Posted on July 20, 2009

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The Hill: Rep. Paul — the reluctant leader of a still-energized grassroots movement 20:47:18
FIREMISSION: Daily HR 1207 email/phone/fax bomb 7/20/09! 09:08:04
Watch Paulson Squirm 08:00:12
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Another powerful teaparty speech by Mark Bennett: Myrtle Beach 23:48:55
Who TWITTER's DP Articles Daily? I Do! Who would like to be my #600th Follower? 23:00:50
The global warming hoax. Don't know if this has been posted before. 22:30:22
"Do YOU Fear Obama?" Congress, the Courts and the Joint Chiefs Do! 22:11:50
Are we there yet? 22:07:45
Could the DP'ers (US) Actually start the Call 4 "RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012"?? 21:59:35
A Texas elected official Friday requested an investigation into alleged oil well sabotage in a rural part of the state by Exxon 21:50:10
Political Tax Prisoner and His Son, Peter Schiff! 21:41:03
NASA erased the original moon landing tapes? 21:24:05
Peter Schiff money bomb is now official - It's time to make history again! on August 7th 21:18:49
rhino: Financial prediction 21:09:28
"Must Read Bill" Bill - what's the number? 21:02:41
Do passengers on cruise lines get searched and scanned like airline passengers? 20:58:06
The Difference Between Rights (ie: Property) and Privileges (ie: Health Care) 20:46:44
What are the best documentaries for helping people wake up!? 20:43:17
Ron Paul: Audit the Fed Update 07/20/09 20:40:51
US DOD: Gates Calls for Increase of 22,000 Soldiers 20:28:09
GM Wants to Hear From You 20:23:40
A great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing... 20:20:28
RIP Alan Stang - the Patriot's Patriot 20:10:43
Ron being called kook, lunatic and "NASTY Little Man who is as FAR OUT" haha. 19:56:22
This will scar you for life... 19:33:03
What is the truth about 9/11? 18:38:35
Ron Paul's Solution To The Economic Collapse 18:26:18
Battle Hymn of the Republic-promotes war and killing and Lincoln's agenda! 17:55:03
Bohemian Grove: Illuminati Meet This Week for Satanic Rituals 17:38:38
Great audio from a tea party... 17:30:31
Aimee Allen has new album - GO listen!!! 17:24:02
history books??? 17:23:26
The Tale That Might Be Told 16:58:31
Judge rules CIA committed fraud in court 16:54:48
Well, looks like they're going to make Pakistan official 16:49:46
No Birth Record For Obama on Family Genealogy Site. There Are Records For Bush I, II & Reagan 16:41:24
To get a Hawaii State ID, you need a certified Birth Certificate 16:31:12
Update from Dr. Paul at C4L new 7/20/09 16:10:27
This is a very interesting seminar on intended and unintended consequences 16:09:58
Mail-bomb Redux 15:59:21
Tom Cryer Attorney joins Rand Paul and G. Edward Griffin and endorses 15:40:28
Honduras: computers seized with 'election results' pre-loaded 15:28:57
Fascist Feds Try to Shoot Down State Gun Laws 15:19:45
Orly Taitz on "If Obama is NOT the legal President then are his decisions legal ???" 15:16:59
Abe Lincoln - Racist - The Lincoln/Douglas Debates (1858) 15:13:57
NIA Co-Founders Donate to Peter Schiff 14:52:52
My ANYTHING we've been told over the years real ??? 14:42:59
Washington Post - Ron Paul Fans Are Dating Themselves 14:41:16
When Will The PPT Take The Market To 9000? 14:32:57
Sen. McConnell: "Judge Sotomayor Does Not Meet the Test" 14:31:49
Alan Stang... 14:25:21
Driver had taser pulled on him, after refusing to sign ticket 14:08:18
A Soldier NEEDS your vote in our race 13:53:38
This is what the owners of the FED and their lackeys want for you 13:40:11
U.S. Bailout Costs May Reach $23.7 Trillion, TARP Inspector Says 13:35:23
Peter Schiff Money Bomb - July 27TH!! 13:28:13
Backgrounder on Bierfeldt vs. Napolitano 13:19:36
Concealed Handgun Permit Holders Kill 7 Police, 44 Private Citizens Over Two-Year Period 13:14:44
Viral Video: Congressman's town hall erupts over Obama birth certificate... 13:04:08
Republican Loyalty Oath - Has got to Go! Help me please! 12:59:28
Health rejuvenation plan 12:51:42
Freedom's Phoenix Radio on why California & Arizona are broke 12:32:23
Obama "Beer Commercial" 12:24:35
Big Pharma Eats Big Pharma: Pfizer will acquire Wyeth for $68B 12:07:44
Congressman Stearns Crucifies Paulson On Bailout Bait And Switch 12:05:40
Governors Discover Resisting the Fed Has Consequences 12:03:08
Frank: "Don't Blame Me for the Housing Bubble" 7/20/09 11:54:13
Demand Answers georgia candidates for governor in 2010. 11:53:40
VIDEO: Newt Gingrich's Covert Operations Won't Bring Peace 11:49:04
Anti real-ID is now law in Missouri 09:57:23
A frightening thought: Forced Vaccinations and RFID tracking 09:32:25
It's arrived. This is how they will try to chip us. 09:05:55
07-21-2009 10:00pm EST history Channel 09:05:29
FYI Coast to Coast 08:59:59
The Goon Squad Advances Its "Food Safety" Bill 08:50:31
BREAKING! Call Your Senators Now! GOP Senators Ignore Sotomayor's Criminal Activities By Devvy 08:37:48
White House putting off release of budget update??? 08:34:57
Obamacare Imperils Caucasian Seniors-Newsmax 07:23:43
Zogby at it again, latest poll pure propaganda 06:57:13
That commenter on your blog may actually be working for the Israeli government 06:32:55
An Idea To Encourage Others To Activism... 05:55:01
MONEY BOMB!, July 31!, Gary Clift, Liberty candidate running for Congress in a special election with absentee voting in 14 days 05:54:55
MONEY BOMB!, July 31!, Gary Clift, Liberty candidate running for Congress in a special election with absentee voting in 14 days 05:54:43
Megaphone Confiscation by Police in England 04:44:14
Eugenics laws: 15 years jail for being unfit to procreate 03:49:53
TUBE: Ron Paul Demands Audit Of Federal Reserve 03:42:48
The truth about the Founding Fathers -- and how they would lead America today 02:41:43
A very serious Concern. Video. 02:34:23
Sponsor a Patriot!! 02:33:17
Protect yourself and your family against Swine Fluke vaccinations by acting now 01:23:29
Amazon Erases Orwell Books from Kindle 01:05:25 August 3rd Moneybomb for Peter Schiff is up!!! 00:54:36
Stand Up Against Geoengineering!! 00:40:10