Posted on July 26, 2009

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$arah™, Inc.'s Path to Power [Hint: Rush Limbaugh doesn't run for office.] 21:35:28
Ben Bernanke is giving a town hall meeting - submit questions! 18:13:03
Obama Birth Certificate Issue Activism Discussion 21:22:48
ANIMAL FARM - 2009 (by Jim Quinn, C4L Member) 09:54:35
Truth Rising - Peter Schiff Moneybomb - August 7th, 2009 08:51:07
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Birthers rule!!! 23:42:46
The Conspiracy of All Conspiracies 22:45:36
'Retarded' Used in House Bill 22:16:47
Texas Governor Rick Perry doesn't walk the walk (Berman sells out) 21:54:36
Video: 'HIV And Cancer Come From Vaccines - Merck Vaccine Scientist' 21:54:28
Birthers Just Another Word for Constitutionalists 21:46:26
UPDATE: MO Rep. Bob Dixon's Response to Amica's Letter to the MIAC Committee 21:44:13
If Not Now, When? By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. 21:36:37
This Planet Needs Your Help! 21:33:19
Bernanke Says Independence Produces ‘Better’ Economic Outcomes 21:03:26
Note To Trolls 21:02:24
The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era - sponsored by NASA Lewis Research Center 20:57:50
Have you ever been on a Face-the-truth tour? The only tour known 20:56:43
Ron Paul breaks it down at :44 seconds in. Did not know he could sing! You da Man Ron!? 20:53:56
Governor Perry: Texas May Reject Nationalized Health Care 20:37:50
Ann Coulter, Mike Huckabee on Fox: 'Birthers are wrong!" 20:34:11
Page after Page of Reasons to Hate Obamacare....a must read 20:23:02
The poisoned needle 20:20:51
Working overtime on Sundays... 20:15:25
African Slavery Historical Perspective 20:14:25
Goldman Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine (video) 19:33:31
Jason Bermas is starting his new show today at 6:30pm central 19:01:14
Corporations are setting the rules to stack the deck against everyday Americans 18:53:14
LIttle Green Footballs hit piece 18:34:49
C-Span: Debate on "Fed Up with the Fed: Should We Abolish?" with Tom Woods 18:23:40
Gates vs. Crowley: who was in the wrong? 17:55:45
Powerful Article by Bill Sardi 17:43:05
That Evil, Treasonous Dynasty 16:19:13 Poll: Should marijuana be decriminalized? 16:17:04
Tex Gov Rick Perry is beginning to sound like a different Texas Republican: Ron Paul 15:39:24
Chinese Steel Boss beaten to death 15:27:15
From the Mises Institute - Why I pay with two-dollar bills 15:24:08
Peter Schiff explains why he was right about free-markets, why Art Laffer was wrong and whether he will run for Senate 15:21:04
Lobbying, Big Problem in Washington 15:13:23
Is Ames, Iowa research the last piece in the H1N1 puzzle? 14:51:52
Ghosts of Ron Paul haunt Florida GOP 14:28:03
many words and no point: Congressman Ron Klein friend of the Federal Reserve plays Footsie with Ben Bernanke 14:19:50
New rule: lets stop lining our commentary with false-truths 14:04:11
Former high-level Bush financial insider says “swine flu” vaccine part of depopulation agenda 13:43:17
The Commercial Real Estate Bust: Gearing up for a $3 Trillion Headache 13:43:05
We'll be watching you 13:27:50
Digg front page: Raw Story article on Spitzer statements 12:47:10
DICK ACT of 1902... CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) - Protection Against Tyrannical Government 12:27:17
IMF buy's our Gold at $42.20 per ounce 10:02:53
How to make alliance with pro-war conservatives (ie. Glenn Beck, Hannity, etc) 09:50:16
2012 ticket? 09:42:39
An Early-Warning System, Run by the Fed - I say B.S. 09:41:15
If Obama was born in Kenya, is there record of his mother having travelled there? 09:37:12
Coummity Currencies could quickly replace the dollar and return the power to the people? 08:47:56
Would you support an international currency ... 08:25:30
Are states rights a myth? Do the states really have 'rights'? 08:20:30
On Romanticizing Revolution 05:54:06
Through HL Gates' Eyes: In his own words 05:35:41
Lou Dobbs deserves our support 05:28:48
Ron Paul’s HR 1207 transcends partisan politics and upsets Congressional leadership 03:36:14
I Just KO’d an Obama-bot (O-bot) on the Birth Certificate Issue 03:17:55
List of Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Departments 03:04:58
Covert sterilization. Epicyte works on GMO corn in 2001 02:45:04
LOL, Wash.Post article reports ways actual people can lower health care costs 02:36:11
R e al Time w/Bi ll M ah er July 24, 2009 Matt Taibbi - Eisenhower 02:14:58
ACORN Affiliate gets nasty in Long Island 02:02:53
FreeStaters and Libertarians in the news 01:52:06
Yahoo pulled this one down, so here it is, check out the comment section about Obama's vacation-people are not very happy 01:33:52
Vote to discuss the Obama natural born citizenship issue on "Freedom Watch" 00:57:02
This week marks year 22 in my awakening and activism 00:56:00
Oh My God I can't believe it..... 00:16:57
Louie Gohmert - congress man from Texas: "this is nation ending stuff" 00:12:14