Posted on July 13, 2009

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Peter Schiff Wants to Run for Senate. Hello!!! 17:37:29
Rand Paul Money Bomb - August 20 - Save the Date! 19:06:53
Real News Network: The Fed Under Fire 07:57:50
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Washington Trad(er)ing Cards 23:56:50
Palin's letter in Washington Post 23:46:23
Rep. Ron Paul: Congress can revoke central bank's charter 'at any time' 23:04:00
Economic scholars, here's a puzzle; 22:55:45
Central Texas Shameless Plug 22:54:28
I need YOUR & this FORUM'S (DP) assistance in getting a couple of QUESTIONS Answered? 22:39:49
What is a Lone Wolf? 22:14:10
Hate Bill Going Forward In Senate! 21:57:02
Goldman Sachs Executives Sold $700 Million Of Stock - Report 21:51:55
What's Next for the Federal Reserve?? 21:51:05
Duh, of course we can beat the devil. 21:49:29
Demand Letter 21:42:25
NOW PLAYING: El-Erian, Roubini, Obama, Mica Own Words on U.S. Economy 21:41:04
More Flu Propaganda. Now According To This It's Beginning to Look the 1918 Pandemic. 21:38:31
MUST SEE >>> Could this be ONE of the BEST Tea Party Speeches to date? Mark Bennett Speaks At Charleston Tea Party 21:19:27
Taser mangles 14 year old 21:17:05
Real, live, gun-smuggling terrorist caught at Mexican border! 21:16:36
Video: Is it a matter of weeks now? 20:59:34
A Call For the Overthrow of Obama's "Czars" 20:00:23
The Summers Gold Price Suppression Scheme 19:24:08
Rockwell Podcast: Rand Paul - The Other Doctor Paul 19:17:19
Local Politics - Care How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent? 19:15:51
Podcast on LewRockwell – “Be a Revisionist.” 18:52:20
Call Me GOP revisited 18:48:36
G Edward Griffin was on Alex Jones today 18:32:22
Palin Prediction 18:30:57
Public Health Care Option? 18:25:32
NEW SEQUEL: Money as Debt II - Promises Unleashed 18:22:36
Goldman Sachs admits to manipulating markets; “The bank has raised the possibility 18:07:22
War and Lies (featuring Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich 17:58:47
China to Buy $80 Billion Worth of Gold 17:45:45
Senator Bill Nelson response regarding cap-and-trade 17:42:59
ARC is the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights created by ARI 17:23:57
Nano-Thermite Took Down the WTC? - Russia Today, July 9, 2009 16:33:12
ACORN tactic ??? 16:21:09
Belizean grove: Sotomayor is a member of this offshoot of Bohemian Grove? 16:17:48
HB361passes in MO to block Real ID. 15:36:24
Chris Paget cruised the streets of San Fran. objective: read the identity cards of strangers, wirelessly 15:29:07
Home foreclosures expected to surge in coming months 15:27:35
China's national flag to go up on White House lawn: Sept 20 15:13:10
God is dead, so are we. 15:11:11
Why do we always trust the Scientific Community? 14:50:28
Kokesh or the Incumbent... You decide 14:39:39
Adam Kokesh Poll--you know what to do 14:36:18
Manmade Water Shortage in California 14:03:12
John Calhoun - Nationalist 13:56:35
Robert Reich: When Will the Recovery Begin? - Never 13:48:49
Reminder: FAX Senators to Support S.604 (Audit the Fed) 13:47:22
Why Not Give the Tea Parties A Original Name and Copyright It? 13:46:30
Sweden has cut deposit rates to -0.25%. 13:44:29
Anyone see Bruno?? Ron Paul got PISSED!!!!!!!!! 13:28:49
debating with coworker,His point is the dollar will not be replaced becouse the chinese need the dollar strong. 13:06:26
Brave New World of Infant DNA Data-Basing 12:57:01
Sarah Palin getting "The Ron Paul Treatment" 12:45:34
All of Britain to be Vaccinated for Swine Flu... 12:22:01
U.K.: We revoked Israel arms licenses, but it's no embargo 12:14:28
Why Not Permanently Cancel Aid to Honduras? 11:39:57
Freedom Chatter Quote of the Day: Barack Obama "Fears and Dreams" 11:34:26
Peter Schiff money bomb - your thoughts 11:28:50
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/13/09 19:06:54
Great News ! 10:54:23
Rep. Kaptur gets $3.5 billion sweetener in climate bill 10:52:31
Pushing Global religion think, last nights Army Wives episode. 10:26:58
Jeff Sessions interviewing Sotomayor on cspan now 10:21:05
Action needed against Illegal Immigration 09:34:10
HR1207 - I feel uneasy 09:27:01
HR 1207 & S 604 widget! 08:06:10
Goldman Sachs to announce record profit 08:02:19
Did anyone catch the Bill Mahr show in Austin? 06:13:04
The Federal Reserve -- clueless and worse than useless 05:21:12
Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ari Emanuel, is a Hollywood superagent, and ... 05:00:53
Email Scatter Bomb 02:57:32
Time to Bring Sarah Palin Into the Ron Paul Fold? 02:49:05
Excellent Tea Party speech about the Federal Reserve -- must see! 02:36:08
Boxer, America's Answer To Nostradamus Predicts Climate Disasters If Cap and Tax is Not Passed. 01:56:11
"End the Fed" internationally and Ron Paul 01:56:06