Posted on July 21, 2009

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Peter Schiff on Father, Irwin Schiff 13:55:04
Ron Paul on Cavuto 7/21/09 20:23:06
Bloomberg: Ron Paul on Bernanke Testimony 19:50:35
"Smokers should know the law!" Pay taxes for online cigarettes or lose your home 13:55:02
Ron Paul Questions Ben Bernanke on the Definition of Inflation 07/21 13:09:39
The Atlantic: Pollsters, Put Ron Paul In! 11:36:23
Bernanke Live on C-SPAN - 10am ET - 7/21/2009 09:55:59
FIREMISSION: Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb 7/21/09!! 09:54:18
Wall Street Journal HIT & RUN on Dr. Paul 10:42:21
Audit the Fed Update from Ron Paul 13:55:03
Ron Paul: Healthcare is a Good, Not a Right 09:41:22
How Important is Rand Paul's Money Bomb on Aug 20th? Read 12:58:00
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Right to Fish 23:50:13
FBI Enforces Government Monopoly on Liberty and Trust in God 23:36:30
Yahoo Finance front page has RP-Cavuto video 23:24:34
Being a Black Harvard Professor in America 22:56:06
We are "free range" Human slaves 22:43:38
Buchanan to Obama - 22:36:34
Susan Roesgen: No new contract at CNN..Let's have a pity party. 22:24:35
Motorhome Diaries: Lysander Spooner, Abolitionist & Scholar, Lives On 22:18:08
Help with this Science Czar financial info. Thanks! 22:12:10
Lou Dobbs covers Obama's Birth certificate again today . 21:32:18
Cop kills guy in nothing but swim trunks 21:22:03
Ron Paul - CNN American Morning, WED 7/22- 7:10AM ET 21:11:27
Ron Paul on CNBC Kudlow Report 07/21/09 21:01:25
UPDATE: Driving Cross Country with YOUR Bumper sticker 20:45:15
Need help and info in NH 20:39:59
Ron Paul in the MSM 20:31:59
Ron Paul / Peter Schiff 2012 20:30:27
Understanding The Use Of Thermite On 9-11 20:24:15
Birth Certificate is Not Required - Obama Can Not Be A NATURAL Born Citizen No Way, No How. Here's Why 20:12:19
A Phone Call To The Fed 19:56:07
Alan Grayson grills Ben Bernanke on Foreign Lending 07/21/2009 19:50:07
For those of you wanting to criticize Obama... 19:22:29
Demint possible GOP Canidate for 2012 President? 19:11:08
ron on cnbc now - 7:08 EST 19:09:13
Would it be illegal for all of us to call the Washington D.C. police department and report a crime being committed? 19:05:23
CBS Early Morning Show WHO Worst Case Scenario USA Swine Flu Video 18:51:37
Schumer sounds alarm over 'sneak' GOP gun bill 18:48:11
Newt Gingrich just called me... 18:45:50
Marxist "Reconstruction" 18:43:01
The Theft of a Nation ! 18:37:28
HuffPo compares Obama to Ike 18:30:26
Palin is being looked into for ethics violations 18:26:55
FOX News Brit Hume just slammed auditing the FED 18:18:21
Road Construction Art 18:06:27
HUGE holes 17:54:56
The will to resist / Loss of local control. Can we win? 17:52:29
Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex Alimentarius Guidelines 17:36:14
China to deploy forex reserves... death by trillions of paper cuts 17:35:30
Obama Admits He Doesn't Know What's in the Health Care Bill He's Pushing. 17:32:52
Funny, but true, anecdote about Abraham Lincoln 17:18:36
Historical Accidents - Why Abe Lincoln is so popular 17:06:12
Goldman Sachs in Talks to Acquire Treasury Department 16:55:52
the numbers dont lie! dow headed back to 10,000! we are on the way to recovery! 16:53:47
Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Report to the Congress 16:40:49
Preserving the Union - Three Views 16:30:51
