonna Join Em.... 10:50:20
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev unveils new world currency is this what is coming to US 10:39:23
Fantastic article from Gary North about world reserve currency 10:37:13
The Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Revolution 10:13:22
Please Don't Audit US 09:35:08
site report 08:11:29 04:33:48
Watch out Marijuana Is A Very Dangerous Substance! 03:51:19
Here is the cap-and-tax “placeholder:” Where’s the fine print? 03:41:19
The Rebellion - American Political Dissident Documentary Trailer 03:23:15
Alex Jones Bounces on His Chair 03:03:41
Rep. Bachmann questions Bernanke & Geithner: See ASAP! 02:51:18
I just met Dr.Paul....LV Conference 02:01:24
What Say You? 01:45:25
The View promotes Gov Propaganda about Fluoride in tap and bottled water 01:40:44
Here is a thought. 01:17:29
Is the NWO and illuminati Satans Army? 01:00:15
Max Keiser's On the Edge - Oil, War, Debt, Fraud, & Goldman Sachs, Incredible Remark by T. Boone Pickens 00:57:14
WoWGlider 00:46:29
Distress or Disrespect 00:38:23
Police Chase Motorbike 00:29:30
PROTESTS IN DOWNTOWN CHICAGO ~ NOT on the Controlled News Media ! 00:24:33