Posted on July 17, 2009

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Congratulations Daily Paul on 100,000 posts! 22:30:03
MSNBC Video:Democrat Alan Grayson "We Got 100 Democrat Congressmen To Support Dr Ron Paul's Audit The Fed Bill" 15:04:47
Willian Greider: Dismantling the Temple (The Nation) 13:57:17
Capitol Hill Paper Covers Ron Paul Singles But Won't Cover HR1207 ! 13:03:59
RT: Ron Paul Audit the Fed! 11:18:16
FIREMISSION: Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/17/09 09:00:20
SouthernAvenger - Ron Paul and Jim DeMint Take on the Fed 08:02:19
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Goldman Sachs in Talks to Acquire Treasury Department 23:45:06
Ron Paul Questions Jim Carr of NCRC at Financial Services Hearing 7-16-09 23:38:50
The Next Campaign For Liberty Regional Conference Will Be... 23:37:04
Possibly our best ally in the senate, Jim DeMint has a book out, let's try and help him out 23:18:15
ATTN: Video Makers. You may get some use out of some of this 23:13:54
Fiji detains freemasons over ‘magic rituals’ 22:21:03
World Government advocates communicate through these people 21:48:33
Teen fined $25,000 for cost of NH mountain rescue 21:43:40
Listen to Free, Fair, and Open Elections 21:34:38
The US-China Ponzi scheme--- China blinks.. and blinks and blinks.. 21:16:41
Moon Landing Anniversary 21:12:56
I'm New 21:08:58
Prescription for Disaster - Peter Schiff 21:05:34
Exclusive: Conservative group offers support for $2M 21:03:01
Big Dem cash dump on eve of climate vote - Names Names and How Much They Got. 20:41:52
Get the Conversation Going.... 20:39:46
Obama Wants Congress to Give Him More Power 20:35:49
BREAKING NEWS: Walter Cronkite Dies At 92 20:21:42
CALIFORNIA is the Canary in America's Immigration Coal Mine. 20:18:49
Health Care Bill Will Fund State Vaccine Teams to Conduct ‘Interventions’ in Private Homes 20:13:01
The Daily Graphic says Ghana is continent of Obama's birth 20:12:55
Max Keiser debates french neo-con: "Goldman Sachs are scum!" 20:06:27
THE Solution to YOUR State's Budget Crisis 20:00:05
USA - United Sachs of America 19:37:28
Suggestions for the Daily Paul 18:59:02
Stock Market and Investment Forum: Gold, Silver, ETF, and Funds 18:53:03
Grilling of Hank Paulson 18:44:24
Pope injures wrist at Alpine Vacation chalet 18:42:02
World's cheapest car hits Indian streets 18:31:44
If You Think HMOs Are Bad, Just Wait Until the Government is in Charge of Your Health Care 18:18:24
Rand Paul and G. Edward Griffin officially endorse 17:54:06
HR 164 IH Seniors' Health Care Freedom Act of 2009 17:52:10
National Inflation Association 17:16:15
Bulldog Bulldog Bow Wow Wow 17:03:28
Where is our gold that is missing from Fort Knox? 16:34:31
How Can You Tell if Obama is Lying? 16:15:07
Science czar's support of eugenics should raise eyebrows 16:01:50
Having fun with government agency names...need some help! 15:49:38
Hyperinflation Nation Part 1/3 15:27:58
Got your Obama Credit Card yet? 15:19:28
Ron Paul Questions Fed Governor Elizabeth Duke at Financial Services Hearing 7/16/09 15:19:24
Rep. Paul doesn't plan to see 'Bruno' despite cameo --The Hill : Leading The News 15:17:09
Aren't they nice? Soldiers can smoke in war zones 15:05:29
West Offering to Endorse Israeli Attack on Iran as Part of Settlement Deal 15:03:42
THE ROCKEFELLERS, Funding Fathers of The New World Order 15:02:26
Making Their Bones: The American Elite's Bi-Partisan Murder Racket 15:00:59
Dems add long-sought hate crimes measure to Defense bill 14:57:24
VIDEO: Expanding the Presidency Towards Kingship 14:25:16
Who elects the Republican National Committe? 14:15:42
Fire Jesse Benton Facebook Group 14:09:31
Obama’s Science Czar Advocates Compulsory Abortion And Sterilization!!! 14:05:55
Movement Radio Live Tonight 6PM EST Interviews Bob Barr & Sheila Dean 14:02:03
Power Elite Playbook 13:51:13
California Constitutional Convention to Increase Taxes 13:24:20
New Naturalization Test: Civics 13:23:31
Chuck ends the fed - with a karate kick (picture) 13:19:54
cash advance fast 13:10:10
U.S. House Approves Tax-Funded D.C. Abortions 13:04:42
manmade water shortage in the San Joaquin Valley - NWO creates food shortage 12:59:23
Yet ANOTHER reason why this failed drug war needs to end. NOW. 12:48:12
LVMI Economist Robert Murphy explains how crisis is being manipulated 12:37:29
iPhone users called cowards by police for avoiding surveillance 12:15:51
The Noam Chomsky Show 12:11:20
Missouri Dealership Gives Away AK-47 With Purchase of New Truck 12:06:11
Salon Radio: Chuck Todd tries to defend his defense of torture 11:45:35
Misleading Americans in Pursuit of Socialism 11:28:43
Jakarta hit by bombings~Know whats really going on. Its all about the gold 11:08:50
This Is Why the Fed does not Want to Be Audited 10:59:36
Socialism 101 10:52:28
When I woke up this morning I had this idea 10:25:17
Avoid the lies we are taught to say 10:20:03
Ron Paul absolutely destroys Fed governor!! 10:17:31
Careful What You Wish For 10:15:41
8 questions for Hank Paulson 10:02:57
Hollywood Celebrity Attacks Federal Reserve 09:58:31
Ron Paul buff vs. judge: Vid from arraignment 09:45:12
Ron Paul Is the Doctor of Love 09:38:43
Benjamin Franklin Quote...... 09:01:07
Obama’s War Signals 08:52:28
Ron Paul Quotes .com 08:27:13
Ron Paul on Russia Today: Audit the FED 08:21:12
Now Here is A True Patriot 07:38:01
Judge: Airlines can't question FBI in 9/11 suits 06:33:49
The Surveillance Society: 1984 Came 25 Years Late 05:46:50
AWESOME Chuck Norris Article on Ron Paul and the FED!!!! 04:28:23
Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent a >>Year Ahead of Outbreak << 03:22:30
If the UN Had the Power to Give the State of Texas... 03:00:37
War and Lies featuring Ron Paul 02:46:31
"Obama's Pure Unadulterated Evil" Harlem Reverend James David Manning on Russia Today 02:18:27
Great Article on Colorado's struggle to keep Medical Marijuana legal 02:15:56
Turns Out Ron Paul Did The Right Thing NOT Running As 3rd Party. . 02:12:28
Check out this t-shirt Macy's is selling 01:37:37
Edward Bernays: On Propaganda and Public Relations 00:08:13
Former Sec. Paulson getting grilled on Capital Hill (7/16/09) 00:01:42