Posted on July 18, 2009

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Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 21:35:06
Ron Paul - Front Page of Politico (2012/Obama/Palin) 19:56:34
Gary Clift for Congress CA - 2009 Special Election Starts in 16 days! 01:47:03
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How to get the Green folks to help HR1207! 23:12:11
Dawn of a new day 22:59:06
Type "Worst Failures Ever" in google 22:52:28
Is this where the trillions of $ are going? Why have they been making these since the 1940s? 22:48:18
ron paul on jeopardy - again! 22:20:15
Phone/Email bomb for Adam Kokesh 21:55:08
Money System 21:33:10
Who will win the battle for the soul of the US Federal Reserve? It is shaping up to be a ferocious fight. 21:03:32
Obama tells NAACP more yet to do on civil rights 20:57:53
Ron Paul Live - Free Talk Live 7/18/09 7:45 pm CST 20:50:24
Требуются консультанты 20:46:08
ATTENTION ALL MILITARY OVERSEAS - (or about to be deployed) - There is an IMMEDIATE END to your nightmare should you want it! 20:35:16
TUBE - Ron Paul Interview with Glenn Beck That Was Bumped Numerous Times 20:28:14
"Terrorist" from Gitmo to sue terrorist from DC 20:21:18
The only way to end government tyranny is a bigger government 19:39:10
Moderators please help!! 19:32:36
Kill the head, the body DIES!!!! or my take on how to win the REVOLUTION! 18:36:22
Feds claim Tennessee New gun freedom law invalid 18:36:08
Income-Based Repayment (IBR) for Student Loan Borrowers 18:28:35
With so much love and thanks to all on DP! 18:27:02
David Icke's latest radio interview - about Reptilian Shapeshifters 17:47:58
Obama Pushes Anti-Gun Treaty / Gun Bans 17:14:18
Looking for work, Contact 17:13:15
California sprouts 'green rush' from marijuana 15:49:01
Eliminate student loans legally? 15:35:17
prank call to a loan company 15:29:31
Bank Failure Friday struck again yesterday! 15:21:03
This will frost your cookies 14:13:15
Peter Schiff on CNBC: 7/17/09 13:45:34
Conservative group offers backing to FedEX for $2M 13:19:11
Donate To Peter Schiff NOW!!!! 12:55:35
OATH KEEPERS: Currently Serving Military, Veterans, Peace Officers - Orders We Will Not Obey 12:49:22
LET's TALK - Clinton's speech at CFR ****** 12:40:21
Short the USA 12:28:00
Freedomwatch, Kokesh, returning GOP to its roots, Rockwell, myth of roots--GOP is party of Lincoln 12:27:05
Man vs Animal 11:29:18
Peter Schiff Needs Cash 11:19:37
The Ten Commandments According to Obama 11:17:49
Good Morning Daily Paul! 10:39:56
So does this mean any soldier can now opt out ???? 10:11:37
Newsmaxx: Ron Paul - "Obama Will Destroy The Dollar" 09:18:40
Prescription for Disaster by Peter Schiff 08:53:29
Max Keiser's On the Edge with Karl Denninger - 17 July 09 08:10:29
Yank Their Teeth 08:08:19
CIT in talks with JPMorgan, Goldman 07:34:20
Government idiocy at the local level. 06:55:24
new credit score laws 2007 05:55:12
Weekend Wanderings - Bill Hicks 05:45:44
Schiff will win! Time to put your money where your mouth is!!! 05:13:42
The Ascent Of Money - Cool Documentary 05:07:11
Israeli Attack on Iran Appears Imminent 04:06:32
Patent Act of 1790 - constitutional? 02:47:11
PBS Newshour is taking questions to ask Bernanke in a near future interview 01:48:37
New Paulite slogan! 01:40:58
Take a Break Today... 01:30:28