Simple example of the U.S. Media hiding POW info from the public 16:27:00
Stock Market Showdown 16:24:25
Video: Steven Crowder goes undercover to investigate CanadaCare 15:52:53
Is NYC & wall street losing its clout 14:41:22
The Curse of the Hope Diamond - Guess Who's Owned it Since November 10, 1958 14:34:08
Peter Schiff - What's his stance on Abortion? 14:29:29
Rural Justice - Colorado 14:25:07
Alan Grayson grills Ben Bernanke on Foreign Lending 07/21/2009 14:02:57
Senate cans final delivery of F-22's 13:56:10
I will be giving testimony at MIAC oversight committee Tuesday, July 28, 2009 13:54:26
David Icke on Swine Flu + CONCERN GROWS OVER LACK OF PANIC 13:14:27
Ohio man gets ticket for parking in his own driveway... 13:06:04
Rand Paul at Fayette Co. GOP Picnic - July 18 2009 13:01:11
Obama is Giving Another TV Speech - Doesn't He Know Anything About Being Overexposed? 13:00:09
CNBC shills attempt to assasinate special inspector general for TARP 12:44:59
Why Foreign Aid? - An Open Letter to Congressman Dent from Jake Towne 12:21:38
We Do Not Work For the Government! 12:08:56
Question about "Money As Debt" movie 12:05:59
'Prince of Pot' Marc Emery's 'Farewell To Canada' Tour - update 11:42:40
WOW! Don't miss this new vid about Obama 11:38:27
A phone call to Dept of Health Legal Counsel regarding mandatory vaccines 11:14:19
Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent a Year Ahead of Outbreak 10:29:07
Here's to you Mr. Jefferson (Good video) 10:14:13
Fire Mission - new anti-war film just released by Casey J Porter 10:10:07
Alan Stang, R.I.P. 10:09:29
Buzz Aldrin punches moon landing truther in the face. 10:05:58
Ron Paul and the Financial Services Committee to Question Bernanke 09:22:32
AOL Poll 09:15:23
OK, I may be late to the party but did you all see this? 08:58:13
Ron Paul: Ask Your Senators to Support Audit the Fed Bill (S 604) 08:46:08
Russia, Ahmadinejad and Iran Reconsidered 08:37:30
Dismantling the Temple- by William Greider 08:24:51
Bernanke in the Hot Seat for Bailouts, Recovery 07:36:12
Barbara Boxer = Racist?? video 07:23:45
Lt Col wants Idaho POW killed by Taliban. Y'all happy now? 07:00:40
Obama's NASA Admin MGEN Bolden, Jr. 06:51:04
Lawsuit: Cops tasered 3 kids, threatened one with sodomy 06:35:05
United States 06:14:43
No Longer Alone, Ron Paul Fights the Fed 05:41:56
Top 3 Things That Everyone Should Do Now! 05:11:28
FIRST TIME I ever felt like this???? 03:37:53
Chronic City: To Tax Pot, Or Not? Oakland Votes Tuesday 03:01:56
Peter Schiff For Senate Moneybomb, + 6000 pledges allready! 02:59:34
Salary Comparisons For US Soldiers vs Mercenaries 02:33:52
Jesse Ventura on Larry King 7/15/09 02:15:45
Recession Far From Over 02:11:09
Help! I need to get a driver's license 02:05:47
War Without Purpose 02:01:36
A good 9-11 Documentary 01:59:11
Operation Paperclip brought the Nazi doctors and engineers to the USA after WWII 01:58:18
July Is Deadliest Month for US in Afghanistan 01:48:01
Ron Paul just gave us our new marching orders 01:40:32
Jul 21, 12:46 AM EDT Japan PM dissolves parliament, calls elections 01:38:17
The Democrats want you to die with dignity! Isn't that sweet? 00:52:50
Ron Paul on free talk live 00:48:56
Real ID (Pass ID) Senate Hearing 7-15-09 00:40:39
Apparently There's Some Internet Scrubbing Going On? 00:29:42
I need wise counsel from fellow Daily Paul people... 00:26:07