Posted on July 22, 2009

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Bernanke Faces Second Day of Grilling - 7/22 - CSPAN 10:13:06
Forbes: Bernanke Fights Paul 09:24:27
Ron Paul on CNBC 7/21/2009 11:23:22
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Free Download Of Single From Aimee Allen's New Album 23:44:26
Google executive order 13489 the very first thing Obama he did once in office 23:14:14
Vote for Gary Clift on Freedom Watch! 22:53:32
Web Bot Project on C2C in case anyone missed it 22:41:51
Chase Bank Indiscriminately closing credit card accounts 22:26:56
Please Let The "HONORABLE" Sen. Jim DeMINT know we're 100% behind him during these vicious DNC/OBAMA attacks 202-224-6121 22:20:07
My Thoughts on the Orwellian Obama Press Conference 22:08:57
We are ruffling the Fed's feathers 21:35:42
A new song for the movement. 21:18:54
Tories want to give Bank of England greater powers 21:01:38
Look out Daily Paul - Obama’s intended Czar of Infomation is out to contain all who spread rumors 20:49:35
Lew Rockwell/Motorhome diaries crew on "Declare your Independence with Ernest Hancock" 7/23 20:47:53
Salbuchi - Financial collapse towards world government - Videos 20:45:05
American girls show their fire power! 20:19:17
SS#'s For Barry 20:05:27
Freedom Force is down 19:57:37
Governor Sarah Palin Signs Alaska Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment 19:30:42
So, are we going to do this or not? 19:29:58
Think you can watch this video? I dare you! 19:20:18
Allegations: Judge Sonia Sotomayor involved in bankruptcy fraud cover-up? 19:15:43
FOUR NEW U.S. Military Bases in Colombia 19:07:33
2nd amendment not upheld! Concealed carry across state lines LOST in the Senate today. 19:03:45
How World Government Will Come About 19:02:43
The Man Who Doesn't Use Money 18:57:52
Question About Central Banks - Need Help 18:42:34
FIREMISSION: Rand Paul mini-bomb IN PROGRESS NOW! 18:30:12
I suppose I'll give it another shot.... 18:19:14
FDR's Little Known "Second Bill of Rights" 17:57:27 hits the big time on CNN! 17:55:04
How an Economy Grows and Why It Doesn't (by Irwin Schiff) 17:27:12
Freedom Watch 24 "Best of..." 07/22/09 17:25:28
Put it on CSPAN3 now! CBO Testifying... 16:57:37
Conservative kiosk not allowed at mall 16:44:19
Kucinich: ‘Is the Fed paying banks not to loan money?’ 16:40:40
What happened at the House Oversight Committee hearing on 7/21 re $23T? 16:31:42
I am trying to figure out everyway the IRS breaks the law in the constitution please help. 16:30:27
Freedom Watch? 16:19:06
It's Our Turn, Our Time 16:16:22
How to invest in ETF'S 16:12:34
Peter Schiff: Today's Markets the Fed's "exit strategy" & Californian Dreams 16:12:32
Is the "Union" salvageable? Or should we now focus on secession? 15:53:23
One Trillion Dollars Visualized 15:41:15
9/11 Cover Is Blown - The New Evidence 15:37:06
Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons 15:15:55
Jonathan Swift - Gulliver's Travels 15:09:55
Elmendorf, Obama Put CBO’s Integrity at Risk 15:02:59
Relax for a sec, and check out Steve Foxx the Human Beatboxx! 14:45:37
Healthcare shouldn't be linked to employment 14:32:24
The Great Lie and Destiny - Blistering Article from Buffalohair Gazette International 14:28:30
Ballot Box Boogie 14:27:17
Woman detained for filming police 14:16:29
Kerchner v. Obama: Plaintiffs file response to motion to dismiss 13:52:22
C4L airport lawsuit question 13:31:47
Arrogant Politicians by John Stossel 13:25:16
Ok, you convinced me, 9-11 was just like the government said it was 13:23:57
Doug Casey: Charity? Humbug! 13:00:35
Support Peter Schiff for Senate 12:53:29
Army test biological weapons on U.S. citizens 12:52:13
Strong Message to Send to Your Senators and Representativies 12:48:26
Upcoming police exercise is unsettling 12:39:49
Rolling Stone writer Taibbi accused of Anti-semitism 12:35:11
Birthers In The Mainstream 12:30:40
Maryland MTA Considers Recording Conversations on Bus and Lightrail...Then Changes Mind? 12:24:53
The Revolution Will Not Be Organized 12:19:07
Calling All the Clans Together~Uplifting song & video! 11:22:47
Big Campaign for Liberty plans - Audit the Fed 11:18:21
Obama won because white voters over 45 wouldn’t support John McCain 11:17:58
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/22/09 11:16:09
Airphone calls made on 9/11 11:00:31
Help! My stats are dropping, shameless plug... 10:54:33
Watch what you say..... 10:49:22
A worthwhile and inspiring article for those here at DP... 10:46:56
Virtual Activism: Make the calls, but their Facebook! 10:36:56
Adam Kokesh on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock 10:34:52
Rep. Mike Castle gets an earfull about Obama certificate - you guys will love this!! 10:26:57
John Hawkins :: Columnist 3 Reasons Why A Successful Third Party Wouldn't Solve Anything 10:21:10
Healthcare Bill Will Kill Jobs, Burden Small Business (New Vid) 09:17:37
Senate to clash over concealed guns measure 07:59:16
Things are heating up! Read this from Chuck Baldwin 07:40:36
The Ascent of Money - PBS 06:38:26
HR 3200 America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (Introduced in House) 06:12:47
1207 - Be a Part of the Mother of All Lobbying Efforts 04:08:33
Compelling Evidence for US Government involvement in 9/11 04:06:23
Global Warming Conference Ends with Historic Agreement 02:28:37
Web Bot Predictions on C2C 07-22-09 02:01:34
Weakest Link 01:41:36
The Good Dr. Rep Ron Paul on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox 07 21 09 01:41:04
RP on Coast to Coast NOW at 1:10 AM EST. 01:14:18
Supreme Court to Hear Obama Eligibility Case 01:14:12
The Return of Debtors’ Prison? 00:44:49
Obama Presidential Eligibility – An Introductory Primer 00:39:58
Florida Congressman Alan Grayson Eviscerates Bernanke 00:25:22
If you could interview ANYONE from history?... 00:18:25
Ron Paul: Bloomberg-More Perspective-Bernanke Testimony 00:17:05
Bob Brinker "Money Talk" radio show and federal reserve 00:07:26