Posted on July 2, 2009

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Reuters: Ron Paul strikes Gold 18:07:35
Video: How to Meet Rand Paul 12:52:31
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/2/09 (S.604!) 11:15:53
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch - July 1, 2009 09:11:50
Peter Schiff Answers Reddittors Questions - Very Cool Indeed! 03:07:26
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Toxic water causing genital malformations in male animals and humans 21:43:01
NEW! OathKeeper's Video 21:36:50
Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition :: Second Amendment Related - obviously 21:25:22
Tuned into Fox @ 7pm to see Schiff got total Propaganda instead 20:48:11
Washington Post offered lobbyists and association executives off-the-record access to "those powerful few" 20:16:38
Failure to Vaccinate Resulted in a Massive Outbreak of Diphtheria 20:01:55
Alex Jones Rant - Re: Cease and Desist Notice -Lost respect for AJ today 19:46:53 The Lying, Cheating Federal Reserve 19:26:23
The Daily Jones 19:01:24
Cynthia McKinney calls WBAIX from Israeli prison 18:53:56
Obama Administration to Involve NSA in Spying On Civilian Agency Networks 18:35:28
Medina Campaign Continues to Strengthen 18:33:37
Michael Jackson Takes A Last Stab At NWO From His Grave - VIDEO 17:26:43
Three reported bank failures (so far) on holiday weekend, all in IL 16:56:01
Spies like us: NSA to build huge facility in Utah 16:50:01
A match made in heaven! 16:41:50
Government Funded Organ Harvesting 16:25:23
Do you know how hard it is to keep the people ignorant? 16:11:55
I've got a marketable idea for anyone with the means 15:57:59
CIA & Crack Cocaine Drug Trade Exposé 15:21:49
New Spokesman for the Revolution? 15:05:15
Holy Crap Check This Out! 15:00:03
Obama's comments on Cap and Trade and special interests 14:55:12
I would allow for new National Healthcare 14:47:33
A Citizens guide to the Police 14:32:21
China to allow trade transactions in renminbi 14:20:26
OFF TOPIC: Any Attorneys? I have a question about 'Fair Use'. 13:50:07
Obama's War 13:21:56
“The last days of health freedom” 13:00:33
North American Integration: Deep-Rooted Agenda Continues 11:58:02
The Video links of Spokane C4L Forum on Communism 11:27:42
EPA Global Warming Coverup "Truly Alarming" H.R. 2454 11:26:43
Washington Post runs Op-Ed: bomb Iran 11:23:52
Government Coercion Won't Fix Health Care 11:15:01
Post Publisher cancels fund raiser dinners 11:02:04
How to Reduce Healthcare Costs 80% Overnight (Without Spending $2 Trillion) 10:57:48
Looking for an interview made by john stossel 10:56:08
What if RP supporters were to reach out to Todd Palin? 10:43:39
Helen Thomas hits White House for lack of transparency 10:38:14
Favorite bible verses about Liberty! 10:13:03
Adam Kokesh Interview Live Friday & Saturday 7/3 & 7/4 10:09:11
Congress' travel budget must be recession proof! Tax payer dollars at work 09:53:43
Another Green shoot: Only 467,000 people lost their jobs in June 09:10:42
Socialist->English Dictionary (19th edition) 08:50:56
MO waiting for Governor to sign anti Real ID bill 07:54:59
Sotomayor Helped Push Minority Cases--WSJ 07:45:47
Fuel tax could be replaced with by-the-mile road tax 07:25:50
Neighborhood Watch exercises 2nd amendment 05:06:52
I made it on Coast to Coast!!!! 04:50:03
My drunken rant 03:24:00
So Much For Campaign Promises, Transparency, Accountability and Openness 02:43:23
My hat goes off 01:42:19
Presidential Internet Off Switch - a bipartisan powergrab 01:24:20
Video: JFK, Executive Order 11110, The Fed & Warren Commission - POWERFUL 01:21:04
Mercola:Obama's Plan to Change U.S. Health Care System Will Cost Nearly Two TRILLON Dollars 01:05:30
The latest on eBay's 'Kenyan birth certificate' 00:43:30
Next week I'm meeting a Wisconsin State Representative 00:08:09