Posted on July 15, 2009

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Freedom Watch w/ Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Lew Rockwell, Peter Schiff, Adam Kokesh 19:01:23
Democracy Now: Goldman Sachs Bubble Machine Update 11:54:29
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/15/09 12:30:59
Ron Paul in the Financial Times 02:22:46
Ron Paul And Glenn Beck Tag Team Goldman Sachs 08:50:37
Limbaugh: Palin Might Leave GOP For Third Party 08:44:45
Rand Paul's likely Republican opponent is raising much more money 05:46:30
Liberty Is An Absolute 02:22:45
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Who should be responsible for US foreign policy? 23:08:23
The Rothschild Family 23:01:34
US District Court Judge Honorable R. Barry Surrick has ruled .obama not naturalized 22:23:44
Justice Holmes undercuts Constitution with dissenting opinion 22:13:14
The most dangerous financial words ever ! 22:06:12
Peter Schiff's cartoon analogy 21:51:02
Some in Europe understand what's going on 21:49:14
KABOOM!!!!!! 21:44:22
Should We Dissolve Our Political Bands? 21:40:32
Will The G20 Announce The Fall Of The Dollar In Pittsburgh This September? 21:33:27
Mainstream Attention on Federal Reserve Engineered to Result in Global Currency, Banking, Government, etc. 21:30:25
I just received a questionaire from the RNC...Did you get one? 21:13:53
Every House Republican has now cosponsored HR 1207 20:38:14
US Pension Funds to Israel - Guaranteed by US Govt 20:14:27
"WeAreChangeLA" insinuates Ron Paul in Las Vegas 19:54:01
A warning from Russia 19:53:49
Minnesota man needs your help, locked up for nothing 19:37:05
The solutions to our financial crisis are easy, why is no one looking? 19:36:28
Ron Paul & B. Frank team to Legalize marijuana 19:34:25
House bill would make health care a right 19:29:48
Healthcare Chart - If this passes all I can say is... Hope You Aren't in a Hurray to See a Doctor 18:58:09
Bushama wants to raise taxes on us if we don't participate in a workplace healthcare plan 18:43:40
US & UK Police are For Profit Corporations according to Dun & Bradstreet 18:36:58
Soldier with lawsuit against Obama fired from Private Sector job...DoD involved 18:09:59
Not eligible for presidency: Obama, McCain, and..... Goldwater? 18:06:28
A New Fundraising Idea 17:58:09
Joy on the "View" thinks Bruno's Ron Paul scene was funny! 17:57:32
RP next on GB 5:50 EST. 17:48:57
Senate building on lock down!! 8 or 10 shot's fired 17:46:52
BREAKING NEWS: Shots Heard At Capitol Hill 17:46:33
Please Go Vote "NO" Against Reid!!! 17:32:27
7/15/09 Dow close 8,616.21 +256.72 +3.07% 17:29:12
Dr. Paul likes Dr. Love better than Dr. No, Got Love? 17:17:02
Glitch hits Visa users with more than $23 quadrillion charge 17:07:31
CIT Group trading halted; stock of GM reduced to rubble-52% drop 16:57:32
Please rate my latest quote. -FreeManOnLand 16:34:07
Peter Schiff Gives Run for Senate More Serious Consideration!!! 16:31:33
175 clowns from the Keynesian Hokus Pokus school of economics are signing a petition 16:08:07
Paulson says told BofA's Lewis Fed could oust him 15:39:45
Want to have a little fun? How about spamming the "FED Independence" petition? 15:27:20
Are we starting to see the next wave of foreclosures? 15:27:09
MONEYBOMB.COM - A new source of power for the people! 15:26:53
The Antifederalists Were Right 15:23:54
download smallville 15:16:13
lindsay lohan blogs 15:15:39
one tree hill season 3 15:14:06
Hold Cheney Accountable 15:09:43
any one see the new double eagle gold coin? 15:07:47
Crashed Iranian airliner 'disintegrated into pieces', COMPARE it to flight 93 14:38:57
These Are The People Who Do Not Want The Fed's Veil Lifted 14:38:12
HR 1207: Reps. Jo Ann Emerson and Mark Kirk -- Contact their GOP County Chairmen! 14:34:13
Why do some people on here support the State controlling immigration? 14:20:33
Ron Paul vote on House Res.131 14:13:50
Book recommended by LRC says CIA killed Kennedy 13:56:59
Keyes, Taitz, others to be on Lou Dobbs Radio Today: Obama Eligibility 2pm EDT 13:55:49
A conspiracy theory nearly a completed reality!: The NAFTA Super Highway 13:33:47
C.S.A. Confederate Creed 13:31:27
Check out my Gravatar\Avatar! 13:26:05
Obama Appoints 34 Czars. Why? 13:07:24
Obama Health Care Flow Chart: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 12:58:35
VIDEO: The Stimulus Plan is Working!! ... How? 12:10:46
Soldiers orders revoked! BIG news 11:59:57
The Every Man American Dream and the Rand Paul Moneybomb 11:51:48
A more relevant DP take on the Apollo tapes: The power of individuals vs. bureacracy 11:39:07
Voting on hate crimes bill TOMMOROW. We can defeat this 11:25:35
Gary Galles: The Antifederalists were Right 10:57:47
RIP Mary Jo Kopechne 10:38:24
Apollo Thread Disabled 10:34:16
Where Can I Find???? 10:30:25
Are the Neo-cons trying to outflank the Libertarian Republican movement? 10:23:19
Bombshell: Orders revoked for soldier challenging prez 10:17:59
In Defense of Sarah: Sarah Palin and the Scum of the Earth 08:38:56
BORN IN THE USA? Bombshell: Orders revoked for soldier challenging prez 07:30:53
Gold-is it such a good idea really? 07:30:36
1976 Swine Flu vaccination propaganda - video 07:21:34
Wisconsin Govoner? Is Scott Walker legit? or who else is running? 06:59:20 2010/2012 Candidates' Website 03:23:36
Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock. Listen Live! 03:16:01
Bill Cooper's free audio broadcasts on Mystery Babylon 03:00:29
Pike's Peak Economics Club Announces Dr. Paul Prentice As Speaker Tonight 02:59:15
Super Hot Court Case exposes Facts About IRS! Please! :EVERYONE YOU MUST READ THIS:!!! 02:02:54
Don't turn the EU into the Soviet Union : Nigal Farage 01:59:46
"The Case for a Domed City" 01:59:09
Schiff Annouced Running For Senate, but only with your support, PLZ sticky or frontpage this 01:58:56
Off Topic: Please Help me understand this picture!! 01:13:30
Do you have the occasion or routine of traveling in Maryland? Be 01:12:07
American Grown Ebola Virus in Asia 01:11:04
God is dead, Long live the Fed. 00:58:06
t-shirts v. photocopies 00:48:38
Listen to Fake Apollo 11 Moon Landings Interview July 15th 8-10 ET 00:41:15
This is odd. Please help reseach this. 00:33:21
Protect Pedophiles or We Won't Pay Troops‏ 00:10:02
Carpavel: My F.O.I.A. request (this should be fun) 00:04:01
Adam Kokesh will be on Freedom Watch TODAY Wednesday July 15th 11:58:21