Posted on July 19, 2009

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PASS ID or REAL-ID? Tweedle-dum or Tweedle-dee? 23:59:56
Have you ever met a pro-free market, pro-liberty person who became a supporter of big government? 23:50:05
NEW website launch: the ia report (showcasing the best video content) 23:41:28
how will you handle the forced vaccinations 23:24:16 - Peter Schiff MONEY BOMB - August 3rd 22:36:31
Governing Geoengineering 22:27:54
Meet Congress’ New Teeny Tiny Anti-Marijuana Caucus 22:13:04
International Swine Flu Conference August 20-21 Washinton, DC 22:01:34
Anyone else quit watching TV? 21:49:32
Unclassified Report on President's Surveillance Program 21:48:40
Nation Fusion Center Conference 2009: SAME TIME THE MIAC REPORT CAME OUT 21:28:03
NEW Party! 21:24:36
A conveniently compiled list of federal Reserve traitors 21:19:48
if you cant defeat them divide them. 21:16:48
Fusion centers-Real ID (pass id)--H1N1 discussion today, national governors association 21:12:04
Paul v Bernanke: Paul needs to ask the questions he knows Barnake won't answer 20:50:00 - for Peter Schiff 20:47:25
The 'No-Sneeze' List: 'Fit-to-Fly' certificate required by airlines over swine flu 20:32:10
Assaulting Freedom: The Income Tax 20:31:07
Can anyone say Bernanke Bomb? 20:29:58
Mish: Six Reasons to Abolish the Fed 20:22:53
Way to go Appleton, WI 20:06:35
The Colony Experiment. Just like to know what you think. 19:45:46
Trickle-Down Pain: The Under-Stimulus Schwarzenegger’s Attempt To Kill UCLA Labor Studies Program 19:37:23
Weekend Meditation: The Wall 18:57:48
A Universal Declaration Of Resistance To Mandatory Vaccinations 18:23:58
I started my website, thanks to all who gave me advice, it is not done yet, but let me know 17:43:41
ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada! 17:16:35
Daily Pelosi? 17:05:03
Why does Iran hate the US? 16:59:35
CFL At State / County Fairs - Nationwide? 16:58:08
The city can now take your house by enforcement of international codes 16:46:17
Pope John Paul II and the Federal Reserve in 1985 at the U.N. 16:36:28
Hospital Workers Sharing Music? They May Also Be Sharing Your Medical Records 16:17:01
Learning from Card Check’s Death 16:13:35
If any question why we died, tell them because our fathers lied-Rudyard Kipling 16:03:16
A Simpler Time - How Did We Lose it? 15:56:43
DHS to discuss emergency preparedness on c-span around 3:30pm est 15:37:56
Hillary gave a talk at the CFR last week 14:59:17
Inside The Great American Bubble Machine : How Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depr 14:04:24
VIDEO: The Constitution Rests on Principles, Not Paper 14:04:00
My attempt to wake up friends and family about H.R.1207 13:53:37
C4L Has Allmost 200 000 Members! 13:47:21
Obama looking more and more like Hitler! 13:39:57 ripping on Ron Paul? 13:38:01
Idaho soldier taken captive in Afgahanistan - treated "like a guest." 12:54:49
Know thine Enemy Continued 12:50:09
Billboards tell America to cheer up 12:25:52
Does anyone find it odd that figures show China has over 4x population 12:21:45
Hillary Clinton admits that the CFR runs the Government 11:51:15
"The Man Who Opened Fort Knox." 11:49:58
Economists’ Pro-Fed Petition Discredits Its Signers 11:46:13
Chuck Baldwin LiveStream Sunday 11:28:09
Descent Into Slavery 11:18:48
Netanyahu defies U.S. on East Jerusalem settlement 10:19:13
Manning - Riots in the streets to come 10:13:18
Another "Know Thine Enemy" thread 09:44:40
HIV never discovered! HIV IS A FRAUD! 09:35:52
Robert Kennedy explains the autism/vaccine coverup 09:19:25
Call for Fed transparency grows louder 09:16:09
Communist-Illuminati Tactics, 8 part video 09:03:17
LaRouche Declares War! 08:07:12
fractional reserve banking 07:56:19
Brand New! Picture of Apollo 11 site taken from space. 05:35:59
Alex Jones - > The Carbon Tax Deception 05:18:23
Non GMO shoping Guide 05:02:45
Ron Paul - Stop Dreaming 03:18:14
How good cops behave 00:59:24
Can someone give me a link to the best site to create your own website? 00:47:07
Good RP interview NewsMax tv 00:34:59
Photo Radar Protest *Video* 00:21:47