Posted on July 23, 2009

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One bright light for the future of America 12:25:41
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/23/09 11:32:12
Ron Paul on Fox Business 07/22/09 09:23:33
Video: Ben Bernanke Was Wrong 08:46:16
Collectivist Republicans Losing Their Fight 12:01:19
Ron Paul on MSNBC Morning Meeting discussing Fed Audit 07/22/2009 09:22:04
Ron Paul Teaches Economics to Ben Bernanke 09:22:54
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There is HOPE and Beauty 23:55:56
‘This American life’: country artist Dan Rivers gets political 23:42:51
The Swine Flu Lies of 1976 --Old 60 Minutes Video Segment 23:03:26
Colloidal silver generator 22:35:01
Not Radical...Just Curious 22:19:46
Jaynee Germond for US Congress Oregon District 4 22:13:27
What do you all make of this? 21:28:55
Did anyone watch C-Span and see the chart for health care? 21:18:55
'30 Little Known Facts About America' - video 21:13:07
"God helps those who help themselves"- Dr. Vieira 20:45:06
Patriot Mark Yannone Found Dead 20:37:27
That's Impossible, Weather Warfare, on History Channel July 25 4 pm pacific time 20:31:42
Why I support Peter schiff VIDEO! 20:20:51
Peter Schiff - poll shows he is within 3% of beating Dodd and he hasn't even campaigned yet. 20:04:07
2008 New York Times Article Questions John McCain Birth Certificate 20:01:39
Will Cook County Really Decriminalize Pot? 19:45:58
Are you for or against work unions? 19:38:33
“Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.” — White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske 19:34:21
Police Corruption in the Los Angeles Underground 19:09:57
Peter Schiff fares poorly in first statewide Quinnipiac poll 19:08:50
The coming money bombs are vital 19:08:00
The FED's track record over the last 96 years is a DISMAL FAILURE! 18:59:40
Everything is OK (don't let the Authoritah tell you otherwise) 18:58:00
I think G Gordon Liddy was reading the Daily Paul yesterday 18:53:03
Ohio Senators - checking in 18:24:26
Mayors & Rabbis Arrested In New Jersey Corruption Probe 18:03:23
Yesterday someone 18:00:36
Would You Join a Militia to defend the constitution? 17:58:53
More Compelling Evidence of Criminal Wrongdoing by Judge Sotomayor 17:57:29
The British corporation called United States 17:56:26
Are you a delegate yet? Time is running out 17:52:16
Liberty Radio on Tonight Live 17:40:19
Goldman Sachs to start printing its own currency 17:14:12
We need to get a team to NetRoots Nation 16:56:49
Saw a beautiful thing the other day.... 16:54:46
Obama Says Economic Recovery Depends On New Healthcare Plan 16:44:19
Pack your bags, pentagrams, human sacrifices . Its that magical time of year Bohemian Grove !! 16:33:29
Scott Garrett (R-NJ) on Newshour re: Fed Audit 07/22/09 16:00:11
New Texas Drivers Licenses 15:55:47
Top Ten Hottest Freedom Lovers!!! 15:47:27
Brass Check TV... Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi on Goldman Sachs 15:29:26
Treasuries Fall as U.S. to Sell Record Amount of Debt Next Week(July 27) 15:23:58
Doreen Dotan, have you listened to this woman? 14:36:04
Freedom Candidate Jaynee Germond MoneyBomb Today!‏ 14:35:33
Obama Not Natural Born, Here's the Evidence From the Lawyers 14:24:45
On NOW! Financial Services Committee Hearing for Financial Regulator's on reform Proposal's.Timothey Geithner witness panel 1 13:57:41
WeAreChange NYC & LA make John D. Rockefeller IV run for the hills 13:51:08
Usurper Enablers 13:51:03
Lawyer Suing Obama Over Birth Speaks 13:29:03
Economist: The Obama Cult 12:38:27
RP on federale "health" care 12:04:20
Question About Bernake 11:59:38
Drudge has the red pill/blue pill scene from the matrix on it 11:39:16
"Throw the criminals in Washington out!" 11:33:21
Examining a chance that was "missed" 11:30:50
Question: If Barry were to be found out... would Biden take over? 11:13:51
Breaking - NJ Pols & Rabbis Arrested 10:44:33
A REAL solution... 10:23:31
Interesting statistics on CCW killings versus deaths in police custody. 10:20:55
2 NJ mayors, lawmaker arrested in corruption case 10:19:20
OT- International Money Laundering Conspiracy 10:15:43
Experts are predicting the carbon market will reach $2 - $10 trillion in the near future. 10:13:43
Obama Gives the AMA $245 Billion to Gain Their Support For Health Care Bill 09:53:20
We are now in the early stages of a depression... 09:24:43
OK trooper suspended for fight with paramedic 09:19:29
Goldman Sachs is Controlling our Government - Are we Now an Oligarchy? 09:10:41
Obama uses Red Pill v.s. Blue Pill illustration to describe health care reform during press conference 08:52:36
House oversight committee accuses ACORN of fraudulent activities and widespread corruption 08:39:54
"Dignity in Dying Counseling" required for 65 year olds and up in Universal Healthcare Bill-Important!!! 07:59:48
Help!!!!! Cannot Find Ron Paul Video 07:40:14
Are We Winning the Battle on the Web? Or Are We Just Letting Off eSteam? 07:40:07
"You're Going to Destroy My Presidency" 06:32:01
"Doctors on Strike for freedom in Medicine" 06:00:52
Danger ahead: NEOCONS created the BIRTHERS! Tricks and Slight of.... 05:33:58
The Tenth Amendment is vital to protecting our liberties 05:18:27
I got ripped off........and won!!!! 04:41:23
Is this the way Cops should treat the citizens? 03:17:52
Virgina Tech Gunman's Mental Records Found 01:46:13
34 and 38 : How to legally dissolve the U.S. Federal Government 01:13:40
Gorge Noory Interviews Ron Paul on Coast 2 Coast AM...good! 01:06:59
AP: Calling all volunteers to test swine flu shots 00:46:38
DP Need your help please! 00:37:48
Ron Paul on C2C July 21 2009 00:08:47
CNN: Obama No Proof of U.S. Citizenship VIDEO 09:27:56